Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 8 That Will Remain A Mystery

After Caroline took a long hot shower, she got dressed and went to the kitchen. There, she found her maid and asked her to make some lunch. She went to sit in the living room. She sat on the couch and called her cousin to invite him and his father for lunch.

When Charles and Vincent arrived at Caroline’s penthouse, the food was already served. They gathered around the dining room, where Caroline sat on the edge of the dining table. “How long are you going to stay here, Caroline?” Charles asked. “I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?” Vincent asked. “I’m going back to Miami.”

“Is that where you have been hiding all this time?” Caroline chuckled. “Yes, something like that.” After a pause, Caroline added, “what about you? When are you going back to Atlanta?” Charles looked at Vincent then back at Caroline. “We will leave as soon as we find that bastard.” Caroline chuckled. “He shouldn’t be that hard to find.”

“What do you mean, cuz?” Caroline responded, “he’s in Barranquilla right now.”

“What is he doing there?”

“That, I don’t know, but he shouldn’t be that hard to kill over there.” Charles commented, “I think I once heard Roxy say he is from Colombia maybe that is why he ran away there.”

After having lunch, Vincent and Charles were about to leave when Caroline stopped them. “Where are you two going?”

“Barranquilla,” Charles answered. “Don’t waste your time on that bastard. Just pay someone to do the job.”

“Wait, Caroline. How do you know where he is?” Vincent asked. “I had him followed after he ran away. There is something you must know.”

“What is it?” Caroline responded, “I threatened to kill him if he married Roxy.”

“Why would you do that, Caroline?”

“Relax, Vincent.” Caroline opened her cellphone and opened her gallery. She showed the pictures and the videos she took of Maximo and Leah. “I took these pictures at the rehearsal dinner. I’ve already taken care of the woman. I am leaving Maximo to you.”

“What did you do to her?” Charles asked. “That will remain a mystery.” Vincent asked, “why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’d rather see her get heartbroken, thinking he left her because he panicked, rather than knowing the kind of scumbag he is.”

“You did well, Caroline,” Vincent spoke, “I will make some phone calls. He will be dead by tomorrow.”

After Vincent and Charles said their goodbyes, Caroline went to her bedroom. She grabbed her cellphone and called her chauffeur. She stepped inside her closet to change into a white turtleneck long sleeve shirt and a white pencil skirt. She put on some accessories along with some nude stilettos. She grabbed her white Dior handbag and put on her long red coat over her shoulders and left for work.

When Caroline arrived at the company, she went straight to her office. She sat on her chair and called Joseph inside the office. He knocked on the door, then went inside. He walked closer to her desk and placed her reports she asked for. Caroline looked at one of the reports and said, “everything seems to be back to normal.” She looked up from the document she was looking at and added, “we’re going back to Miami first thing tomorrow.”

“Yes, Ms. King. Anything else?”

“How is the new CEO doing?” Joseph responded, “today is her first day. I believe everything will run smoothly from now on.”

“I believe so, as well,” Caroline spoke, “that will be all for now. You may go back to work.” Joseph bowed his head and left her office. Caroline looked over the other reports Joseph placed on her desk.

After a while, Caroline left her office and got on the elevator. She went to the floor below. She stepped off the elevator and walked to the CEO’s office. She knocked on the door and went inside. “Ms. King, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Please, have a seat, Mrs. Holden.” Mrs. Holden took a seat after Caroline sat in one of the chairs in front of her. “Mrs. Holden, I trust you are aware of what happened to this branch.”

“Yes, Ms. King. I was informed of what happened. I assure you; I will not let that happen again.”

“Good.” Caroline crossed her legs and added, “I am sure you will do your job properly, unlike the last CEO.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Caroline smiled and commented, “I personally think there should be more women in high positions. After all, men are just greedy and selfish, all they want is power and money and once they obtain it, they abuse that power and money. Wouldn’t you agree, Mrs. Holden?”

“Yes, Ms. King.”

“You know, the reason why I chose you over those men was that you have the same vision we have here at C&K International. Not only that, but you also know the hard work it takes to be in such a high position. You also know what it is like to be looked down on by men just because you are a woman.”

Mrs. Holden nodded. Caroline stood from the chair and said, “I will not be taking more of your time, I will be on my way.” She walked to the glass door and added, “I will be going back to Miami tomorrow morning. You will be in charge of this branch. Good luck.” Caroline opened the door and left the CEO’s office.

When Caroline arrived at her office, she sat on her chair and resumed her work. She wanted to ensure that the branch would not go back to doing worse than the other branches anytime soon. She signed some documents and attended some meetings.

After Caroline finished all she had to do, it was already early evening. She gathered her belongings and called her chauffeur. She left her office when the chauffeur arrived.

Once Caroline arrived at the penthouse, she encountered her maid. “Good evening, Ms. King. Dinner is already prepared.” Mrs. Barlow took Caroline’s coat and her handbag. Caroline made her way to the dining room where Mrs. Barlow served her dinner soon thereafter.

When Caroline finished eating dinner, Mrs. Barlow took her plate and went to the kitchen. Caroline went to the living room and sat on the couch. She looked at the phone screen wondering why Taekyung had not called her. Then, Mrs. Barlow walked inside the living room. “Ms. King, your assistant contacted me today. He said you will be leaving tomorrow.”

“That’s right.”

“Then, I will be on my way. Have a good night, Ms. King.”

After Mrs. Barlow left, Caroline went to her bedroom. She was going to pack when her cellphone began to ring. She answered the FaceTime call and laid on her stomach on the king-sized bed. “Hi, mommy,” said Ian. He moved closer to Mia, portraying them both on the screen. “Hi, mommy,” said Mia. “How are you, my little angels?”

“Good, mommy,” Mia responded. “I have good news.”

“What is it, mommy?”

“I will be back tomorrow morning.” Caroline saw both her children’s eyes lit up. “Really, mommy?” Said Ian. Just then Caroline heard Taekyung say, “why are you two so excited?”

“Mommy is coming back tomorrow,” Mia responded with a smile on her face. “That is great,” Taekyung said. “Why don’t you tell mommy what you did today?”

“Mommy, Mia threw Brownie in the pool today.” Caroline exclaimed making Mia finch, “Mai, you what?” Mia looked down and softly said, “I’m sorry, mommy.”

“Put your uncle on the phone.” Ian handed the cellphone to Taekyung. “Tell me exactly what happened,” Caroline said in an angry tone. “Relax, she didn’t actually throw her. It more like she wanted to swim with her. Plus, her caretaker was here when it happened.”

“What did he say? Is Brownie alright?” Taekyung let out a sigh. “Yes, Caroline. He told me he had the water in the pool changed to prevent this from happening. He said he forgot to tell you.” Caroline let out a sigh of relief. “How is Brownie?”

“She is fine. She is quite the swimmer, actually.” Caroline laughed. “I’m glad she is fine.” Caroline looked at the time and said, “it’s getting late, Choi. Take the twins to bed. I want them well rested for the fun day we will have tomorrow.”

“Alright, King. You heard her guys, go to bed.”

“Wait! Let me say goodbye to them first.” Taekyung handed the phone back to Ian. “Goodnight, mommy,” said both toddlers at the same time. “Good night, my little angels.” Ian handed the cellphone back to Taekyung and stood up from the floor. He waited for Mia to stand up. He grabbed her hand and walked out of the spacious playroom filled with toys. “Did they pick up their toys?” Taekyung looked around the messy room and responded, “yes.”

“Choi, how many times have I told you to make them pick up their mess after they finish playing?” Taekyung responded, “we have servants for a reason. I am sure they can clean up this mess.” Caroline countered, “I don’t care. I want them to learn to clean after themselves.”

“I’m sorry. From now on, I will have them pick up their toys.”


“I will tuck the twins into bed. Good night, King.” Caroline spoke, “kiss them good night for me.”

“I will.” Caroline smiled and said, “good night, Choi.”

After hanging up the phone, Caroline got up from the bed. She went to her closet and grabbed her Louis Vuitton suitcase. She packed the suitcase with some clothes and two teddy bears Sebastian had given her, still leaving some space for something else. She opened the hidden safe in her closet and grabbed the red jewelry box and the gold chest. She closed the safe and walked to the island in her closet. She opened the jewelry box and looked at the necklace inside.

“I can’t believe this is what you were after. You wasted my time, your time, and most importantly, my emotions.” Caroline angrily closed the jewelry box she held in her hand and placed it on top of the closet island. “After all you have done to me, I can’t stop having feelings for you. Why?”

Caroline grabbed the gold chest and placed it inside the suitcase. She closed the suitcase and undressed. She walked into her bathroom to take a shower.

After having a shower, she put on an amethyst-colored babydoll and stepped inside her bedroom. She tucked herself into bed and tried to sleep. She tossed and turned trying to fall asleep but could not. She got up from the bed and put on her fur slippers. She walked into her closet and grabbed a purple silk robe. She put it on and left her bedroom. She walked down the stairs and went to the wine cellar.

Caroline grabbed a wine glass and a bottle of wine from her extravagant collection of wine. She opened one bottle and served herself a glass of wine. She placed the bottle on top of the bar island countertop. She walked to the window in front of her and sipped her wine. “I can’t say I have missed New York City, but I can say I have missed my favorite season.”

After Caroline finished the bottle of wine, she went to sleep. She slept peacefully through the night. She woke up in the morning and got ready for her flight. She could not wait to see her children. Though she did not spend that long time away from them, she still missed them. She went inside her closet to get ready. She changed her clothes and finished getting ready.

Once Caroline was ready to leave, she noticed the jewelry bow on the closet island. She grabbed the box and opened it. She grabbed the necklace and placed the box inside her pink Chanel handbag. She put on the necklace and looked into the small mirror on top of the island.

Just then, her phone rang. She looked at the text message Joseph sent her. She placed her cellphone back in her handbag and grabbed her suitcase. She went out of her bedroom and got on the private elevator.

When Caroline walked out of her building, Joseph got off the car and took her suitcase. He opened the back door for her, and she got on the car. He closed the door then he placed the suitcase in the trunk. He closed the trunk and sat back in the front seat of the car. The chauffeur drove away to the airport.

Meanwhile, Liam was having breakfast with Rebecca and Noah when his phone began to ring. He stood up from his chair and answered the call as he walked out of the dining room. “Sir, Ms. King just left her penthouse.”

“Where is she going?”

“I am following her right now. She had a suitcase with her. I think she is going to the airport.”

“Find out where she is going.”

“Yes, boss.” Liam hung up the call and went back inside the dining room. He sat back on his chair and Rebecca said, “Who was that?” Liam coldly answered, “no one.”

“Why are you suddenly in a bad mood?” Liam looked at her and said, “I’m leaving for work.” He stood up from his chair and walked closer to Noah. He said goodbye to Noah and left, completely ignoring Rebecca.

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