The Pack Girl's Retribution

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The Needs of My Mates

Though the intimacy came easily to us wolves and we felt the need to mate often, I knew their protectiveness and possessiveness was unique toward me.

I’d seen them defend me on numerous occasions. Like with Cindy and Aloira.

Or when Fury, a large ugly male had drawn too close.

But I wanted more. I wanted what was missing.

I knew my mates cared for me. But still there was the fact that they’d chosen me for their mate without ever speaking to me. Took me when I was terrified.

Rather than trying to woo me. And resentment still lingered in me for what they’d done. A tiny yearning for vengeance that I, a she-wolf, might never get on the powerful males.

It’s the way of our kind for males to take the females as they wish. To claim them, mark them.

They don’t have to talk to us.

But I’d have wanted them to. And they failed me in that.

I don’t know why that mattered to me. But it does.

I’d hoped for more from the man I thought would be my mate. I hadn’t expected three aggressive males to pin me down in my hut and take my body every which way to Sunday.

But they had and it’s done. I reminded myself. Pushing away such thoughts to focus on the more pressing issues.

“Are you ready to go back?” Hunter slid me down the tree and helped me adjust my skirt before offering me his hand.

“No. I’d like to enjoy the quiet a moment.” I said. “You go ahead.”

“As you wish, Vanna Rae.” He bobbed his head at me as though I were some form, of royalty before he headed up the trail back toward the hut. The bucket of water I’d come down to collect in tow.

His footsteps faded in the distance. The sound dimming as the thick trunks of the trees surrounding me formed a sort of sound barrier. Concealing the sounds of the soft sloshing of the creek which crept through the forest and under the weak rope bridge.

I wanted a bit of time to think. I slid down the tree to sit and watch the flickers of moonlight dancing over the creek. I rolled my shoulders against the bark of the tree trunk behind me and settled into the pile of leaves. Stretching out my legs. Glancing up I saw the glint of silver stars touching the velvet night sky in-between the dense leaves of the tree canopy above me.

I thought of them. My males.

Vanquish, Hunter and Racer.

I could recognize the things they’d done for me.

The Hayden brothers were indeed amazing, strong, compassionate men. They drove me here, ensured I had the things I needed to survive and made sure that I was socialized enough Draven wouldn’t put me down.

They’d made sure I had food and clothes. They did everything they could to take care of me. Even though I’d not known it and not once thanked them.

So why did I somehow still feel hollow? Like no matter how close they were, they were never close enough to touch my mind or heart.

I’m numb. I could acknowledge.

I immediately saw the flash of me elbow deep in the blood of my family. My brothers blood saturating my hair and running down my face while men’s legs milled around me, waiting for me to consent to be the alpha’s mate.

To turn over our pack to him. I saw flashes of the bodies of my family and was instantly sickened. My eyes fell to my hands working the skirts in my lap.

“So,” The rumbling voice emerged from behind the tree right next to me as someone crouched to my level just behind my shoulder. “Care to tell me what it was you saw?”

“I knew you’d come.” I sighed.

“Why’s that?” Vanquish eased from behind the tree to sit next to me. His back against the trunk as well and his shoulders brushing mine.

“Because you’re never one to leave well enough alone.”

“Do you wish I did?”

No. Sometimes telling him my inner thoughts is my only outlet.

Hunter and Racer are too playful to really care what goes on in my mind. As long as I am there to touch them and laugh with them, it doesn’t dawn on them to ask.

But Vanquish was a very different animal.

“No.” I admitted.


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