The Pack Girl's Retribution

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Complex Creatures

I crooked a finger at him. Inviting him to come at me. It was fun flirting with fire. And Vanquish is definitely that.

He stalked to the bank of the water and leaned over it to catch my shoulders.

As he did I looked from Racer to Hunter.

“Pull him in.” It was all I had to say.

They each caught one of his forearms as he made contact with me and yanked hard.

He’d been prepared to haul one small woman out. Not fight two grown males trying to pull him in.

“Dammit, Vanna Rae!” He shouted as they dunked him, fully dressed before they danced away in the water. Unwilling to take him on one-on-one.

But I reached over and caressed his face. “You look good soaking wet, Van.”

And he definitely does. It’s no lie.

With his black hair slicked back and vivid green eyes keen on me with dark sooty lashes framing them. And his white tunic soaked flush against the flat planes of his chest and over the ridged edges of his biceps and abdomen, he looked good enough to eat.

I reached beneath the water and scooped the weight in his breeches. Feeling it immediately harden in my hand.

His eyes went hooded and he growled in his throat. Catching my waist and dragging me closer to drop his mouth over mine.

The kiss was scalding hot.

Like Van always is. Everything about the man was intense.

I liked that Hunter was all tenderness and play. And that Racer was fast, virile and somewhat predictable. I always knew what to expect from him but he was willing to challenge either of his brothers at the most surprising moments, in my defense.

He’s surprisingly protective.

Each had their merits and their skills.

The former alpha, Edrick had been right to nickname them each what he had. They were apt descriptions.

Soon Hunter was tugging on me to break the kiss and Racer pulled Van loose.

“Come on. Let’s go find something for lunch.” Hunter remarked. Giving me a long look from head to toe that reminded me I hadn’t yet made good on my promise to him this morning.

We soon found a falcon that Hunter was able to accurately pelt in the head with a rock. Disorienting it enough Racer could defend and sink teeth into its neck.

Vanquish was close on his heels and as I slid to hold it by the shoulders to cease its desperate flailing, Van slit its throat.

The blood spurted and a few drops hit me in the face.

“Shit! Sorry Vanna Rae.” Vanquish muttered. Quickly using his shirt to wipe my face.

But I barely felt it. My mind was elsewhere.

The spurting blood has sent me careening to another place and time.

There was a small boy, giving me a pleading look. And I knew I loved him.

His name was Tommy and he was my little brother. My eyes scanned around looking for little Alex. Finding my smaller little brother cowering in the corner.

“Understand me, Alpha Princess?” A man I didn’t know was rasping the words. I looked at him and knew I both hated and feared him.

He was the alpha of the NightHunters. The pack that was now preying on mine.

“Leave us alone.” I strained against the two males holding me on my knees on the floor.

“Nay.” The scarred NightHunters’ alpha shook his head slowly. “Your pack is one of the few which withstood the Pack Plague, understand it will be mine. But you consenting to be my mate under the next Mating Moon will unite the packs with less bloodshed.

“My father-” I started, knowing that my father would’ve never stood for being threatened or anyone demanding I submit to him.

“Need I remind you, Princess, your father is dead in the corner.” He pointed a short blood dagger clutched in his fist. “As is your mother. And your brothers will soon be joining them.”

“Is that what you think? I’ll surrender the pack for my brothers?” But I swallowed hard. Knowing that I would.

He laughed coldly. “You think I’d let any young males live to challenge me later? Unlikely.” He clucked his tongue at the man holding Tommy and he drug the knife over Tommy’s throat. Instantly sending a spurt of blood slashing over my face and pouring down Tommy’s neck. But it wasn’t a fast death.

Tommy clutched at his neck. Gazing at me helplessly as though hoping I could save him. Gargling as he choked on his own blood.

“No! Nooooo!” I shrieked. Fighting the men restraining me.

“She’s a strong ’un.” One of the men remarked to his Alpha.

“Good. Then she may survive me bedding her.” He said darkly. Eying me from head to foot.

“I’ll die first!” I shrieked in hate as they jerked Alex from the corner.

“Stop! Stop!” I wailed. But they slit little Alex’s throat a mere foot in front of me. I watched the light die from his eyes as he thudded to the floor gurgling next to his brother who’s fingers now twitched with the last vestiges of life leaving his body.

I remembered playing with them both in sunlight in the woods next to the stream. Tossing rocks with them and hiding behind trees as we played hide and seek. They were so much younger than me that I had loved them nearly as if they were my own. I had spoiled them more than mom and dad.

“They’re only babies!” I burned with hatred as I looked up at the NightHunters’ alpha. His face badly scarred from where a wolf had clawed him years ago. Sending three white slashes down his cheek that had gone so deeply that the skin still left bulging knobs along the scars where loose skin had died in small tumors along one side of his face.

Horribly disfiguring him. But that wasn’t why I wouldn’t have him.

I wouldn’t sacrifice my pack.

Or my honor. I’d do as dad always told me. Pack safety first. And obeying the NightHunters or dying was not safety.

Dad would’ve rather they died.

So I yanked from the men holding me. Dropping straight down to the floor in a move they didn’t expect. Letting the blood from my brothers make me too slick to hold onto as I crawled through it and crawled past my mother and father, dead in the corner to the door.

I yanked it open and yelled to my pack. “Run! Run and scatter!”

Then the two men caught my ankles and yanked me backward but I held onto the handle of the door and managed to kick one in the face.

The alpha lunged for me but my soaked dress sifted through his fingers.

Too wet for him to grip. And I was out the door at a dead run.

Running hard.

But in too much of a state of shock to turn into a wolf. I fled as I was.

A terrified she-wolf on the run.

Escaping the NightHunters raiding pack.

And as I turned wide eyes up to Vanquish he met my look. “What?”

“I remember…” I breathed. “All of it.”

“What’s wrong Vanna Rae?” Racer didn’t like the wounded look on my face.

“We going hunting?” Hunter aptly asked. Seeing the pain and rage on my face.

“Yes.” I looked at him levelly. “We are.”

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