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Christian Paul, the sexiest, eligible multi-billionaire bachelor finds it difficult to find a woman who can satisfy his urge for sex. Not until he met Mercy Williams his fated mate, but what will happen when he finds out the only woman who completes him has only but a few days to live?

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Christian Paul, the sexiest, eligible multi-billionaire bachelor finds it difficult to find a woman who can satisfy his urge for sex. Not until he met Mercy Williams. This can’t be one sided right? So he thought.

Waking up in the morning is so absurd, I mean going through the everyday routine before getting ready for work hmm what the heck! Huh? Chris drew a deep breath before stepping into the elevator. “Work on Mondays is always a prick in the ass. After this shit am going to find me a sexy babe to pass this wreck with, but before that! Work first. He said that with a smile”,

It was so fucking hard for Chris to stay focus at work, not after what happened with Stacey last night, he almost felt like the event was a narrow escape for him after meeting with her! ” After three fucking rounds , this woman can’t still make me cum, if not that she almost past out we would have still be on bed by now, maybe counting on round six And listening to the little cries she makes while mourning my name”. The last words came in with a smirk on his face.

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