Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 88 Hands and Knees

After Caroline and Liam walked out of the store, they passed by a famous toy store. Caroline walked inside the store, thinking of the twins. Liam followed behind her and looked around the store. After they chose the best gifts for the twins, they bought the toys and then left the store.

Caroline walked to continue looking around the mall, but Liam did not like the looks Caroline was getting from other men. He scared them off with his cold expression and convinced Caroline of going to a restaurant to have dinner.

When they arrived at the restaurant Liam had reserved just for them, they got off the car and went inside the building. They got in the elevator and went all the way up to the luxurious restaurant.

They were greeted by two waitresses, who then led them to their table. They walked to a table near the floor-to-ceiling window and Liam helped Carline with her chair. Caroline took a seat and then Liam took a seat in front of her.

Caroline looked around the restaurant and spoke, “reserving the entire place again?” He responded, “I like my privacy.” Caroline snickered and murmured, “of course you do.” She looked down at the menu in front of her and opened it. She began to look through the menu as Liam did the same.

A waiter walked up to them and asked them what they would like to have to drink. Liam asked for a bottle of red wine. The waiter then left to go get the bottle of wine. Caroline continued to look through the menu until she found a dish that caught her attention.

After Caroline had chosen what she would like to have for dinner, she looked at the night sky. “It’s a beautiful night.” Caroline looked at Liam and smiled. Just then, the waiter walked back to their table with a bottle of wine and took their orders.

After Caroline and Liam enjoyed their flavorful dinner, they went back to Liam’s Bugatti, which the valet parking employee had driven it to the entrance of the building. “Let me drive,” Caroline spoke. “No.”

“Why not?” Caroline asked. “Because you were drinking.”

“So were you.” Liam snickered and placed his hand in the pocket of his trousers. “Fine.” Caroline smiled and walked to the driver’s seat. She got in the sports car and waited for Liam to get in. Once he got in, she put on her seatbelt and began to drive.

“Don’t go too fast,” Liam commanded. “I’m not sure you’ve gotten the memo. You can’t tell me what to do anymore.” Caroline looked at him and smirked as she began to press her foot against the accelerator.

Caroline continued to drive through the city until she got on the highway. As soon as they were on the highway, Caroline turned to the fast lane. She then looked at Liam and began to accelerate. “Don’t go too fast, Caroline.” She chuckled and looked back at the road. She tightened her grip on the wheel and accelerated even more.

On the highway, cars began to make way for the expensive car speeding through. Caroline passed through the cars as she continued to speed. Most drivers turned to the side to avoid hitting the sports car.

“How fast do you think we can go?” Caroline looked at Liam and he let out a sigh. “Just don’t get stopped by a cop.”

“A cop? Or multiple?” Caroline looked through the rear-view mirror and chuckled. She accelerated, even more, avoiding the red and blue lights behind her. “Lose them,” Liam spoke. “As you wish.” Caroline continued driving until she missed an exit, just like she planned.

Caroline was trying to switch lanes to take the other exit, but there were a car and a truck that were not making way for her. “Flash your lights,” Liam spoke. “I don’t flash my lights. I’m not an asshole like you.” Liam snickered and looked back at the road.

Caroline accelerated more and got close to the car in front of her. She flashed her lights until the car made way for her. She then drove down the exit and got off the expressway. She then turned left on a red light and then left again on a red light and got on the expressway again.

“Where are we going?” Liam asked. “We’ve lost them. For now.” Caroline smiled at Liam and then looked back at the road. She looked around the empty expressway and spoke, “something is wrong.” She through the rear-view mirror after hearing the police sirens. She looked at the exit she had to take and there were two police cars along with four police officers standing in front of the exit.

“Shit,” she let out. “Caroline. What are you planning?” Liam asked. Caroline looked at him for a second and responded, “relax.” She tightened her grip on the steering wheel and drove towards the exit.

As soon as the policemen saw the car approaching, they all jumped to the side and Caroline successfully drove through the two police cars. Caroline then drove towards Liam’s mansion.

Once they arrived at the mansion, the gate opened, and Caroline drove through the driveway. Caroline parked the car right in front of the door of the mansion. She unbuckled her seatbelt and powered off the car. She opened the door and as she got off, she spoke, “let’s go.”

Caroline got off the car and began to walk towards the mansion. Liam got off the car and walked towards Caroline. Liam opened the door of the mansion and picked Caroline up and held her over his shoulder.

“What are you doing, Liam?” Liam closed the door and walked up the stairs while carrying Caroline over his shoulder. Liam walked inside his bedroom and let Caroline back down.

Caroline looked into Liam’s eyes. She placed her hands on his chest and slowly rode them up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Liam placed his hands on her hips and spoke, “you’ve become rather disobedient.”

“What do you plan to do about that?”

“Punish you, of course.” Caroline raised her eyebrow. Then Liam added, “but not today.” Caroline gave him a devilish smile. “Oh? Do you plan to continue tolerating my disobedience until you cannot deal with it and you decide to give me the harshest punishment, Mr. Sabbatini?”

“Yes, Mrs. Sabbatini.” Caroline inched closer and commented, “you’re more of a sadist as time progresses.” He brushed his lips against hers and responded, “and you love me this way.” Caroline leaned in and pressed a peck on his lips.

After, Caroline let go of Liam and placed her hands on top of his. He released his grip on her hips and she walked towards the mirror in the corner of the bedroom. “This dress looks good on me, doesn’t it?”

“It does, but you are not allowed to wear something like that in public.” Caroline looked back at him. She began to walk back to him as she spoke, “I thought I told you, you are not allowed to tell me what to do.” She stood in front of him and seductively asked, “could you help me with my dress?” She turned around as she grabbed her hair.

Liam smiled and placed his hands on the zipper of her dress. He slowly rolled down the zipper of her dress, uncovering her bare back. Caroline then turned her head and caught a glimpse of his expression. He smirked at her and then she turned her head again. She then walked towards his walk-in closet.

After Caroline changed clothes, she walked back into the bedroom. She stood in front of Liam, wearing one of his shirts. He sat down at the edge of the bed. He grabbed her wrist and made her bend over his knees. He rolled up the hem of her skirt and uttered, “are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes,” she responded. Liam smiled and placed his hand over her ass. He began to massage her smooth skin as he spoke, “I wasn’t going to punish you today, but I must teach you how to obey.” He pressed a harsh smack against her ass and added, “you must learn to stop defying me.”

Liam pressed another harsh smack against her ass and told her, “will you stop defying me, princess?” Caroline remained silent. He pressed another smack against her ass after massaging the now reddened spot. “Answer me, princess.”

He smacked her ass once more, making a moan escape her lips. “I won’t,” she let out. Liam smiled as he continued to softly massage her ass. “You better have not lied to me, princess.” He smacked her ass again and she let out another moan. “Did you lie to me just now, princess?”

Another harsh smack followed by a breathy moan echoed in the bedroom. “I didn’t,” Caroline let out. He massaged her ass once again before hitting her ass one last time. Then, Liam rolled down the hem of the shirt and helped her get up.

Caroline stood in front of him and then sat on his lap while placing her thighs by his sides. “Aren’t you going to reward me now?” He inched closer to her and commanded, “get on your hands and knees.” Caroline then unbuttoned the shirt. She took the shirt off and let it fall to the floor.

Caroline leaned in and pressed a peck against his lips before enveloping into a passionate kiss. Liam stood up as he carried her in his arms. He placed her back down on the bed and separated from the kiss. Then, he reminded, “hands and knees.”

Caroline turned over as she stood on her knees. She placed her hands on the bed and then stretched out her hands as she slowly moved down on the bed, making her upper body rest against the soft mattress.

Caroline bit her bottom lip as she heard the sound of the familiar zipper become unzipped. Liam undid his pants and gripped Caroline’s hips. He pulled her hips back as he pressed himself against her and let out a soft. “This the effect you have on me, princess.”

He pulled her pink lace panties down after pulling down his boxer briefs. He gripped her hips again. He removed one of his hands from her hips and placed his fingers in his mouth. He then pressed his fingers against her entrance. He slowly slipped his fingers inside her. “I think you enjoyed your punishment way too much, princess.”

Liam slipped his fingers out of her after twisting his fingers against her walls. He brought his fingers close to his mouth and had a taste of her juices. He then slowly slipped inside of her after gripping her hips once again.

Liam began to pick up his pace as he continued to thrust into her. Caroline stopped biting her lip and let out a loud moan. Her moan was followed by Liam quickening his pace. “Slow- slow down,” she let out.

Liam let out a soft moan and slowed down his pace. “Deeper,” she demanded. As Liam continued to pound into her, he tightened his grip on her hips and thrusted deeper inside her. She let out another moan as his skin slapped against hers.

Liam continued his harsh and deep pounds as he took his hand from her hip and placed it over her lower back. He slowly trailed up his hand over her back until he reached the back of her hand.

Caroline placed her hand over Liam’s and grabbed his wrist as he continued to thrust into her. Caroline tightened her grip on his wrist, letting him know she was close. He continued to thrust, bringing himself close to the edge as well as her.

“Don’t stop-.” Caroline let out before getting interrupted by a moan as she tightened around him and released her juices as he released his hot seed. Liam let go of her head and her hip and slipped out of her.

Caroline turned over after laying down on the bed. She let out heavy breaths as she looked at Liam undress. “Are you tired?” She shook her head. “Good because we’re not done yet.”

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