The Pack Girl's Retribution

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Much had changed since the night of the Mating Moon.

Vanquish was right.

They weren’t the same men before the Moon, nor were they the same ones now as they had been that night.

It brought out their aggression, their primal need to mate and breed.

But on days like this where they’d worked at the Border much of the night and came in as the sun was cresting the horizon. Piling into their beds exhausted, then filtering into mine to hold me as the nightmares came, were my favorite.

“I want to make love to you.” Vanquish sat up.

I gave him a look and saw the question on his face. He’s not commanding he’s asking.

“I’d like that.”

“Me too?” Racer asked from behind me.

I gave him a soft smile over my shoulder.

He buried his nose further in my straight blonde hair. Taking in my scent.

“Ohh, guess I’m breakfast man then.” Hunter grumbled. Bummed he’d hesitated.

“Later, Hunter.” I gave him a promising look. Catching his hand and letting it slip from my grip as he rose to go in search of something to eat.

Vanquish began pressing light kisses to my ankle. Sliding to his knees to caress a palm up my calf, moving just ahead of his warm mouth which left tingling sensations along my thighs and up over my curved him to my side.

I rolled fully toward him and shoved his shoulders. Pushing him onto his back. Caressing along the smooth planes of his chest and washboard abdomen.

Behind me, Racer was moving my long hair over one shoulder to rain passionate kisses and nibbling on my shoulder and the lower curve of my neck. His hands slipping around the front of me to cup my breasts. Molding their way in his hands as he pushed his rising hardness against my other hip.

Vanquish’s palms shifted to my shoulders. Caressing over my slim arms and reaching up to cup on of my cheeks. He tipped his head toward his lap. Inviting me to mount him.

Nodding I lifted a leg and climbed astride his hips. Sliding along his length and letting my arousal mount.

Racer followed me. His knees outside Vanquish’s as he continued his ministrations behind me. Whispering along the back of my neck. As he began lightly thrusting against my buttocks.

Vanquish caught my hips and began to encourage faster movements.

My lower lips naturally opened for him, sliding his hard cock along my softness and making me wet for him. I moaned slightly in pleasure and felt both men jerk at the sound.

I lifted my hips and as Vanquish’s staff naturally straightened from my weight lifting, I positioned myself atop him and lowered onto him.

He moaned in pleasure. His chest and arms flexing as he reached to scoop my hips more firmly. Jerking them forward in his need. Forcing me to move faster on him. His buttocks flexed, lifting me in rhythm.

“Vanna Rae...” Racer said raggedly.

He needs inside me too.

Vanquish exchanged a look with me. I still wasn’t used to Racer entering me from behind but as long as I focused on Vanquish it alleviated much of the pain. And times when I could relax it began to feel pleasurable.

Especially when I can feel them both. Know they’re consuming me from the inside.

“Come here.” Vanquish opened his arms and I leaned forward to flatten against his chest.”

Racer positioned behind me with Vanquish still deeply embedded in my core.

“Breathe.” Vanquish whispered into the hair at my temple.

I did. Blowing a long gust of air.

Racer entered me. Not forcefully but not slowly either.

I gasped and Vanquish’s arms tightened around me. Keeping me to his chest.

“Relax, remember? Let it build.”

I eased my breathing. Forcing my panicked heart’s racing to slow.

Racer began stroking from within the back of me. Moving inside my ass and loosening the muscles.

Vanquish stroked my hair. His warm arms tight around my shoulder until my body adjusted. Offering me comfort and reassuring me that it would feel nice when I calmed.

It did. As my body adjusted the intensity began to wash over me in waves.

“Yes.” Racer moaned. Beginning to move faster, harder. “You’re so tight, Vanna Rae.”

“I need you.” Vanquish said.

Making me lift my head to look at him. “You’re inside me.”

“I don’t mean just that...All of you.”

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