Heart of a Thief

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Catching petty thieves is no big deal for officer Jodee, like catching moths to a flame. So when she accidentally catches the man who broke into an abandoned property to look for something, she had no idea that this will be a night she'll never forget...

Erotica / Romance
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Heart of a Thief

“Come here, cutie... NOW.”

“Alright, alright, I’m coming...!”


Jodee groaned quietly as she stretched out her tired aching muscles. It had been a very long day of helping other officers track down petty criminals and she was so looking forward to a relaxing night at home. Take a shower, maybe drink a glass of red wine, and try to find something to watch on Netflix.

Then, later on before she went to bed, Jodee blushed as she thought about using one of her several pink vibrators on herself and how good it would feel to tease her clit until she reached a blissful orgasm. Despite her having long jet black hair that reached her lower back, big dark eyes, honey-colored skin, and more curves than a juicy pear, she was still single at 29 and a virgin, two things that she made sure to keep to herself. But that didn’t stop her from delving into one of her favorite fantasies: having sex while being tied up and defenseless. Too bad she still hadn’t found the right man to do it with...


The pretty young cop had been so distracted by her own thoughts that she hadn’t heard her best friend come up behind her - a handsome redheaded male cop named Harold. His pale green eyes gazed at her with confusion.

“Are you alright? You haven’t clocked out yet...”

“Oh! Yes, Harold... I’m alright! I’m g-going now...”

Jodee scrambled to gather up her things, clock out on the station’s computer, and hurry to the women’s locker room to change out of her uniform into a pretty pink T-shirt and plain blue jeans. Harold was still there waiting for her when she returned to the main lobby.

“Goodnight, Jodee...”

“Goodnight, Harold... see you next week!”

With her purse wrapped securely over her shoulder, Jodee rushed out of the station and into the warm summer night. The surrounding area was brightly lit up from nearby street-lamps, making the sidewalk perfectly clear. She was only a block away from home when she began to pass by her least favorite landmark: an abandoned house that once belonged to a famous doctor. It didn’t matter what time of the day it was; that house always gave Jodee the creeps. Thankfully, she never had any reason to go in there, not even for a case.

But just as she turned her head to keep walking, she happened to notice some movement in the form of a dark figure running towards the side of the house where a window was located followed by the sound of glass breaking. Yanking out her police taser, Jodee chased after the figure and caught up to them right as they were jumping through the broken window.

“Stop! Police! Show me your hands!”

The last thing she saw was a large brick being thrown into her face before everything went black...


Jodee had no way of knowing how long she was knocked out when she opened her eyes again, but all she could think about was how much her head was throbbing. Slowly, she began to sit up and look around to see where she was. It appeared to be the inside of an enormous living room crowded with abandoned tables, chairs, and bookshelves. Above Jodee’s head was the broken window letting in all of the cooling summer air and she flinched when a piece of glass pinched her thighs.

That’s when it dawned on her with a dumb horror that all of her clothes had been stripped away except for the socks on her feet, leaving her naked and cold. More than that, she wanted to find out exactly who had done this to her and why. After brushing off any stray bits of glass from her hair, Jodee stumbled to her feet and used the chairs for balance as she slowly made her way through the doorway and up a flight of stairs that took her to another room that looked like a small library. Quiet as a mouse, Jodee peered her dark head around the corner and looked closely.

There in front of the largest wall of books stood a boy - no, a young man - wearing a black form-fitting jumpsuit that showed off toned legs and a killer booty that would make any girl’s mouth water. From Jodee’s angle, she could see that the man was tall, as he was able to reach the shelves with no trouble. His jet black hair was long enough to be tied into a short ponytail behind his head and his muscles exposed an intense workout routine. A dark backpack stood patiently by his feet. Other than the sound of shuffling papers, the room was quiet. Jodee had hoped to be able to sneak up from behind, tackle him to the ground, and drill him with questions.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize that the doorway to this library was booby-trapped and her foot got caught in a circle of rope that had sprung to life via motion sensor. Before she could even comprehend where it had come from, Jodee fell to the soft carpet beneath her with a hard thump.


The startled thief swiftly turned around to see what the noise was and turned back around just as fast before Jodee could get a good look at his face. But that didn’t stop her from shouting at him anyway with her arms crossed and a smirk playing at her lips. This guy didn’t know what the hell he was in for...

“Please don’t be mad at me... I didn’t put that there...”

“Real nice touch there knocking me out, mister... and taking away all of my clothes? Even better... but PLEASE tell me you're not going to leave me here with my foot tied up like this, are you?”

“I just TOLD you,” the man sighed with his back still turned, “it wasn’t me who set up that rope! But if it means buying me some extra time in this place to get what I need... then yeah, I’m afraid your foot will HAVE to remain tied up like that... and if you try freeing yourself to arrest me anyway... then I guess you’re more brazen than I thought you were...”

Jodee snorted with amusement.

“Wait... YOU broke into this abandoned house... YOU knocked out a FEMALE cop... with a brick, I might add... YOU stripped her completely naked... and I’M supposed to be the one who’s brazen to you?!”

“L-Look, ma’am... I-I did remove your T-shirt and jeans... but I had no idea you weren’t wearing any underwear like every other woman!”

The thief swallowed hard before finally turning around to face Jodee, revealing a handsome tan face covered by a black costume mask that she suddenly found very attractive. A rosy blush stained both of his cheeks.

“Not to mention how dark it was back there in that other room... and I couldn’t see anything...!”

The smirk on Jodee’s face grew wider and she removed her arms away from her chest to show off her perfectly round breasts. But she made sure to pinch her erect nipples and bat her eyelashes just for him.

“Well... since we’re in better lighting... what do ya think of me now?” she purred. “You like what you see, my little thief?”

When he didn’t answer right away, she kept talking.

“And just so you know... I stopped wearing panties a loonngg time ago... ’cause they kept getting in my way...”

Jodee turned her gaze to the obvious bulge in his skin-tight jumpsuit.

“...but it looks to me like you already knew that... is that a roll of coins in there or are you just happy to see me?”

When the thief looked down to see what she was talking about, the pink in his cheeks broke out into a much stronger beet-red blush as he covered himself up with both hands and turned back around to face the books.

“Um, anyways... I-I know I’m not supposed to be in here... but I promise I’m not here to steal anything! I’m only searching for some books about treating bipolar disorder... to help someone very close to me... because the stupid doctors around here just don’t care about mental health issues...”

Jodee knitted her eyebrows together as she thought how partly true his story was. It was no secret that the local doctors didn’t really like to talk about mental health; but that still didn’t mean she was supposed to believe everything else he said. Besides, she found it amusing to watch him become so flustered.

“So... what’s your name, sweetie? I’m Jodee...”

“Ninja of the fucking Night,” he retorted.

The young cop let out something between a snort and a cough; his snarky answer had completely caught her off-guard and she had to sit down for a minute.

“Laugh all you want... you won’t seduce me with your curves and your beauty... so why don’t you free yourself and leave me be already...?”

The self-titled “Ninja of the fucking Night” turned around to throw her an irritated look but then immediately wished he hadn’t. Jodee had laid down on her back with her legs spread wide open, one hand fingering her wet core and the other hand pinching her rock-hard nipples. Not once did she break her eye contact with the flustered thief, who was blushing so hard it reached all the way up to his ears.

“My pussy’s been begging for someone to steal away my virginity, my little thief... and I think she likes you...”

Her gaze still fixated on her paramour, Jodee removed her wet fingers away from her core and licked them slowly. If the “Ninja of the fucking Night” was blushing before, his face was on fire watching the sexy brunette play with herself. Then she started moaning and he just couldn’t take it anymore. The boner in his jumpsuit was begging for some relief.

“Come here, cutie... NOW...”

“Alright, alright, I’m coming...!”

With trembling footsteps, the Ninja scurried his way into Jodee’s waiting arms and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her eager mouth. The only time they stopped was so that he could remove his black gloves and run his fingers through her thick hair. His other hand found its way onto the soft skin of her breast, pinching gently. Jodee held on tight with her arms wrapped around the man’s neck, freeing his own hair from his ponytail. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy either of them, especially not when his clothed erection was pressing up against her wet pussy. He reluctantly pulled away from her lips.

“I think it’s time for me to get naked with you, Jodee...” he whispered, answering her unspoken question.

The pretty brunette watched with half-lidded eyes as the man slowly unzipped his jumpsuit and slithered out of it until only his socks and mask were left. He followed her gaze as it settled on his freed erection before looking back up at him.

“Come here, cutie...”

Since Jodee’s foot was still tied up, the Ninja had to move in closer so that she could hold onto him while she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth.

“By the way... my real name... is Malcolm...”

Jodee moaned and squeezed Malcom’s butt cheeks as a response, making him laugh.

“Glad to know you’re still alert... you okay down there? You’re sucking me off pretty hard...”

Another squeeze.

“You keep doing that and I’m gonna cum right in your mouth, baby...”

As if to tease him, Jodee used both of her hands to squeeze him a third time and sucked hard on his cock. Before Malcolm had a chance to warn her, he was riding the waves of an intense orgasm and spilling his seed into her mouth. She simply drank it all down like water until he was fully emptied.

“I’m gonna take you so hard for doing that...” he muttered.

The sexy cop planted a kiss on his left cheek.

“So take me...”

That did it. Malcolm ripped off his mask, pushed Jodee onto her back, and buried his face between her legs, eating her pussy without mercy. His tongue lapped up her sticky wetness and zeroed in on her clit, the erotic button hardening with every suck. He had to tighten his grip on Jodee’s thighs to keep her from moving too much as she orgasmed not once but twice, her moans echoing around the small library. When she came back to her senses, the pretty cop smiled at Malcolm.

“You’re a lot better than my toys...”

The man wrapped his strong arms around Jodee’s neck, and kissed her savagely while he nestled comfortably between her legs. Without another word, he pushed his cock into her dripping womanhood until she was fully impaled by him. Malcolm pumped her hard and fast, giving her no chance to relax. Each of her startled cries were swallowed up by his loving kisses and her hands held on tightly to his shoulder muscles. Just as she started to feel the itch of her orgasm approaching, her new lover began to slow down his pace.

“Your pussy is so tight... and so wet for me... and you’d better arrest me, officer... ’cause I’m about to be a really bad boy...”

“Ha... ha... Malcolm...”

“Louder, Jodee... I wanna hear my name echo from your hot little mouth...”

Without warning, Malcolm pounded her pussy as hard as he could, watching the way her face contorted with pleasure.


He reached her g-spot and Jodee unraveled right in his arms.



One last push from Malcolm’s cock sent tidal waves of pleasure flooding their senses over and over again for more than a minute. The two lovers clung to each other even after the occurrence died down and shared a sweet kiss.

“Are you still gonna haul my ass to the police station, baby?”

Jodee giggled.

“The only place I’m hauling your ass to is my house, honey...”

That got Malcolm to move off of Jodee and grab his backpack.

“Better cut you loose so we can get out of here, then...”

He fished around until he found what he was looking for: a small pocket knife. With one swipe, Jodee was free from the rope and she scrambled to her feet. Malcolm slipped the knife and his mask into the backpack and hurried to put his jumpsuit back on. Finally, he did something that Jodee wasn’t expecting and pulled out her T-shirt and jeans.

“You really are a little thief...” she murmured as she got dressed.

Malcolm wrapped her up in a warm embrace and kissed her cheeks.

“Correction: I’m YOUR little thief... and I promise to steal your heart forever and ever!”

This time, Jodee let out a full laugh from her belly.

“Are you saying you love me, then?”

Malcolm looked her directly in the eyes.

“Yes, Jodee... I love you... and I’ll love you forever!”

The pretty cop stood up on her tip toes and gave him a big kiss.

“Then in that case... I love you, too, Malcolm... and I’ve just sealed that promise with my kiss!”

Malcolm was so overjoyed that he picked Jodee up and cradled her in his arms like she was a little girl.

“Come on, officer... let’s get you home now!”

She tucked her head comfortably into the crook of his neck and closed her eyes as her little thief carried her out of the room, down the same flight of stairs from earlier, and into the warm summer night.
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