Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 87 You Don't Need to Know

When Caroline and Liam arrived at the location, they got off Liam’s matte black Bugatti and walked inside the castle-like mansion Liam had taken her, which was far away from the city. “Where are we?” Caroline asked. Liam grabbed her hand and stopped her from going inside.

Liam inspected her one more time and spoke, “he didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

“Nothing I cannot manage.”

“What about the blood on your neck?”

“Don’t worry. His knife wasn’t sharp enough to make any damage.” Liam pulled Caroline into a hug, burying her face against his chest. “I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried sick. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get there in time.”

“I’m fine, Liam.” He pressed a peck against her forehead and responded, “and I’m happy you are.” He continued to hug her until he saw the other cars arrive. He grabbed her hand and locked it in with hers and spoke, “come with me.”

Liam began to walk towards the mansion with Caroline. The men guarding the door opened the doors for them when they were close to the doors. Caroline looked back at the men taking Christopher out of the car. She looked at Christopher, who had blood on his white shirt, a black eye, a broken nose, and a broken wrist. She instantly figured Liam’s men must have beaten him up some more.

After Caroline and Liam walked inside the mansion, Liam led Caroline to a large dimly illuminated room in the east wing of the mansion, hiding under the main floor. As they walked closer to the throne-like chairs, an older man walked up to them. Liam let go of Caroline’s hand to greet him.

“Uncle, this is Caroline King, my wife.” Caroline gasped in shock after hearing that the middle-aged man standing in front of her was Liam’s uncle. “Caroline, this is my uncle Enzo.” Caroline extended out her hand to greet Liam’s uncle. “Nice to meet you-.” He shook her hand and then he pulled her into a hug. “We are family, call me uncle,” Enzo spoke with his thick accent.

“Thank you, uncle.” Enzo smiled and then he led Caroline to one of the three chairs up the steps in the spacious room. He had her sit on the throne-like chair that rested in the middle of the other three. Liam walked behind them and took a seat to Caroline’s right.

Enzo was taking a seat on the last throne-like chair when the doors opened. Four men walked inside the spacious room along with Christopher. The men stood in the middle of the room, waiting to get an order.

One of the men gripped Christopher’s hair, making him look at Caroline, who was right in front of him. “Caroline, please! I didn’t do anything. Don’t kill me.” Caroline laughed, making Liam shift his gaze towards her. “Are you saying you’d rather go to jail and rot than die?”

Without waiting for him to answer, Caroline looked at Enzo and nodded. Enzo took a puff of the cigar he held between his fingers and looked at the men in the middle of the room. Caroline watched as the men took out their knives and the next thing she saw, was Liam’s black shirt in front of her.

In order to prevent Caroline from looking at the gruesome scene right in front of her eyes, Liam stood in front of her. Right at that moment, all Caroline could use was her sense of hearing. She heard the sound of Christopher’s cries and shouts as she was being beaten up by the men. All she could do was picture what was happening next.

From all the shouting Christopher was doing, Caroline thought they had already been torturing him. She continued to hear the sounds and from all the picturing she did in her mind, she closed her eyes in disgust. She looked to her side and watched as Enzo quietly sat next to her, puffing his cigar.

After that, there was a moment of silence and peacefulness. Caroline then decided to move to her right. She tried to look at what was happening. Knowing full well what Caroline would do, Liam moved to the side, preventing her from looking at what was happening in front of them. Caroline clicked her tongue, making Liam smirk.

When Caroline leaned back to the middle of the chair, Liam stepped to the side again. Caroline hit him on his lower back, making him chuckle. He moved to the side again, letting her look at what was in front of her.

The only remnants of the gruesome scene left was a puddle of blood. Caroline looked carefully as another two men cleaned up the blood. She watched as one of them picked up what seemed to be a finger when Liam placed his hand under her chin and turned her head in order to make eye contact with her.

“What happened?” Caroline asked. “He messed with someone he shouldn’t have messed with.” Caroline responded, “I know that, but what happened?”

“You don’t need to know.” Caroline moved his hand away and asked, “how did you know where I was?”

“I called Charles. He gave me access to your location through your chip.” Caroline instantly placed her hand on the back of her neck, remembering she told him about the chip. “Don’t fight,” Enzo spoke as he stood up from the chair. He stepped closer to them and Caroline stood up from the chair. “Treat her well,” he warned.

“Caroline,” Enzo spoke as he pulled her into a hug. After the hug, Caroline spoke, “it was a pleasure to meet you, uncle.” Enzo smiled. “Come over for dinner sometime.” Caroline smiled and nodded. Liam grabbed her hand and locked it in with his. “We’re leaving,” he spoke.

Caroline looked at him and began to walk towards the door. Liam stopped and picked her up. He walked through the middle of the room while carrying Caroline to prevent her from stepping on any remains of blood.

Caroline and Liam walked back to the car. Liam opened the door for her, and she got in. Liam got in the sports car then he drove away as Caroline fetched some baby wipes from her purse to wipe off the dried blood on her neck.

Liam drove all the way to a famous mall in the city, one of Caroline’s malls. He throve to the valet parking and got off the car. He then opened Caroline’s door for her. Caroline laid her hand on Liam’s and out of the car.

They walked inside the mall holding hands. Then, Caroline spoke, “what are we doing here?” Liam looked at her and replied, “we’re going to do a little shopping.”


“You,” Liam spoke, “your handbag and your phone got ruined by Christopher.”

“How do you know his name?” Caroline asked. “I heard you say his name through the phone.” Caroline then remembered she called Liam by accident as they continued to walk around the mall.

Caroline pulled on his hand when she saw one of her favorite designer stores. They walked inside the store and were instantly greeted by the manager. “Ms. King, nice to see you again.” Caroline smiled and looked at Liam. “I hope you are ready to spend the rest of the day in this mall.”

Caroline smiled once more and followed behind the manager. The manager led them to the private lounge, where Liam sat on a red armchair with a glass of champagne in his hand as Caroline changed clothing.

Once Caroline had changed into a white jumpsuit with some red stilettos, she walked out of the changing room and stood in front of Liam. Liam looked at her outfit and shook his head. “You’re showing too much.” Caroline looked at her reflection in the mirror and let out a sigh.

She then walked back into the changing room. She then walked out into the lounge dressed in a tight red dress with a slit on her left leg. She stood in front of Liam and he shook his head. She then walked back inside the changing room.

Caroline continued to walk in and out of the changing room because Liam did not like any of the outfits. She then walked out with a black and white tight, sleeveless dress. She stood in front of Liam and slowly spun. “What do you think?”

After a pause, Caroline added, “wait. I don’t care. I’m keeping this one.” Out of all the dresses she had tried on, this was her favorite one. Liam stood up from the armchair and walked up to her. He stood behind her and gently grabbed her hair. He placed her hair to the side and leaned close to her ear.

“Oh? You like this one?”

“Yes.” Liam leaned in and pressed his lips against her shoulder. He began to suck on her soft skin, making a bruise. She let out a breathy moan and then he stopped. She turned her head to look at him. “I don’t think you should wear that.”

“I will wear it anyway.” He leaned in again, but this time, he sank his teeth against her skin. When he looked at her again, she gave him a death stare. “What’s wrong, princess?”

“What is wrong with you?”

“I just don’t want you wearing that shows too much skin.” She let out a sigh. She looked into the mirror and found the mark of his teeth and the bruise, right next to each other. She then walked back into the changing room.

Caroline changed into another dress. This dress she liked more than the last one. She put on a black tight long sleeve dress with a deep V-cut and a sheer skirt. She added some black glitter platform high heels and then walked out of the changing room. She walked in front of Liam as she posed.



“No way in hell you are wearing that.”

“You shouldn’t have rejected the other dresses.”

“This one shows more than the other ones.”


“Caroline-.” She interrupted him by calling over the employee that had been helping her. “We’ll take this.” Liam was about to protest when she placed her index finger in front of him. “Along with everything I tried on.” She looked at him and added, “and you have no say in what I can and cannot wear.”

The employee then walked away, leaving them by themselves. “I do have a say. You are my wife, and I will not let any other man look at you with that on.”

“I’m not your wife-.”

“What’s on your ring finger then?” Caroline looked at the rings on her finger and then looked at him. “I might be your wife, but I am not your property. I can make my own decisions and I can wear whatever the fuck I want.”

“Don’t give me attitude, Caroline.”

“Or what?”

“Take the dress off.” She raised her eyebrow and then smirked. She turned around and began to slowly walk away. She turned her head to the side to catch a glimpse of his angered face.

Caroline walked to the deluxe collection of handbags. Then, the employee walked up to her. Caroline began to tell the employee what handbags she wanted along with several pairs of high heels, each matching the handbags.

As Caroline continued to look around the store, the employee asked for the payment of the clothes. Caroline turned to look at Liam and he took out his wallet. Caroline looked at the wallet and noticed it was the same wallet she had bought him. The same wallet she threw into the sea the day she got mad at him.

Liam took out his black card and handed it to the employee. Caroline walked up to Liam once the employee had left. “Is that-?”

“Is this the wallet you threw into the water when you got mad at me and wouldn’t let me explain? Yes, it is. Did I let you go by yourself, letting you think I did care about you just to rescue the things you bought for me? Yes, I did.” Caroline looked down and then spoke, “I’m sorry for leaving like that.”

He placed his hand under her chin, bringing her gaze up to meet his. “You can make it better if you kiss me.” Caroline snickered and stood closer to him. She pressed a peck against his cheek. He looked at her and said, “give me another one.” She was about to press another peck against his cheek when he turned his head and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Caroline separated from the kiss and looked at the employee, trying to hand Liam his card and the shopping bags. After Liam placed his card back inside his wallet, he locked his hand with Caroline’s before leaving the store. The clothes Liam had bought for Caroline would be delivered the next day.

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