Wicked Curse Vampires

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Bethany is a civilian Vampire. Or so she thinks. A promise made to her father is about to change her life. Patreon Exclusive

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One - Introduction

A slight change of wind caused Bethany to turn toward the sound of footsteps she heard behind her, the footsteps of a male… As he stepped into the light she gasped at his wondrous, massive body. He was clothed in a simple blue button up shirt paired with a pair of black leather pants, the holster holding a simple 9mm Glock crossed his muscled torso. Her eyes latched onto his face, beautifully sculpted jaw-line, deep blue eyes reflecting the street lamps dim glow, she knew he wasn’t human, there was no way a human could be so beautiful yet so deadly at the same time. Bethany couldn’t help but stare at him, tall, nearly six-feet-six, wearing shitkickers. She never saw a male so beautiful, and she’s seen a lot of males in her time. When he spoke her name, his voice was rich and thick, rough around the vowels as if aroused. Her eyes automatically left his face toward the V between his legs. He was aroused, his massive erection straining against the leather of his pants; she smiled slightly, the tips of her fangs catching the light.

Maddox stared at the fair woman in front of him, the one he’s been following for years, though she never knew it. He’s been following her for his boss Incubus, the fierce leader of the Wicked Curse Vampires. Incubus knew the woman’s mother and in exchange for eternal life, Marissa had to promise that her first-born daughter would be the betrothed of Incubus. And to be wed at the mere age of twenty-five, after going through the transfusion between human and vampire at the age of eighteen… she wasn’t a half-breed like Maddox himself, but she still had the kind of innocence of a virgin on her. As she walked he followed close behind but not to close enough for her to notice him, since the wind was on his side tonight. There had been nights were she’d kept glancing over her shoulder thinking she heard footsteps behind her, but the chances were slim. Suddenly the wind changed and the sound of his foot falls became clear, Bethany slowed to a stop and turned her head ever so slightly that he could just make out the silver of her earring, but then when he knew she saw him she tuned toward him fully. As the light caught her hair, a fiery red color in the dim light of a street lamp, he stayed in the shadow but on impulse stepped forward into the light knowing his arousal at the sight of her full breasts the slight dip between her legs emphasized by the tight blue jeans she wore. In his minds eye he could see her lying naked beneath him, her beautiful full lips parted over her sharp fangs, her breasts pressed against his chest as her nails dug into his back while he pumped his hips into her, he could hear her moaning…Oh God, he felt his cock jump at the thought of being inside her, as he said her name, he knew his voice was slightly distorted due to his hunger for her and he struggled over the vowels. Her emerald eyes darted down toward his crotch and he knew what she saw: a huge bulging bump in his pants; he knew he shouldn’t have worn leather tonight.

As Bethany stared at the man in front of her she wondered who he was and what he did for a living since he had a handgun under his arm and an army knife stuck into his waistband at the hip. She opened her mouth to ask when the next thing she knew her back was pressed against a wall with his huge body trapping her. She felt the hardness of his stomach as it pressed against her, the tightness of his pictorials against her breasts. Suddenly she had an aching feeling between her legs as his thigh forced her legs apart. His breath came out in short gasps as if he couldn’t believe was he was doing, but as her hands landed on his shoulders he pressed himself even harder against her, she felt his erection on her belly; throbbing and pulsing; she felt a moisture pooling between her thighs, something she’s never experienced in her life, he certainly wasn’t human, it was clear he was of her species but he was stronger than the males she’s ever encountered, his scent was different too, like a dark spice instead of cinnamon. She’s smelled the scent before over the years but never really paid attention, until now. She pulled back slightly to look at him but he jumped back as if he’d been electrocuted, and said “who are you?” in a deeper voice than her normal sugar sweet voice, mentally she cursed herself for feeling so turned on. His reply was in a deep, rough voice “I am Maddox Hellren, server of Incubus Terror Randall of the Wicked Curse Vampires. You are Bethany Marie Daniels, daughter of Adam and Marissa Daniels” of all the things she could have done, she just stared at him her mouth hanging lax as she blinked a couple of times. Here she was, in an alley, with a guy named Maddox who knew both her parents but whom she didn’t know anything about, and they’d almost had sex on the wall… that wasn’t fucked up at all! Before she could get herself together he had her hand in his and was pulling her out of the alley so fast she didn’t even struggle to get him to let go for she was scared she’d fall, so she just ran after him as fast as she could go, which apparently was to slow for him, because he picked her up and then the whole world went blurry. Next thing she knew she was in an unfamiliar room full of voices that she thought she knew. Yes, there was her mother’s voice “sweetheart, you’re home!” and her father’s “sorry, we didn’t tell you of this earlier, we were waiting for the right time”. She looked around confused; she was standing in the middle of a crowded room, all the eyes trained on her making her feel like a circus act, Maddox was nowhere to be seen, but there was an even more handsome man standing across from her: his baby blue eyes trained on hers, his dirty blond hair ruffled as if he’d just woken up, his huge body blocking most of her view of the room behind him, the black shirt he was wearing hugged every part of his perfectly sculpted torso, he looked like a cross between a runway model and a sculpture by Michelangelo.
He stepped forward and held out his hand to her “Hi, I’m Incubus Randall” she took his hand gingerly only to be pulled forward and pressed against his chest in one smooth motion. Before she could introduce herself he said in her ear “you’re wearing my mark on your wrist, so that means you’re Bethany Daniels, my betrothed." As she just gaped at him he pressed a searing kiss onto her wrist and the small tattoo, or that's what she thought it was, vanished only to be replaced by a bigger replica of the I.T.R that now covered her wrist. She just stared at the man in front of her and as their eyes locked she felt a connection run between them, before she was fully aware of what was happening she kissed him fully on his lips, they tasted like candy, a kiss which he returned with earnest, a kiss that got hotter and more intense as it continued. They were fused together at the mouth and neither wanted to let the other go, so to compromise Incubus picked her up and she clamped her legs over his hips, feeling his erection pressing against her core, she felt an odd sensation between her legs, a needing to have him bury that hardness inside her, to feel the pulsing and pounding need she felt for him in her, buried deep and then slowly retracting, she needed to feel him soften in her, to feel him come in her. Behind her closed lids she saw the whole scene play off which caused the needing to grow worse. As if sensing her need, Incubus set her down, not breaking the kiss, and laid her down on the floor of the room, resting on his elbows above her. She heard a tearing sound as her shirt was ripped from her body and thrown across the room; the next to go was her turquoise bra. Impatient as she was, her hands tore at his black velvet shirt popping the buttons off, he didn't have any weapons on him, but the muscle beneath her fingers told her why. His fly was next and the leather pants was off in a heartbeat. Her jeans were long gone as were her panties. They'd both forgotten the crowd gathered around them, but they were to focused on themselves that they couldn't care what was happening around them. His lips left hers and was on her neck; kissing, caressing, suckling gently. Her hands were tangled in his soft, thick hair; pressing him closer. As he prepared to penetrate her body she felt the need to tell him she'd never had a man before, but then his gentleness told her that he knew. His hips retracted and then she felt the blunt head of him, hot and hard against her core, and inch-by-inch he entered her until he came up against a barrier. A barrier not even she felt when she'd had sexual urges when she was just a changeling, but as he broke that barrier she felt a sharp sense of pain followed by a sense of wild passion. A passion that ran so deep she became an animal, she clawed at his back, drawing blood, the rich smell hitting both of then at the same time, making the passion between them even more intense. As he pumped into her hard and slow, taking his time to draw that full length of him out until he barely came free of her clenching internal muscles, then pushing all the way in until he brushed her womb. Deep and hard, she found that she liked it. It went on for what felt like hours, which it was as they found out afterward, she started shaking slightly, shaken by a powerful orgasm, and his erection inside of her started to throb harder she knew on instinct they were going to release at the same time. She was surprised.

As Maddox watched from the sidelines how his Boss and Bethany went at each other, he admired the grace with which they did it. Bethany's body was porcelain white, under Incubus' tan one. Her stomach was flat, but the dip between her legs as she opened for Incubus sent a chill down his back straight to his cock, wet and pink, glistening with her own juice and when Incubus penetrated her the moan that escaped her throat... As their bodies moved together in a rhythm her face showed pure bliss but she was wild. The whole room was filled with the fragrance of sweat and sex, hot and delicious; Maddox felt his cock harden once again and he all but ran from the room to get away from their moans and moving bodies on the floor.

Corlia stood in an alley, unaware of what was going on at her house with her brother and his betrothed, all she knew was she was waiting for a human. A human close to her heart, who knew what she was but still stayed her friend. Corlia is younger than Incubus, who'd just turned twenty-eight, she was a mere age of twenty-three. The human she was waiting for was twenty-four, his name was Nickolai Johnson. As she drifted off in a daydream, she knew it was dangerous considering if the daydream came true, she'd hurt him because of what she was; he came around the corner wearing his old university t-shirt and faded jeans, her breath caught in her throat. He looked absolutely gorgeous, with his hair ruffled and his eyes shining, he beamed when he saw her. She followed his movements and saw that he had a slight limp, as she watched the limp became more pronounced and the more he limped, the more she worried. Humans got hurt easily so she worried about him more than usual. She knew she'd fallen for him since their first meeting about three months ago. She hurried forward just as he crumpled to the ground and lay on his back panting slightly. She crouched next to him and lifted his head up to put in her lap, his gray eyes held hers, but they were full of pain. She knew the question he was going to ask so she took out the joint from the pocket of her jean skirt and put it between his lips, while taking the vintage ornate gold Quick Fire lighter from his pocket and lighting it. The sweet smell of marijuana filled the air around this as he inhaled deeply.

Nickolai couldn't believe that Corlia had known where he would be coming out into that alley, but he was glad she did. The pain in his knee numbed slightly as the weed filled his bloodstream. He's injured his knee in a fight with one of the Vampires, Fromir, the depressed one. Fromir had started the fight by warning Nickolai of Corlia's brother Incubus. "If you hurt Cor, Incubus will bash your head in. He's as protective over his sister as he is over his betrothed. Just sayin'" that had been the last straw, since Fromir and his buddy, Connor, had been pestering him for a fortnight because of Corlia's quite apparent feelings for him. Sure they'd shagged once or twice, but they're just friends.
As Nickolai's eyes met hers, he saw the concern for him in her eyes, and took the joint between his fingers, inhaling deeper until the pain was completely numb, before taking it out of his mouth and put it out on the ground next to him. "Cor, how'd you know where to find me?" His voice was somewhat faint, thanks to the right hook Fromir had dealt him on his throat; the fight had ended with Fromir in the fetal position and Nickolai limping out of the bar. "I thought that you might want to, you know, hang out tonight after work, so I thought I'd come by." Her voice was soft and sweet as she answered and her eyes shone cobalt in the dark alley, meaning she was restless and she needed release. He couldn't help but soften at the expression on her face; an expression that showed her confusion and a tiny hint of love directed toward him, her expression was soft and concerned at the same time. Concerned most likely because of his injured leg, the confusion he didn't know what caused it, but he was sure as hell going to find out before the night was through, the love; well he interpreted as friendship love. He liked her as a friend, a friend with benefits. So what the huff was about he didn't know. He reached up and brushed a lock of her long mahogany hair from her forehead and his fingers lingered on her cheek. He could see she was struggling with herself so he dropped his hand and thought he saw a flash of disappointment cross her face but it was to quick to be sure. Nickolai hadn't been with a woman such as Corlia for over five years, so he very much wanted to bed her and make her his but he couldn't, not with his injured leg or his broken heart over Jasmine, his previous girlfriend. He struggled to sit up and with Corlia's help he managed to get into a sitting position and face her. Her vintage black blouse hugged her curves in all the right places, the neck low showing off the swells of her perfect breasts, it hugged her hips and gave over to the short jean skirt she was wearing, the thing barely reaching the middle of her thighs as she sat on her knees watching him. He saw she was wearing black stiletto heels and wondered why he hadn't hear them when he came into the alley. An alley in the broken parts of Dallas, Texas; trust him to find a rowdy bar where the rest of her family hung out. "Not tonight, Cor. I'm hurting, and you know I'm to proud to even say It.". Her eyes definitely showed disappointment as the cobalt shine disappeared from her eyes leaving only blue-gray instead of that beautiful cobalt shine he loved to see. "At least let me take you home. You can barely walk as it is. What happened anyway?" Her voice lost the sugary sweetness and became hard as she asked what happened. He took a deep breath and was about to answer when Fromir, Connor and Librobialar came out of the bar and headed down the alley. Fromir had healed from the cuts and bruises that had covered his face, Connor was untouched; even Nickolai knew not to mess with the Cyclops, and Librobialar looked the same as always, not a scratch on his perfect cream skin. Corlia saw the three and lifted her hand in greeting as Fromir bent at the waist and wrapped his arms around her to help her up. She allowed them and said in a soft voice to Connor, "take him home please?". He nodded, happy to comply her wishes as she let Fromir lead her out of the alley toward her Audi A5 Sports back. Watching her disappear around the corner, Nickolai felt a strange sense of regret knowing that she won't spare him as much as a glance next time she saw him.

Fromir was white with rage at the human who had dared hurt Corlia. She was vulnerable for the first time since he'd joined the Wicked Curse Vampires almost two decades ago. As he held her fragile body to his chest while leading her to the car, they both jumped as a roar filled the air around them. Corlia squealed in delight at the roar and all but ripped from his hold and ran to the car, Fromir didn't understand why she was delighted to have heard the roar since he was rattled to the bone. Corlia turned as she opened the driver-side door, when her eyes met his, he melted and didn't know why since she definitely still had a feeling for the SOB Nickolai; her voice was soft but had the sugary ring back when she said "Inc and Bethany have mated!!" She all but jumped up and down from the excitement she was just barely containing. He raised his brow, unsure whether she was serious or not, and as she explained the roar had been Incubus and Bethany coming at the same time and only members of the Vampires heard it, it dawned to him that after all these years of taking care of Corlia he'd never once noticed how smart or how beautiful or how caring she was.

Back at Incubus' place, both he and Bethany were panting hard after climaxing together, she was laying on top of him with her head on his chest with him still inside her. All around them the sounds of people moving caught Incubus’ attention and he turned his head to the right and saw a pair of stiletto heels followed by long tan legs. He sat up, cradling Bethany to his chest and looked up into the face of Elizabeth, the only one of the Vampires who was there just because he felt sorry for them. Elizabeth was pretty in her own way; her short hair a platinum blonde, her eyes are the same shade of gray as a pistol, she mostly wears short mini-skirts and a bra as a top. Today she wore a blue plaid skirt that just covered her butt with brown stiletto shoes paired with an angry red bra. She was looking down her nose at him with a very disapproving look. “What Lizzy?” he asked in a hoarse voice, as he rearranged Bethany in his lap so that while he was still in her; rock hard again, he could look at Elizabeth and all the people gathered around them. Wait…all the people gathered around them? Oh, that’s right, the welcoming party for Bethany and then the two of them…. Okay he was ready to go again. “What? You two just went at each other in a room full of people! What must the rest of the world think of you? That you’re a fucking savage who will have a go at his betrothed just because he can? That’s utterly and completely NOT the image I created for you Incubus.” And with that she stormed off nearly running into Corlia and Fromir, both of who apparently just arrived. Corlia’s face was radiant as her eyes fell on Incubus and Bethany on the floor. Fromir just looked bored, his eyes trained on Corlia’s back. As if the sight of them confirmed her suspicions, Corlia ran over to them and, though they were naked, hugged them both so hard it felt as of his ribs were going to break. “Cor, I know you’re happy, but let us go , please” Incubus tried to make his voice disapproving but with Bethany in his lap and Corlia on her knees next to him, he just couldn’t. Corlia’s eyes traveled down the two’s connected bodies and said “Incubus, you might want to get a room, most probably yours” her voice teasing and loving and happy, but her eyes were sad.

Corlia felt like she was dying on the inside but she kept up face for her brother and his betrothed. She was beautiful, as beautiful as Incubus had said. She was delicate in his arms, her long hair a fiery red under the lights of the hall, her brilliant green eyes trained on his face, her features soft and kind but her cheeks were flaming as if realizing that they’d shared an intimate moment in front of a hundred people. Her eyes showed that she didn’t care and that she was confused as to whom all these people were. The whole of the Wicked Curse Vampires were gathered around them. Maddox, who wouldn’t even look at them, Connor, who’d just come back from taking Nickolai home, Fromir, who was standing behind Corlia, Hitch, who looked as radiant as the expression on Corlia’s face, Jazzamine and Librobialar, who were hanging on each other like if they let go they’d die, Juniper, who couldn’t keep her eyes off of Maddox, and the newest member of the Vampires, Luciano, who’s taken a liking to Corlia. She manned up and stuck her hand out to the female, “hi, I’m Corlia Randall, Incubus’ sister. I’d have greeted you earlier when you came in, but events caused me to be late” the female took her hand in a rather strong grip and replied in the most wonderful soft and kind voice, “hey, I’m Bethany Daniels, and it’s okay, between me and your brother, I don’t think there would have been time for chatting.” She laughed a little, her laugh sounding like wind chimes. “Who’re all these people?” she asked in a curious voice, her eyes never leaving Incubus’ face. Corlia smiled slightly, and mentioned to each one of the members as she introduced them. Maddox nodded when she introduced him, Elizabeth just put her hand up, and Connor looked like he wanted to hug her but instead settled for a wave, Fromir merely nodded, his eyes leaving Corlia when she looked at him, Hitch could barely contain himself and looked like he wanted to dive over Corlia and just eat Bethany up, Juniper’s eyes left Maddox for a split second to shoot a smile at her, and Librobialar and Jazzamine both just waved and smiled as they were introduced.

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