The Pack Girl's Retribution

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I was still agitated from my visions down at the creek. It felt like I could still feel the stickiness of the blood in my hair. Darkening my blonde hair to deep ruby. And feel the wet heat of it along my arms.

Blood of my little brothers. And I could see the scarred alpha’s triumphant look as he stared at me.

So sure he was victorious already.

But I’d ran. I’d gotten away. And for the first time I truly wanted to know what I’d begun to suspect.

We walked into our two level hut. Them stomping off their boots and me shaking water out of my skirts before crossing it.

I took one step and rounded on the three of them. “Which of you was it?”

They all three froze and blinked at me in confusion.

“Which, what?” Vanquish asked.

“Who drove me here, when I was running through the Warwood. Who chased me toward Jaecar?”

They all looked at each other then to me.

“We all did.” Hunter said. “I was the first one to come across you and tried to talk to you but you were nearly hysterical. You took off running so Racer ran you down.” He tossed his hand toward Racer.

“Then we realized we could drive you here.” Vanquish added. “So we each flanked you and kept you on the right path.”

“But it was you that told Jaecar to let me in?” I asked him.

“We were covered in mud and grass stains from being out hunting the NightHunters Pack infringing on our territory. We knew we looked rough. Jaecar was just dressed as a Border Guard.”

“A bit less terrifying then us.” Racer said.

“I heard Draven saying that if I didn’t socialize I wouldn’t make it in the pack.” I said carefully.

Was he talking to them.

“He said that to me.” Vanquish admitted.

“So we made sure you came out.” Hunter said. “So you wouldn’t be put down.”

“So it was always you three?”

From the day I’d arrived in Asara Territory they were the ones taking care of me. Bringing me clothes, food and making sure I was properly ‘socialized’.

That’s why they always forced me to come out.

I cut up left over boar and pulled some of the dried strips off a bit of wire strung in the corner and set up some wood plates on the wood table in the corner. I was moving around cutting off bits of the boar when Hunter caught my arm.

Leaning close to me, he whispered. “Remember your promise to me this morning.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” I assured him.

Knowing he tended to get aggressive if he wasn’t sated by the end of the day.

Especially if he’s left out.

I’d given him my word so he expected me to keep it. I understood that. “Come. Let’s eat.”

“You’re the only thing I’m hungry for.”

I smiled slightly and caressed his cheek. Seeing the uncharacteristic intensity on the usually playful wolf’s face.

True to what he’d said, Hunter hardly ate a thing.

“I’m heading down to the creek to get water.” I turned and said over my shoulder.

“Do you want us to go with you?” They all stood in unison.

“Hunter, can you help me?”

The other two deflated somewhat.

Vanquish going back to stoking the fire in the large fireplace and Racer hanging the boar skin over the wire in the corner next tot he strips of meat, to make a nice hide rug for this Winter.

Hunter caught the door and stuck his head back in. I knew he was smirking at the other two before heading out.

Letting them know exactly what he intended for me down at the creek.

Which is fine. It was already where I’d decided to let him have me.

We were nearly to the water. Each of us carrying a bucket, when he could take it no more. He dropped his bucket and rounded on me. Pushing me against a tree. His smooth lips slamming against mine and taking my mouth.

He growled into my throat as he flattened his body to mine. He caught my wrists and slid them up the tree to hold above my head. He was already thrusting against my hip in his need. He moved both of my wrists into one of his large hands and swept his palm down my dress to reach my skirt. Slowly fisting it as he worked it up my leg. Tilting enough he could watch the progress to see my shapely calf and thigh revealed.

“I want to take you right here, Vanna.”

I leaned forward so I was near his lips again. “Then do it.”

He growled and released my wrists to toss up my skirt and catch my ass. Hoisting me up against the tree.

I hooked my legs low on his hips so he could unlace his breeches.

Once he was free, he quickly stuffed his swollen cock inside me. Watching as I tossed my head back and moaned as he suddenly filled me.

My own weight brought me down on him to the hilt. Embedding him fully into my core.

“God, you feel good.” He caught under my knees. And wildly took me. Thrusting hard and pressing my back against the tree as he pounded into me. Grunting fiercely. His head dropped to watch my breasts bouncing beneath my gown. The shadowed cleavage moving with every thrust into me.

“I should’ve ripped your dress open.” He snarled.

“Then everyone could’ve seen what’s yours.” Just then my legs tightened around him rhythmically as I came on him. Stroking his cock to meet his thrusts as I moaned. And I felt the agitation I’d been suffering since the creek this morning wash away as I climaxed around him. My inner walls sucking his length. Drawing him in. I clawed from his shoulders down over his chest.

It made him grunt and grow fiercer. Pulsing in and out. In and out.

“You’re mine, Vanna Rae. Mine and my brothers. To take and protect and possess.” He tossed his head back. And pushed as deep into me as he could get. “And this is ours.”

He was so immersed into me but it seemed as though he thought it was never enough. I felt the hot, wet, moistness that told me he’d filled me.

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