Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 77 You Tease Me I Tease You

Caroline fetched her black card from her red phone case in the form of a handbag. She handed the card to the manager. The manager swiped the card on the iPad he held in his hand and then left. Caroline looked at Liam who wore a smug smile on his face.

As she looked into his green eyes, her cellphone began to ring. She looked at the caller ID, and right when she was about to answer Harry’s call, Liam took her phone from her hands. “No calls,” he said. She raised her eyebrow. “Give me my phone back,” she ordered. He leaned closer and pressed a peck on her lips. “Sorry, princess. I don’t want anyone to take your attention from me.”

She chuckled and countered, “well, we came to watch a movie. I don’t think you will be getting any attention from me soon.” She leaned in and pressed a peck on his lips, just like he did when he thought he had won the argument. Caroline sat back, a smirk on her face, knowing full well she had defeated him.

Not wanting to accept his defeat, Liam leaned closer. He brushed his hand against her cheek as he leaned in for a kiss. He passionately kissed her lips. His tongue teased her before he separated from the kiss. “Nothing, no one can take your attention from me.”

Just then, walked the manager along with other workers into the theater. They walked closer to Caroline and Liam and carefully placed their meals in front of them. The manager opened a glass of champagne and filled two champagne glasses. “This courtesy from the house. Thank you for choosing to come here.”

Once Liam and Caroline were alone in the theater, the movie started. Caroline happily enjoyed the sushi she ordered as she watched the movie. She then looked to the side and found Liam staring at her. He had not yet touched his meal. He was just focused on her. She stopped, placed her chopsticks down, and looked at him. She smiled and he smiled back.

They looked into each other’s eyes a little more before Liam looked away before looking back at her. “You should eat.” She responded, “you too.”

When they finished enjoying their meal, the manager served them some dessert, which was also on the house. After eating the delicious strawberry tarts, the manager went inside the theater and took away the plates then left. Caroline continued watching the movie before looking at Liam. “Do you think they have cameras in here?”

“No,” he responded. “How do you know?”

“I own this place.”

“And you made me pay for everything?” He smiled and answered, “thank you for paying. It is very much appreciated.” Caroline pursed her lips and then looked back at the man sliming at her. She then smiled before giggling. She looked back at the giant screen in front of her and said, “let’s watch the movie.”

As the movie continued to play, Caroline’s eyes began to fall shot. She tried as hard as she could to not fall asleep, but eventually gave up and closed her eyes. Liam looked at the sleeping woman next to him. He smiled and his heart began to beat faster just by looking at her. “Why do I love you so much?”

Liam inched closer to her. He gently laid his hand on her cheek and slowly brought her head to his shoulder. He rested her head on his shoulder and smiled.

When the movie finally ended and another movie started, Caroline woke up from her nap. She slowly sat up and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at the movie screen playing and then at the man sitting next to her, his green eyes fixed on her. “How’d you sleep?” She closed her eyes once more before slowly opening them. She stood up and decided to go to the bathroom and wash her face. She was about to walk past Liam when he gripped her wrist and pulled her down, making her sit on his lap.

From the sudden grasp and him pulling her down, she sobered up. Caroline looked into his eyes and then her gaze traveled down to his lips. She watched as the corner of his mouth curling up into his usual cocky smirk. He leaned close to her lips. He pressed a peck on her lips just to tease her. He smirked again, knowing full well she hates it when he teases her.

“Don’t tease me,” Caroline spoke as she leaned closer to him. He was about to kiss her lips when she back away after brushing her lips against his. He raised his eyebrow and let out an “oh?”

“You tease me, I tease you.” He leaned closer and admitted, “fair enough.” He leaned closer and passionately kissed her lips. Caroline corresponded to the kiss as she placed her hands by his neck.

Then, Caroline separated from the kiss and stood up. She leaned down a bit and placed her fingers under his chin, making him look at her. He shifted his gaze to her bare leg as he trailed up his hand on her smooth skin. His hand traveled up her thigh and reached the hem of the white dress.

As his hand went up, he moved the tight fabric, revealing her entire leg. Caroline smirked and sat back down on his lap. But this time, she placed both of her legs beside him. He kept his hand on the side of her ass until his hand traveled up to bring her into a passionate kiss by placing his hand on her cheek.

The sensation of his hand against the side of her leg still lingered on her skin. Liam bit her bottom lip as she grinded herself on his hardening cock. Her hands traveled to his tie. She began to undo his navy-blue tie when she separated from the kiss.

Before pulling him into another kiss, she unbuttoned a few buttons of his white shirt. She continued unbuttoning his shirt until she reached his gray waistcoat. She separated from the kiss and looked at his bare chest. Liam pressed a peck against her cheek as she pressed her hands on his muscular chest. She moved his shirt to the side. She pressed her lips against his neck and began to kiss his neck as she continued to move the shirt to the side.

Her lips eventually traveled down to his shoulder. He let out a soft grunt when she harshly sunk her teeth onto his skin. She looked at the bite mark on his shoulder and smirked. She brought her face to his eye level and made eye contact.

Caroline let out a moan over his ear as she grounded against his dick. She began to feel more aroused each time she grinded against him. She let out another breathy moan and huffed out, “I can’t take it any longer.” He smirked and responded, “well, that’s too bad, princess.”

After hearing those words, she grinded herself on him once more, making a grunt escaped his lips. She pulled him into another kiss as she moved her hands to his belt. She began to unbuckle his belt as she rolled up the mini skirt from her dress. She undid his pants and pulled down his black boxer briefs, revealing his velvety cock.

As Liam pressed his fingers against the front of her panties, drenching them with her wetness, Caroline wrapped her hand around his dick, dripping in pre-cum. He pushed her panties to the side. She positioned herself on top of him and slipped his dick inside herself. She let out a soft moan as he slipped inside her entrance.

Liam placed his hands on her hips and guided her hips down, as she slowly tried adjusting to his length and thickness. His hands then traveled down to her ass. He gripped her ass tightly, making up for not being able to spank her.

As wet as she was by just kissing and griding down on him, it did not take long for her to adjust to his size. Soon enough, she began to pick up her pace as he guided her hips. He gripped her hips tightly and pushed her down on his dick, making her take his entire length. She let out a loud moan that was disguised with the sound of the movie playing in the background.

Liam continued to guide her hips as she passionately kissed his lips. She let out muffled moans through the kiss as he teased her tongue with his. If it weren’t for the movie playing in the background and the muffled moans, someone would have already heard them.

Liam separated from the kiss and inched closer to her lips. He hovered his lips against her ear before letting out a soft moan. “You feel so good... Fuck,” he huffed out before letting out another grunt.

She continued as she inched back. She threw her head back and tighten around him. She was about to cum when she let out a breathy moan and tried to hold as much as she could. She did not want this feeling of arousal and pleasure, this feeling of ecstasy to end.

When she leaned closer to his ear, she felt his dick begin to twitch inside her as her walls clenched. She began to feel her legs weaken as they quivered uncontrollably. Liam huffed out another soft moan. “Cum,” he commanded, “cum for me.” She kissed his lips as her walls clenched around him and his dick, hitting her most sensitive spot, twitching inside her. She let out another muffled moan through the kiss as she released her orgasm.

Right after she came, Liam orgasmed inside her. His seed filled her completely and mixed with her own juices. Caroline gasped heavily as she rested her head on his shoulder. She did not feel like she had the energy to move anymore. Her legs had become numb and were still shaking.

Caroline placed her hands against his neck and began to gently brush her thumb against his sharp jawline. Liam leaned closer and pressed a peck on her cheek. He slowly slipped himself out of her before pressing another kiss on her cheek. “You did well,” he praised as his soft lips came in contact with her blushed skin.

Liam looked at the large screen behind Caroline and saw the credits come up on the screen. He looked back at Caroline and said, “we should go now. Someone might come in here.” Caroline closed her eyes and once again, rested her head on his shoulder. She slowly shook her head and said, “I can’t walk, and you can’t go out like this.”

Because Caroline was sitting on top of him, their digits had dripped from inside her onto his lap. Liam let out a sigh and reached for his blazer, resting on the seat next to him. He fetched his cellphone and sent a text message to his assistant.

“Marcus should be here soon. We should go somewhere else before this dries up and it becomes more visible.” Caroline looked at him and laughed. “Can you walk?” He asked in a concerned tone. She nodded slowly. “I can try,” she admitted.

Caroline stood up and fixed her mini dress as Liam fixed his pants. He buttoned up some buttons of his shirt and placed his tie inside the pocket of his blazer. He stood up in front of Caroline and placed his navy-blue blazer over her shoulders, covering the sheer long sleeves of the dress.

Liam grabbed her hand and commanded, “let’s go.” Caroline followed behind him as he led her out of the theater. Outside, they found Marcus waiting for them with two paper bags. Liam grabbed the bags and walked further into the private lounge. They walked side by side through the automatic, frosted glass door.

The room instantly illuminated when they walked inside. Caroline looked at the bed in the middle of the room and then she looked back at Liam. “You have a bed here and you decided to do it outside?” He smirked and responded, “why? Do you want to do it again?”

She rolled her eyes and turned around. “I’m going to take a shower.” She took off his blazer and placed it on the bed. She continued undressing as she made her way into the shower after opening the glass door. Just as the warm water fell on top of her, gently hitting her skin, Liam stepped inside the shower with her.

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