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The Devil's Lover

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Trance stares at the white surroundings… He can’t be in heaven. He does not deserve to go there. He looks closer, scanning the area and starting to make connection inside his brain. Hospital… he thought. So he’s still alive? How nice… Trance thought sarcastically at his condition. Then, he realizes… he’s not wearing his spectacles yet his eye-sight is remarkably clear. He then lifts up his hand, slowly, struggling to do so. Why does it feel really heavy? How long had he not moved his hand? He thought. At the success of lifting his hand, he places his palm right on his chest. Something is missing here… he thought. He has no idea as to what.


One of the first thing he notices was that his family is very happy to see him awake. They are smiling happily and crying at the same time but Trance wonders why… he can’t smile… he can’t even cry. He misses his family, yes. Maybe. And he had just known that he’s been in coma for more than a year. It’s a surprise but he can’t feel anything out of it. He is… hollow

“I don’t remember,” Trance said and those words of his frustrate everyone in the room, especially Detective Mona. She was determined to catch the offenders and sent them right to where they belong. But Trance could not remember... She asked to meet the doctor in private to know more of Trance’s condition and what the doctor told her made her more suspicious towards the boy’s behavior.

“It’s strange for people to have been in a coma for a long time to be in their healthiest condition. His brain scan does not seem to indicate any abnormalities, his muscle is also showing positive result. He can move normally even after lying on the bed unmoving for more than a year. It’s remarkable!” The doctor commented full of excitement.

“Okay, despite of his remarkable body condition, his brain is not suggesting any abnormalities? Are you sure, Doctor?” Detective Mona asked seriously, trying to get straight to the matter at hand.

“Yes,” the doctor said and nodded.

“So it’s possible that he’s been traumatized and is afraid to testify?”

“Well,” the doctor shrugged. “That could be the only explanation…” he said.

From the hospital bed, the most prominent color that he can see is white. Pure white. He is almost blinded by the whiteness that surrounds him. But he dares not indulge himself in the seemingly pure world of the whites for he is bound to the darkness. And the color that suits him the most would be red. He will paint the whole world in red.

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