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Octavia Lovejoy is quite successful. Thirty at the top of her Davis & Locke Law Firm. Graduated from Howard University and majored in Law minor in Literature. Has her very own penthouse that makes her content. Has No kids or responsibility other than herself . That is until the encounter and soon marriage in May of 2019 she met Colm Eamon. Born and raised in Brooklyn,NY Colm seems to be the type of man to take home to her parents. The true Husband-Material. They seemed to have the seemingly perfect life that is until her marriage fizzled to ashes and nothing seemed worth fighting for. Octavia will soon have to make a decision between wanting the man of her dreams or having to step out of the well thought out the fantasy in order to achieve truly Desired Sins.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I felt nothing.

Colm gripped the edge of the bed as the head of his cock-squeezing every so tightly past my threshold. I heard him grunt, and groan as I moaned eventually he kept on rambling the sweet nothings in my ear that worked so long ago but did little to sway me now. It didn’t feel the same we didn’t talk like we use to, I want a life outside of this- with my spouse.

A life away from Colm.

He held my waist as he soon fell asleep.

I can’t deal with this for another night, another Itty-Bitty dick being inside me, mentally bashing myself for believing in that myth of the “Expensive Package”. Mark my words if I never encountered him, never got off that subway, and had Colm to take my hand none of this would be.

I slipt from under his grasp as I made my way to the closet slipped into my robe as I walked down the double staircase and into the french door study. Making my way inside I closed and locked the door, closing every curtain visible then making my way to the couch. I grabbed my favorite toy, the waterproof rechargeable massage rotary toy.”

I had taken the rosegold robe from my smooth, eloquent chocolate skin then laid back down as I closed my eyes and let my imagination run its course.

My nipples had been erect, legs shaking, back arched as I let out a blood-curdling moan as my juices released onto my toy and hand as I continued to rub and squeeze my nipples moaning every so loudly.

The juices felt as though, they were going through an endless river that seemed to carry me away from reality.

Thank God, these walls are sound-proof.

The smell of sexual satisfaction filled the air, eyes dazed as the fluttered open, My body had been on fire craving for a sense of release, the sparks the filled my head as I opened my eyes the daze felt like an illusion this seemingly perfect illusion. One can not describe the most real sense of Euphoria rather than this moment.

As I tried to regain my strength then managed to go to the bathroom as I ran a warm- cloth across my skin this only intensified my need for something more other than what my husband had been giving me.

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