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Mr. Paul! Mr. Paul!! It took Sarah his secretary 15 minutes to bring him back to reality. Mr. Paul your meeting with the board starts in the next 1 minute she said with a nod before leaving his office. F*ck! Chris said with his hands on his face,” I think I’m going crazy. I’ve got my mind on sex ever since I got here.” He closed his eyes while taking a deep breath, making sure his sanity is in check, flexing his hand to show his gold Rolex wrist watch 30 seconds left. He stood up from his seat while his hands work on his tux, he took his glasses and went straight to the board meeting. If not that it was him who is going through this massacre, he would have punch the living punk out of his fantasy. The meeting was a 100 – 100 messed up deal, “F*ck! That woman who can’t even get me close to cum, f*ck my dick for only making the bitches reach orgasm.” He was still on the line of cursing when he heard the buzz on his phone, going through his phone, he saw a message from his friend Michael , ‘,Sup dude, up for tonight?’ Before he could reply, he got another ‘Got two sexy ladies for you to take home tonight.’ He couldn’t help but to smirk on the last sentence he saw.

Chris thought about going home, maybe to take a shower at least but a flash of what happened last night came rushing through his mind, "I wouldn't risk that again, a motel would do." He said to himself. So he made a stop at the Mendez Hotel, which is only but a few blocks away from the club. He got himself the best suite and went for the shower, after a while of dressing up he smile at his reflection before heading to the club.

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