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More than friends

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•there was nothing left to save, nothing left to apologize for or fix, just two kids with their hearts torn apart• Boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, a love story with a happy ever after right?

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter One: Secrets

Growing up wasn't always how you imagined it to be. While other kids were out at Hogsmead or enjoying a day with their loving parents, you were not. Since you could remember your mother and father were always up your ass about being perfect. You felt that there was a stereotype around purebloods, always having to be perfect and uptight. You could agree that your parents lived up to that stereotype but you didn't. Unlike other purebloods you were caring and affectionate, but you were still strong and powerful.

Your parents were powerful people along with the Malfoy's. Ever since you were a little girl you and Draco were bestfriends. Draco was like you but he pretends not to care and acts like a complete ass at times but deep down you've learned that he is just as loving and passionate as he is an asshole. Draco was a Slytherin and you were a Gryffindor but you two still managed to be friends through your years at Hogwarts. You were entering your 5th year at Hogwarts and were set to board the train in just a moment.

You looked around for Draco and couldn't find him. 'Five more minutes and then I'm boarding' you thought. You waited another five minutes and still no sign of Draco, shaking your head you grabbed your things and headed to the train to board. You took one step on the train and heard someone screaming your name.

"Y/N!! WAIT" they yelled

You knew that voice far too well. You dropped your things and ran towards the voice.

"DRACO!!" You screamed jumping up and wrapping your legs around him.

Draco grabbed onto you and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held him tight. You maybe saw Draco three times out of the entire summer break because both of y'all's parents were busy and y'all had to help them. You were so happy to see him you couldn't hold yourself back.

"Damn I missed you and your hugs Y/N" Draco said slowly putting you down.

"I missed you too Draco, now we better get going before we miss the train" you gave him a quick smile and took his hand into yours.

Walking you grabbed your things and boarded the train with Draco slowly behind you. You walked towards the back of the train and sat in you and Draco's usual spot.

"Hey Draco" said Astoria.

She gave Draco a huge smile and then turned to face you.

"Oh you must be Draco's best friend, he told me so much about you Y/N" she gave you a sweet almost genuine smile.

You gave her a confused look 'Draco told you about me?' You thought. Turning towards Draco you could see his cheeks were red.

"What does she mean Draco." You asked

Draco ran his fingers through his hair, something he always does when he's anxious. You placed your hand on his leg to try and calm him down and gave him a reassuring smile.

Draco smiled back at you "Um well your my bestfriend, and I really care about you which is why I told Astoria about you because she's my girlfriend" your mouth slightly dropped open and you glance over at Astoria who was now smiling more than ever.

"Y'all are dating" you asked still somewhat shocked.

"Yeah we are" Draco said.

You gave both of them a smile and stood up. You started walking your way out of the cab before Draco stopped you.

"Y/N where are you going?"

You turned back around and looked at Draco. "I'm leaving so you guys can have your space together." You gave him a smile and looked over to Astoria.

"Thank you Y/N" Astoria said smiling at you.

You nodded your head and turned back around walking out of the cab. You weaved your head in and out of cabs to find an empty one but you failed. You were about to give up when someone called your name.

"Y/N, you can sit with us." You knew that voice as well, Hermione Granger

A small smile played on your face and you lifted your head up. You gave her a small wave and walked towards her. She gave you a hug and motioned her hand to the cab with two other boys in it. Harry and Ron.

"Hey Y/N how are you" asked Ron.

"I'm doing very well how are you guys"

They all said they were doing well. Hermione sat next to Ron and you sat next to Harry.

You knew the golden trio since last year. As a Gryffindor it was easy to make friends but no one wanted to be yours because of Draco. That was until you met Hermione. She befriended you and introduced you to her friends Ron and Harry. You appreciated her for that and now the four of you guys were close. You reckon not as close as you and Draco were but still close.

You glanced over to the window and noticed Ron was passed out against it. You gave a slight chuckle and Harry brought you out of your thoughts.

"So Y/N, you never sit with us so why is it you sit with us today?"

You looked back at him and sighed "Draco and Astoria are dating so I left them so they could be alone"

"Oh" said Harry

Silence filled the cab until Hermione broke it.

"Hey! It's our 5th year at Hogwarts how exciting is that?" You and Harry looked at each other and then back to Hermione. The three of you bursted into laughter.

You, Hermione, and Harry chatted for the remainder of the train ride until it came to a stop. Waking Ron up the four of you made your way to the horseless carriages. Ron, Hermione, and Harry got in and you were about to join them when someone called your name.

"Y/N" Draco waved you over and you were about to make your way to him when Astoria poked her head out from behind him.

Stopping in your tracks you gave him a smile and mouthed 'have fun' and waved at him. You turned back towards the golden trios carriage and got in. You looked over to where Draco was and it didn't seem like he cared to much considering him and Astoria were laughing away. You felt a piece of you heart break off. Seeing your best friend so much happier with someone else even if it is their girlfriend breaks your heart. You tried shaking the feeling away but it still stayed no matter how hard you tried. You were snapped out of it when Harry pretend to shove you out of the carriage.

"HARRY!" You screamed and the three of them began laughing.

"Yeah very funny assholes" you said to them.

You shook your head and made your way into the school. You walked with your friends to the Gryffindor common rooms. You bunked with Hermione so you too said goodbye to Harry and Ron and made your ways to your room. When you reached your dorm there was a note attached to the door.

Dear Y/N,
Meet me in my dorm please we need to talk

Hermione looked at you confused and you rolled your eyes.

"It's just Draco, he wants to talk" you said.

You said goodbye to Hermione and left towards the Slytherin dorms. It was always so cold down in the dungeons compared to the Gryffindors commons. You whispered the password, far to easy and predictable. The door opened and you walked in. As you walked towards Draco's room a bunch of other Slytherins gave you nasty looks. You ignored them and found yourself standing at Draco's door. You opened it and saw Astoria in the room with Draco.

"Oh....if I need to come back at another time I will" you said

Draco looked at you more confused than ever "no Y/N you don't, Astoria could you please give me and Y/N sometime to talk?"

Astoria smiled at Draco "of course love" and she gave him a kiss and got up from his bed.

As she was walking towards the door she gave you the death glare and walked past you. You rolled your eyes and walked in shutting the door behind you. Draco laid down on the bed and opened his arms up for you to join him. You gave a slight chuckle and walked over to his bed. Laying down on Draco's bed you put your head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"Y/N what's wrong"

You looked up at Draco, "what are you talking about"

"Y/N dont play dumb. Why are you being so distant with me, did I do something? Did Astoria do something because I'll break up with her if you need me to"

You looked away from Draco and nuzzled your head back onto Draco's chest. You missed this feeling.

"It's not that it's just.....you have a girlfriend now who doesn't like me and I'm trying to give you guys your space"

Draco moved his cold hand up your back and played with your hair. He didn't say anything.

"How long have you guys been together?" You asked Draco.

Draco sighed "four months"

You could feel a hint of pain stab you in your heart. Four months. Four months he kept this from you.

"Wow" was all you managed to say.

"I'm sorry Y/N" Draco said

You shook your head and got up from Draco's chest. You couldn't do this right now. Someone who you thought you were close to was keeping things from you, what else was he hiding. You stood up from the bed and made your way to the door before turning back around and saying one last thing.

"Draco I love you, but I need to know where I stand in your life. You can't keep hiding things from me. I'm not going to go though this again with you. Because if so then I'll choose to leave"

You left the room not giving Draco the last word. You needed to clear your head. You decided to go to the astronomy tower. You stayed at the astronomy tower until you began to get tired, eventually you made your way back to your dorm where Hermione was already passed out. Before you knew it you fell on top of your bed and crashed as well.
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