Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 75 I Am Caroline King

After Caroline finished talking with the media reporter, she walked out of her study with a smile of satisfaction on her face. “Tomorrow, Rebecca Smith. Tomorrow is the day where you will feel the most humiliation you have ever felt. And given how pathetic you are, you will wish you were dead,” Caroline told herself. She went out to the pool area, where she found the twins swimming in the pool.

“Mommy!” The boy exclaimed. Caroline smiled at the sight of her little angels. Caroline walked closer to the edge of the pool and said, “I think it’s time for you two to go have a bath.” Mia shook her head. “no, mommy. We want to play more.”

“Please, my little angels. It will soon be time for lunch and then you will take a nap. Then, we play until dinner. How does that sound?” The twins reluctantly walked out of the pool. The nanny, who was nearby, wrapped a towel around them and led them to their bedroom as Caroline followed behind them.

The next day, Caroline woke to the same maddening sound of her alarm. She got up from the bed and went to her closet to get ready for the gym. She got ready and met Taekyung in the kitchen. They made their way to the car and went to the gym.

On their way back, Caroline decided to go into Newser to check the news. She was glad to know the media reporter had complied. Caroline began to read the column the reporter posted. From this day forward, she would no longer be called a mistress, Caroline made sure to humiliate Rebecca as well as get her revenge for posting such a humiliating video about her yesterday.

In the publication, the media reporter made sure to leave it anonymous. The most important part of the publication was the picture Caroline shared with the media reporter. The picture portrayed Caroline and Liam’s marriage certificate. She had taken the picture right when they got married. Caroline made sure to tell the media to reject all claims Rebecca made in her video, to label them as false statements.

Caroline made sure the reporter wrote that she and Liam were still married. But for her own benefit, she needed to make sure that there were no claims of Rebecca and Liam being anything more than parents of Noah Smith. Although she still wanted to drive Rebecca’s name through the mud, she had to constrain herself because Rebecca’s career was still of good use for her.

Despite Caroline wanting to ruin Liam, she could not. If she did, it would make her look bad because she has worked with Liam and she has been photographed many times, so she decided to pin all the blame on Rebecca, without blaming her for anything, making her the main target for netizens.

Caroline made sure the media reporter portrayed Rebecca as the manipulative crazy ex-girlfriend. She made sure the media reporter write that Rebecca had threatened Liam in order for him to get engaged to her, which is not far from reality. Caroline made sure to tell the media reporter to include that Rebecca had told Liam he would never see his son ever again if he did not get engaged to her. In other words, both Caroline and Liam were portrayed as the victims of Rebecca’s little scheme.

Later that day, Caroline was playing with the twins in the playroom when Mark walked inside, looking for her. “Caroline, come with me. There is something you must see.” Caroline looked at her children before standing up from the floor. She followed behind Mark, pondering at the thought of what was so urgent he interrupted her time with the twins.

Mark led Caroline to the front door. He opened the door and there were some mariachis standing in the middle of the driveway. “What is going on?” Caroline asked. Mark shrugged. When Caroline wasn’t looking, he took a picture of her and sent it to Liam to claim his reward.

As Caroline looked at the mariachis, they began to play a famous Vicente Fernández song, “Para Siempre.” As Caroline attentively listened to the lyrics, her family began to walk out of the mansion, trying to see what was going on.

The mariachis were not halfway through their song when Caroline stopped them. “Thank you so much. That was beautiful, but I don’t wish to listen anymore. Instead, I’d like to hire you for a job.”

The reason Caroline stopped the beautiful song was because she could not help but think of Liam and the only way, she could dispel him from her thoughts was if she stopped them from playing the song.

“Miss, we still have a few more songs-.”

“It’s fine. You did a great job. If I could please get a business card, I’d like to hire you for a job.” A man stepped forward and handed Caroline a business card. “Thank you, so much. Have a nice day.” Caroline grabbed Mark and Charles’ arms and dragged them inside the mansion. Elizabeth and Taekyung followed behind them.

“What was that about, Caroline?” Elizabeth asked. “Liam must have sent me some mariachis. It’s no big deal.” Elizabeth gave her a faint smirk and said, “would you look at that. After posting your marriage all over the internet, now he is pestering you.”

“I didn’t post it. Someone did it for me,” Caroline countered. “I’m just shocked you never told me you are still married.”

“I was also surprised. I found out not long ago. Turns out Liam never signed the divorce papers.” Elizabeth let out a sigh. “Will he ever leave you alone?” Caroline shook her head. “I don’t think so, which is why he should never find out about the twins. If he does, I will never get rid of him and everything will be a catastrophe.”

Charles chuckled and spoke, “you are exaggerating, Caroline. Your ex-husband -or should I say husband is just truly in love with you.” Caroline clicked her tongue. “As if you know what love is.”

Caroline then to get out of the situation she was in she spoke, “Charles, there is something we must talk about. Let’s go to my study.” Caroline began to make her way to the study and Charles followed behind.

They walked inside the study and Caroline closed the door. “Please, take a seat,” Caroline spoke. Charles took a seat on the chair right in front of her desk. He looked down at the papers on top of the desk. Caroline stood behind him and asked, “do any of these papers look familiar to you?”

After a pause, Charles responded, “no, they don’t.” Caroline wore a smug smile on her face. She walked in front of him and took a seat on top of the desk. She picked up one of the papers in the middle of the desk and showed it to Charles. “Look at it well, cousin.” Charles looked at Caroline and asked, “What do you want?”

“To know why you killed Elijah Turner.” Charles was left dumbfounded. “Well, let me rephrase that. He was a man that deserved to die. But I would like to confirm that it wasn’t for the reason that I am thinking-.”

“You mean you want to know if I killed him in order to be with Persephone, then yes, Caroline, I did kill him for that reason. She told me how he had treated her. All I had to do was some research and I found him. I met him and made him write a suicide note before he killed himself-.”

“As you threatened to kill him. That is very wise, cousin. But not wise enough. You better have covered your tracks. What good serves you kill that man in order to be with Persephone when you might end up behind bars.”

“Caroline, I am not some amateur. Elijah is gone and now Persephone is a poor widow in need of support.” Caroline snickered. “Well done, cousin,” she praised. “I should be the one praising you, cuz. I never imagined you would ever catch on this quickly.” Caroline smiled and pinched his cheek. “I am Caroline King. Aside from knowing what you had done before admitting it, I made sure there were no leads leading back to you.”

Charles snickered and said, “I guess I can’t expect anything less from Caroline King, can I?” Caroline shook her head while smiling. “Now that she is no longer married, pursue her, but remember, you can’t hurt her. You break her heart, and I will break your legs.”

“Noted,” he responded. Caroline smiled and said, “good.” She then grabbed the papers laid on the desk and placed them in a drawer. Caroline then walked closer to the desk. She stood in front of Charles and placed a bullet on top of the desk and slid it closer to him.

“You’ve gone soft, Chuck.” Caroline then smiled at Charles and spoke, “when you are done here, you may see yourself out.” She stepped closer to the door and opened it. She walked out of her study and made her way to the playroom.

Out by the pool, Mark was checking his bank account. He looked at the money portrayed on the phone screen and laughed. “He actually did it. I can’t believe it.”

“He did what?” Asked the man that was now standing behind him. Mark flinched and looked at the man, placing his hand on his shoulder. Mark looked at his phone then he looked back at Taekyung. “Nothing,” he responded.

Taekyung raised his eyebrow. He sat next to Mark and said, “come on, you can tell me. What is it?” Mark avoided his gaze and responded, “it’s nothing.” Taekyung placing his finger under his chin and guiding up his chin to meet his gaze. “Mark, you can tell me everything. You know that.”

Mark let out a sigh. He then decided to come clean. The guilt of using his sister as a form of profit was killing him. “I have been sending pictures of Caroline to Liam.” Taekyung chuckled. “I have been exchanging her pictures for money... Today he paid me to take her out of the mansion.” Taekyung added onto his chuckle. He then smiled and neared Mark.

“Well, I don’t think what you are doing is good, but at long as Caroline doesn’t find out, you will be fine.” Mark smiled back and said, “please don’t tell her.” Taekyung leaned in and said, “only if you give me a kiss.” Mark leaned closer and pressed a peck in his lips. Taekyung chuckled and added, “you’re going to have to do more than that.”

Mark placed his hand on Taekyung’s cheek and pulled him into an impassioned kiss. Taekyung placed his hand on his thigh and inched closer. As they continued to kiss, Mark got too into the moment and began to let out small moans through the kiss.

Just then, Mark separated from the kiss and looked at Taekyung. “Please don’t tell her,” he said once more. Taekyung pressed a peck on his lips. Without leaning back much, he answered, “I won’t.” Taekyung then leaned in and kissed his lips again. After melting into the kiss, Mark separated and said, “not here. Someone can see us.”


“I don’t want them to know about us yet.”

“Why not?”

“I just think it’s best if we keep this a secret for now.” Taekyung let out a sigh. Mark smiled. Taekyung stood up from the lounge chair and leaned down. He pressed a peck on his lips and then stood up straight with a smirk on his face. He then walked back into the mansion. Blushed, Mark watched as Taekyung walked back to the mansion, thinking it was a mistake stopping him.

Mark looked around the mansion for Taekyung. He encountered Caroline and the twins. He asked her if she had seen Taekyung, but she shook her head. He then climbed up the stairs in hopes of finding his boyfriend.

When he reached the top of the stairs, he found Taekyung on his way out. “You’re leaving?” He asked. “I have a meeting to get to. I should be back before dinner.” Taekyung inched closer and again, stole a kiss. He smiled and made his way down the stairs. He opened the front door and left the mansion.

Just as Mark watched Taekyung leave the mansion, he got a phone call from Liam. He looked at the caller ID and hurried to his bedroom. He answered the call and said, “hey, Liam. What’s up?”

“Mark, what happened this morning? What was Caroline’s reaction?” Mark stayed quiet for a second. He needed some time to think of the best answer. He took a deep breath and then let out the words, “she loved it. She was completely moved it.” Then he added, “Liam, it was great talking to you, but I must go.” He hung up the call threw himself back on the mattress. “Why did I lie to him?”

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