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Getting there he glanced around the club to get a glimpse of his friend but found himself staring at this beautiful lady who is just sitting there looking like she's in a fairy-fucking-tale, so he thought. He saw Michael waving at him to come over, he walked straight to the VIP slate his eyes ran through the body of the girls sitting next to him, it’s as if his scanning every inch of their body as he took his seat, he raised his hands to signal the bartender to him, he looked at her with a grin on his face as she walked sexily to his table. His eyes so dark like a wolf in the night hunting for a prey. “What’s your take for tonight sir?” She said. Get me a glass of whiskey on a rock and a bottle for the ladies. Anything else? She asked with a flirting smile, he grinned but before he could say a word bitch no.1 moved closer to him, pulling his face to hers and kissed him where he liked to be kissed, it’s like sending a message to the bartender that he’s taken. Chris puts his hand on her head, taking her hair in his grip and pulled hard “What the fuck! Is that? Only I call the shots here. So don’t you ever pull that fucking stunt you just did, get that?” Chris stood up wanted to take his leave but Michael got to him first, sup man, wait you can’t leave, I mean you just got here and these bitches, come on man, he pleaded. “Am sorry dude, my dick isn’t going to work for those bitches right here“. “But about the drinks, you know I got nothing on me right now”. Before he could finish his statement Chris pulled out his card from his wallet and said “Knock yourself out bro, but don’t forget to bring that back”. But you Michael said “Are you going back to the hotel?” Yea but I’m not going home alone. Just before the bartender arrived with their drinks, Chris took his glass of whiskey and headed for the bar stand. He took his seat and his eyes locked onto Mercy. “She doesn’t look like a club girl he said”. He couldn’t stop himself from looking so he decided to let his eyes get its satisfaction, it felt like he has never seen any woman so beautiful as she is, his hands were twitching just of the thoughts of touching her beautiful face, looking down his eyes fell on her neck, it was so gracious he felt his lips making patterns he never knew it would, he couldn’t take it any more when his eyes ran down to her breast. His eyes are glowing now, “Oh God!! If only she could just come to me he said”. With a heavy shake, he shook his head harder trying to get himself out of his own war zone. Oh for freaking sake, Chris ha! Your praying now, when did I start believing in something that doesn’t exist? He took another glass of his drink but this time forcing it down his throat. “Now I know for sure that am really losing it” before he could make do with his statement, there she was standing close to him. “Hey handsome need a hand with that? Pointing at the glass in his hand”. Trying to form the right words before he could speak but was caught up with his thoughts “Oh my, is it really you ‘God’ or it’s just a coincident”. Um hello! Are you ok? Mercy asked. “Yea I um, am fine and um about that drink, only if you’re the one pouring it “Chris said with a wink.

They talked and drank like old friends doing "THE REUNION" later it became tense when Mercy took the first step by asking him for a dance, it's just like everything works under her spell its strange how the atmosphere and the music felt like it's the right thing to do at the moment, making it difficult to escape. "Come on Chris I thought you're the one who calls the shots, right now your slow bro." Still fighting with himself about what's going on, Mercy took him by the hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

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