Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 90 I Trust You

When Caroline opened the door, she found Liam standing in front of her. “I was looking for you,” Liam spoke. “Oh, I was just in the bathroom.” She then stepped out of the bedroom and added, “we should go back downstairs.” Liam stepped back, making way for her.

Caroline walked down the spiral staircase and made her way to the breakfast room, where she found Noah happily enjoying his ice cream. He looked at her and smiled. “What’s your favorite ice cream, Caroline?” Caroline smiled and responded, “mint chocolate. What about you?”

“Chocolate.” Caroline sat next to him before he added, “would you like some?” Caroline shook her head. “No, you eat your ice cream.” Noah ate a spoonful of ice cream as Caroline gently caressed his head.

Just then, Rebecca stepped behind Noah. She gripped Caroline’s wrist and said, “don’t touch my child.” Caroline slipped her wrist from Rebecca’s grip as she glared at her. Caroline rested her elbows on the table as she locked her hands together and rested her chin on top of her hands.

“So, how does it feel to be unemployed, Rebecca?” Caroline asked. “I wouldn’t know. Liam hired me right after I was fired.” Caroline slowly turned her head to look at the man sitting next to her. “Oh? That is quite interesting.”

“I couldn’t let her unemployed after you fired and humiliated her.” Caroline chuckled. “I didn’t ask you for an explanation... But it does concern me how that might make you look, Liam, and especially how it makes me look.”

“Don’t worry, Caroline. She doesn’t work for my company.” Caroline smiled and uttered, “good.” Noah then looked at her and spoke, “can I get some strawberries?” Caroline smiled, a completely different smile she showed Liam, and nodded. She stood up from the chair and made her way to the kitchen.

Caroline was cutting some strawberries for Noah when Liam walked inside the kitchen. He placed his hand over hers and spoke, “let me.” Caroline slightly turned her head to catch a glimpse of his face. “I can manage,” she countered. “I insist.”

When Caroline slipped her hand from his grasp to hand him the sharp knife, she turned her hand to the side, brushing the knife against Liam’s skin. Liam hissed lightly and Caroline put down the knife. “Oh my God,” she uttered, “I’m sorry, Liam.” Caroline grasped his hand as she spoke, “let me look at your hand.” As Caroline inspected his hand, she tugged on one leash of her small white silk scarf.

Caroline placed her scarf on Liam’s wound as she looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” she spoke, “I didn’t mean-.”

“It’s fine, Caroline.” Caroline continued to press the scarf against the wound, trying to soak up the blood. Caroline then spoke, “I will search for the first aid kit.” Caroline slipped her hands from Liam’s hand and began to look around the kitchen for the first aid kit. She opened every cabinet until she finally found it.

Caroline placed the first aid kit on top of the kitchen island as Liam walked closer to her. She opened the first aid kit and took out the things she needed. She grasped Liam’s hand and placed it closer to her. “I will clean it before it gets infected.”

After Caroline finished tending to Liam’s would, she placed the first aid kit back where she found it. She held her silk scarf in her hands as she spoke, “go back to the table. I will finish up here.”

“Are you sure?” Caroline nodded. Liam reluctantly left the kitchen. Just then, a maid walked into the kitchen. Caroline asked her to continue cutting the strawberries and then giving them to Noah. Caroline also asked for a zipper storage bag.

After giving the maid the instructions, Caroline walked to the stairs. She went up the spiral staircase. Once Caroline walked inside Liam’s bedroom, she grabbed her designer purse and placed her scarf inside her purse after placing the scarf in the plastic bag the maid had given her.

Caroline then walked out of the bedroom and made her way down the stairs. She was going down the stairs when she found Liam looking for her. Caroline stood in front of him and said, “I must leave now. The twins must miss me.” She leaned closer and pressed a peck on his lips. “I will tell my chauffeur to take you home.”

“Thank you,” Caroline responded. Liam leaned closer and pressed a peck against her forehead. “Are you sure you want to leave?” Caroline nodded. “Are you okay with Rebecca spending the rest of the day here because of Noah?” Caroline smiled and responded, “it’s fine. I don’t like that she has to stay here for the remaining of the day, but I trust you.”

Liam placed his hands over her hips and pulled her closer. He leaned in and pressed a passionate kiss against her soft lips. When Caroline separated from the kiss, she then separated from him. She walked towards the double doors and opened them. She glanced at him one last time before leaving.

When Caroline arrived at the mansion, she got off Liam’s black Rolls Royce and made her way inside the mansion. Caroline walked to the twins’ bedroom, where she found them playing hide and seek. She found Ian counting, eyes covered, and facing the wall and decided to walk up to him. She stood behind him and crouched down.

Caroline sent her hands to tickle Ian. He jumped from the scare but began to laugh as Caroline continued to tickle him. “Mommy! Stop,” Ian exclaimed. Caroline laughed along with him as she continued to tickle him.

Mia watched as her mother tickled her brother. She came out of her hiding spot and slowly made her way towards the door, trying to get away. When Caroline noticed Mia was trying to run away, Caroline grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to her. “Oh, where do you think you are going, my little angel?”

Caroline let go of Ian and began to tickle Mia. “No, mommy,” Mia spoke. Mia struggled to hold back her laugh until she could not anymore. “Mommy!” Caroline continued until Ian placed his hand over her shoulder. “Mommy,” he softly spoke.

Caroline stopped tickling Mia and looked at Ian. “Mommy, don’t tickle Mia.” Caroline smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Oh, my little angel. Are you trying to protect your sister?” Ian nodded. Caroline smiled and she tightly embraced him. She looked to the side and grabbed Mia’s wrist to pull her into the hug.

As Caroline tightly hugged her little boy and girl, Elizabeth stepped inside the playroom. “Caroline.” Caroline looked at her mother and smiled. “hi, mom,” she spoke. Elizabeth walked closer to her and said, “Caroline, I thought you would never come back.”

Caroline snickered. She looked at her children and spoke, “it’s time for dinner my little angels. Let’s go wash our hands, okay?” Caroline stood up and grabbed the twins’ hands. She then led them to the bathroom before going to the dining room.

After having dinner with her family and going to the playroom with the twins, she played with them for a long while until it was time for them to go to sleep. Caroline took them up to their bedroom and bathed them before tucking them into bed and reading them a book.

Caroline then went to her bathroom and took a shower. She then got dressed and walked out of her bedroom. As she made her way towards her study, she tried to mentally prepare herself for what she might read in the report.

All this time, Caroline had been avoiding the report because she knew that whatever was in there would hurt her. She did not want to think of Breanna because it pained her heart just remembering not being able to be there for her. It also filled her with anger not being aware of what happened.

When Caroline entered her study, she closed the door and walked to the desk. She took a seat and grabbed the envelope sitting on top of her desk. She took a deep breath before placing her hands on the envelope.

Caroline slowly undid the string that kept the envelope closed. She took one final deep breath before taking the document out of the envelope. She slowly took out the document and laid it on top of the desk. She looked at the document in front of her and began to read it.

Caroline’s eyes watered as she followed along with the letters. Caroline meticulously read the paper as her tears fell on the paper and blurred some of the words. As Caroline finished reading the detailed overview of Breanna’s death, she softly voiced, “little Bambi.” She turned the page and placed the document back on top of the table.

Caroline took some time to take a deep breath and wipe away her tears. She picked up the papers again and continued to read the report.

After she finished reading, her tears had dried up and rage ran through her veins. Caroline clenched the papers in her fists as she thought of what she would do next. She placed the paper she curled up into a ball back on her desk. She placed her elbows on top of the desk and then she ran her hands through her hair. “What am I going to do?”

“She died because of me. This is all my fault. I could have protected her.” Again, Caroline’s tears continued to fall. She continued to cry until late into the night when her swollen eyes had no more tears to give out. She wiped off the last tear that was streaming down her cheek and then she stood up from her chair.

Caroline paced back and forth as she carefully thought of her plan. She planned to ruin everyone that led to Breanna’s passing. Caroline planned to completely ruin them. Drive them to their demise. And when they couldn’t take it, that’s when she would strike.

Eventually, Caroline was brought back from her thoughts by her fatigue. She walked to her desk and grabbed the latest cellphone model she had lying on top of her desk. Since the last time she lost her cellphone, Caroline bought two cellphones in order to have a replacement.

Caroline configured her new cellphone with her information and instantly received a text message from Harry. Caroline did not feel like even reading the text message, but her curiosity got the best of her.

Caroline opened the text message that had been sent eight hours ago. Caroline read the message and took her time to think if she should respond or not. After finally deciding what the best response would be, Caroline responded to Harry’s text message.

Caroline then walked out of the study and made her way back up the stairs. Caroline went to her bedroom and stepped closer to the bed. She placed her cellphone on the nightstand before moving the sheets on her bed.

Caroline was about to get in bed when she saw her purse sitting on the armchair in the corner of the bedroom. Caroline walked closer to the armchair and picked up her purse. Caroline opened her purse and took out the two small zipper storage bags and inspected the items inside the bags.

“With this, Rebecca will either leave forever or stay in Liam’s life forever... But at least I will get some closure.” Caroline let out a sigh. She stopped looking into the plastic bags and she placed them inside her purse again.

Caroline then made her way to the bathroom to wash her face after all the crying she had done. She looked at her face through the reflection and saw her swollen eyes from all the crying. She then walked back into her bedroom. Caroline walked back to her bed. She got in the bed and draped the covers over her body. “I just hope everything comes out my way.”

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