Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 7 Do It

When Sebastian texted her, letting her know he was at the hotel, Caroline walked out of the venue. Once she was in the lobby of the hotel, she looked around but saw no signs of Sebastian. She was about to call him when Liam appeared in front of her. She turned around and started walking away. He walked behind her and said, “let me take you home.”

“No, thank you.” He caught up with her and gripped her wrist. “Mr. Sabbatini, I don’t want you near me. My chauffeur should be here soon.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind giving you a ride.”

“Liam, I said no.” Liam grew impatient with her refusing his offer. He gripped her wrist tighter as he dragged her out of the hotel. Right on the entrance was his black Rolls Royce. He opened the door and threw Caroline in the back seat. He got in the car and commanded, “drive.” The chauffeur drove to Caroline’s penthouse.

On their way to the penthouse, Liam took off his bowtie and unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt. When they arrived, Liam opened the door and got off. Caroline got off the car through the other door and started walking away. He closed the door and chased after. “Where are you going, Caroline?”

“As far away from you as possible.” Liam sped up his pace to catch her. He grabbed her arm, making her stop in her tracks. He picked her up bridal style, catching the eyes of the bystanders walking along the sidewalk. He carried her all the way to the building. He took her inside the elevator and commanded, “give me the key.” He let her down. “Get out!” She exclaimed. “Caroline, give me the fucking key.” Caroline angrily grabbed the key from her clutch purse and threw it at him. The key hit his chest then it fell to the ground.

Liam angrily looked into her eyes. Without breaking eye contact she said, “there is the fucking key.” He crouched down to pick up the key. With the key, he unlocked the button to her penthouse. “You are as stubborn as ever.”

“And you are as annoying as ever. I guess people don’t change that much after four years.”

When the elevator doors opened, Caroline said, “we’re here. You may leave now.” She stepped off the elevator and he followed her. She turned around and exclaimed, “what are you doing? Get out!” Liam stepped closer to her. He picked her up and carried her over his shoulder. She struggled for him to let go of her. He went up the stairs until they reached the top floor. He carried her all the way to her bedroom.

When they reached her bedroom, he opened the door, then closed it. He walked to the bed and let her stand on the floor. Without letting her go anywhere, he grabbed the zipper on the back of her dress and unzipped it. “Let go of me!” She exclaimed. He slipped off her dress and threw her down on the bed. “Are you crazy? Get out!” He got on top of her while grabbing her wrists, preventing her from hitting him. She kicked her legs, trying to her free, but he would not budge. “I told you, princess. I’m bored and you are my entertainment.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He paid no attention to her insults. She continued to move her arms, but he did not let go. He pinned her wrists against the mattress and forcefully kissed her lips. Caroline separated from the kiss and looked away. He placed his hand on her side and trialed it down to her garter. He grabbed the pistol on the garter and looked at it. “I thought you didn’t know how to use these.”

“There are a lot of things about me that you don’t know.”

“Enlighten me, then.” Caroline paused for a second. She stared into his deep green. She was about to give in, but then she remembered how she got to the situation she is in right now. She continued to struggle, trying to get free.

Liam placed the pistol on the nightstand and inched closer to her lips. He was about to kiss her again when she turned her head. With his free hand, he pinched her jaw, making her meet his gaze. He forced her into another kiss. This time, she was about to give in. She bit his bottom lip hard enough to cut him. She did not let go until she tasted blood.

Liam separated from the kiss and looked into her eyes again. He saw nothing but hate in the eyes where he used to see love and affection for him. Caroline looked into his eyes and could see nothing but anger. He pressed his thumb against his lip, where she had just made the cut. He looked at the blood on his thumb and became even more enraged. Her resistance infuriated him even more.

Liam let go of her wrists and took off his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt. He reached her high heels and took them off. He threw her heels to the ground and kissed her again. She separated from the kiss. He smirked and pressed his lips against her neck. He kissed and sucked on her neck leaving bruises as if he were claiming her.

When he reached her most sensitive spot, she exclaimed, “Liam, stop!”

“Stop? Why would I do that, princess?” Liam continued kissing and sucking on her skin, making a moan escape her lips. He smirked once again. “See? Why would I stop when you make noises like that?”

“Stop-.” He kissed her once again, to stop her from telling him to stop. As he kissed her soft lips, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Caroline separated from the kiss once more at the familiar sound of the zipper. “Stop.”

Liam pressed a finger against the front of her red lace panties and smirked again. “You keep telling me to stop, yet this is how your body reacts to me just kissing you. I wonder what will happen if I do this.” He pressed two fingers against her sex through the panties, earning a moan from her.

Liam moved the panties to the side and thrusted two fingers in and out of her. “Stop,” she uttered between moans. He paid no attention to her refusal and slipped off his pants and boxer briefs. He took off her panties and threw them to the ground. He adjusted himself between her legs and he slipped inside her and soon thereafter, he pounded hard into her. He continued his hard and deep thrust as he picked up his pace. “It’s too deep... stop-.”

Caroline had tears escaping her eyes. She placed her hand on his muscular chest, trying to push him away. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. He continued his thrust, paying close attention to her moans. He brought his mouth close to her ear, letting her listen to his grunts and soft moans.

As he continued his thrusts, she began to feel her orgasm begin to coil in her bottom abdomen. He knew she was close by the way she was tightening around him. “Fuck... you’re so tight,” he huffed out, “oh? You tightened around me even more after I said that.” He continued to thrust into her as fast as he could manage. After one deep thrust, she moaned his name as she tightened around his twitching cock as she orgasmed. Liam continued his thrusts until he sent himself over the edge, as well.

After the restless night with Liam, Caroline finally opened her eyes by noon. She felt the same pain between her legs she would always feel after having sex with him. She extended out her arm, only to find the empty cold bed. She sat up with her eyes closed as she yawned. She heard footsteps getting further and she opened her eyes. She found Liam about to leave the bedroom.

Caroline grabbed the pistol on the nightstand. Liam stopped walking when he heard the sound of the slide on the pistol. With one hand, Caroline covered herself with the covers, and with the other, she pointed the weapon at him. He turned around. “Are you going to shoot me?” He started walking towards her. She looked into his eyes and he commanded in his deep and calm voice, “put the gun down.”

Caroline refused to obey his demand. He walked closer to her. She thought he was going to take the gun from her hands, but instead, he crouched down, letting the muzzle of the pistol rest between his eyebrows. “Do it,” he said. She was taken aback by his statement. She did not know if he was daring her, or he just knew she would not actually shoot him.

Caroline looked at him with mixed feelings. She slowly placed her index finger on the trigger. Her hand trembled. She wanted to shoot him for everything he had done to her. For all the times he hurt her but could not. She was angry at him, but she could not bring herself to hate him because she was still in love with him. She was about to pull the trigger when she uttered, “I can’t do it.” She took her finger from the trigger and placed the pistol down on her lap. He smirked and stood up.

As he stood up, he pressed a peck on her lips. He started walking. “I knew you wouldn’t,” he commented. Out of impulse, Caroline picked up the pistol and pointed it as far away from him, to ensure she would not hit him, but at the same time, she wanted to scare him. She pulled on the trigger, only to find out it was empty. He turned around after hearing the sound of the empty weapon. “I see you are as impulsive as ever,” he commented. “Where are my bullets?” He said nothing. Instead, he turned around and walked away, leaving her by herself.

Caroline opened the drawer from the nightstand to place the pistol there, and to her surprise, she found the bullets that were inside the magazine. “That asshole! He knew I wouldn’t shoot him and even if I would have, nothing would have happened.” She let out a sigh. She stood up from the bed and staggered on her way to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and saw all the bruises he made. She had bite marks on her shoulder. Bruises on her neck, her chest, and her breasts. She walked to the shower and stepped inside.

When Liam arrived at his penthouse, he found Rebecca walking out of her room while holding Noah’s hand. She let go of Noah’s hand and he ran towards Liam. “Dad!” The child exclaimed. Liam crouched down to be at Noah’s eye level. He extended out his hand to high-five him. Liam placed his hand on Noah’s head and rubbed his silky hair. “How are you, buddy?”

“Good, dad.” Liam glanced at Rebecca and she asked, “where were you last night?” Liam ignored her question. “Noah, why don’t you go play in the living room? Dad and I will meet you there later?” Noah nodded and went up the stairs. Rebecca walked closer to Liam. He looked to the side to avoid looking at her. She grabbed his chin to make him meet her gaze. “What happen to your lip?”

“Nothing,” he coldly responded. “I am your fiancée, Liam. I deserve to know.”

“Rebecca, I only agreed to marry you because of Noah. Get that through your head.”

“Liam, we have been engaged for three years. When will we get married?”

“I don’t know. Don’t pressure me, Rebecca.” Liam walked away and went inside his bedroom. He closed the door and placed his suit jacket on the bed. He walked towards the armchair and took a seat. He started at the door of Caroline’s closet. He went inside the closet, which he had kept intact the past four years.

Liam looked around the closet. Everything was just as she left it. He looked around and noticed some rose gold boxes under the hanged clothes. He crouched down to see what was in the boxes as he wondered why he had never noticed them before. Sometimes, Liam would go into Caroline’s closet, trying to smell the scent he desperately missed. He opened one box, but it was empty.

When he opened the next box and found a dagger. He grabbed the dagger from the box and inspected it. He recognized the dagger right away. It was just like the one she threw at him once four years ago. He placed the box back where it was and stood back up. He walked away and went to the nightstand next to what used to be her side of the bed. He opened the drawer and placed the dagger next to the other two daggers she had thrown at him.

Liam grabbed the rings she had returned to him in the envelope Sebastian gave him. He looked at the rings and recalled when he gave the rings to her. “Where have you been all this time? Why do you keep running away from me?” He stopped looking at the rings and placed them in the drawer back in the drawer and closed it.

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