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This could be a dream


She took his hand and placed them on her waist while her arms wrapped round his neck. Chris drew a deep breath letting his thoughts go for a break, pulled her closely to him making her feel the body heat that flow between them, it felt like it’s just the two of them in the room. Oh! Fuck me he put his lips on hers kissing her softly giving her the time in the world to resist but damn she wants more, so he puts his hands on her grabbing her like it’s his last, kissing her so deeply while his fingers stroke down her back, he could almost bet he heard her said something so he broke the kiss given them time to catch their breath, but then this woman is driving me crazy, she took a step close to him again, her lips leaving a trail on his neck, whispering things she knows would put him on the edge “how about we go to your room and lets play a little game” she said. Chris grab her by the hand and headed for his car, getting to the hotel all they could feel was their lips on each other. They got into his hotel room, all he wanted was to fill her now, but couldn’t tell why his body is holding back, Mercy walked sexily to him while her hands was working on her dress, she did a slow dance acting like a stripper trying to get her customer’s attention, Chris eyes were so dark, she could feel he wants her so bad, so she decided to taunt him a little more, with a whisper she said “want to see me play with myself?” Fuck Yea Chris said, he could feel his cock begging for freedom beneath his jeans but he wanted her to do the honors so he lay down on the bed wanting to watch her, but before he could, she came close to him pulling him to her, making him sit on a chair and she said “I want to taste you in my mouth, I want to feel you inside of me, but then I also want to teach you how to be good. You see, you’ve been a very bad boy and I want to see to that”. She stood in front of him and went down on her knees, she wanted to see all of him, so she gave his cock the freedom it longed for. Chris felt she was taken longer than she would so he wanted to fasten the moment but then Mercy wanted to taunt him more, before Chris could make a move he was caught up by his own words. “Aah shit!” her lips nuzzling his balls, then her tongue stroking them. When she took one gently into her mouth, he couldn’t stop the grunt of pleasure as she swirled her tongue around his flesh. He waited for her to take his cock in her mouth, already half way anticipated.

But she wanted to drive him up to the edge, “After all it’s a game right?” She thought. He felt her hair brushing his inner thighs as she worked her tongue on his balls while her hands stroked and toyed with him, she thought she was taunting him but he knew that it was a double-edged sword. The longer she dragged out the foreplay, the more she’d suffer herself. He almost laughed when he heard her breathing changed as she worked her way down his balls licking and teasing him.

Then she took him in her mouth and he forgot he got hands. He couldn’t take much, and she seemed to sense that. But she insisted to work on his balls and damn, she took her time with it. Chris was so happy to take his turn. Not until she got nasty. She worked him up to a fine head of steam and he knew he was getting ready to explode. But he wanted to be inside of her when it happened. “Honey I’m going to_”, she squeezed him deftly and a low moan cut off his words. “Fuck.” She replaced her hand with mouth on his scrotum, not rubbing so much as gauging how close she knew he was. She could have just asked him. He was so damn close, explosion was imminent.

His hips started to thrust, he tried to hold back, wanting to be inside her but it was too_ her hands clamped him like a vise just below the head of his cock. She held him like that, calmly and firmly, until the surging tide inside him exploded. “Aah Fuck,” he cried out in shocked release. “Fuck” he said wondering what has just happened to him, “He doesn’t need to get into her glorious body to get the satisfaction he needs, well for the now though,” he said. For the moment Chris thought that maybe this could be a dream, “Maybe I could just open my eyes and find myself on the couch, because I had so much to drink,” Chris was woken from his thoughts when he felt her lips on his, “Oh Fuck ME! It wasn’t a dream, this woman actually_” his words were cut off once again by her kisses but this time so deeply he could feel himself getting aroused again. But this time he decided to be in charge, he stood up from where he was seated. Then he snugged her body up tight to his and she felt his erection, gloriously heavy against her belly. Oh, how she wanted this.

Bending, he lifted her into his arms. She felt the warm roughness of hairy chest against her sides as he carried her to the bed and laid her gently down. She heard the telltale of a rip of condom package, and in a moment he joined her in the bed. She felt so wonderfully free with this stranger. She could be and do anything, for this one crazy night she thought. His lips cruised over her lips, cheekbones, her nose, chin and throat, learning her face by touch as a blind man would. Oh, those lips were warm and firm, from her throat he trailed a lazy wet path to her breast, tasting and sampling his way to her tight throbbing nipples. When he sucked one into his mouth, she cried out, arching up off the bed at the amazing sensations spiraling through her body. She waited now for him to plunge into her, and she moved quivered in the anticipation of his hard thrust, and instead she felt the wet assault of his tongue on her clits. She cried out, her body bucking helplessly. It was too much she couldn’t take it. “No, wait...” But it was already too late. He sucked on her clits till she flew apart into a thousand glittering places.

She was still floating dreamily when she felt the welcome hardness at the entrance to her body. It seemed to her he hesitated when he did, it’s like waiting for an invitation. “Yes, baby Yes,” when he got in they both let out the moan “Oh God,” she cried when he took up the pace. “Fuck!” He felt he couldn’t last longer, this haven’t happened to me before he said, he went faster, harder and going deeper than ever before. She clawed at his shoulders, fingers sliding against his sweat-slick flesh, gasping at the overwhelming heat pounding through her, she arched up receiving him even as he thrust down into her, again and again as they pushed each other to ecstasy. He held her in his arms, her cheek resting on his chest. For a moment he held her, feeling how her breath rises and fall till she slept off. Kissing her on the forehead he whispered words that only something more powerful could comprehend before he joined her.

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