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'A Fling'

Chris woke slowly reaching for the clock at the bed side table, when he perceived the sweet smell coming from his kitchen, he picked up his glasses and went toward the kitchen, when he saw Mercy cooking sexily with his shirt on. “Hmm he said something smells nice, what are you cooking?” Beacons and scrambled eggs she said. He sat down on the stool, and they both had there breakfast, he took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. Mercy gulped when she saw him naked. “Damn! He’s so beautiful, masculine with his broad shoulders and his cock! Oh my,” she felt four drops of white petals drift onto her panties feeling so horny, she wished he would take her just like he did last night. He came close to her and planted a kiss on her forehead, undressing her, he unbuttoned down his shirt on her whispering crazy words to her hears, he touched her then. Just a finger tracing the elastic waistband. A little whimper caught in her throat. She was so hot, she was surprised her panties didn’t combusts. He put a hand behind her knee and lifted, raising her foot. He pulled the panties over her legs. He left wet kisses trailing up to her breast intentionally taunting and playing with her. Mercy knew she was in trouble when she saw the smirk on his face, wanting to stop him from going any further but it was already too late. He kissed her on her navel, making her trembled to his kisses, she tried holding back her moan but was shocked when she felt him kissing her thighs “Baby plea_” he slide a finger into her pussy “uh huh…” she couldn’t fight it anymore it was too much to take in, he increased the tempo as he slide two, three fingers, she was shaking, her legs couldn’t hold up anymore. The pleasure was too much, “Holy shit...” She was so damn close_ He noticed and then he pulled out his fingers leaving her in space. Mercy was frustrated she couldn’t but scream “Fuck You Chris!” She tried calling herself back but couldn’t get to calm herself down so she decided to soak herself in the waters. After 15minutes she came out dressed up ready to leave. They both got into the car, the drive too her place was as quite as a graveyard, he dropped her off with a light kiss he kissed her on lips leaving her in her thoughts, Mercy watched him as he drove off before getting into her apartment.
Mercy was welcomed by her friend Bella. She gave her an evil look, staring at her like she’s waiting to be filled with all the details that is left. Mercy knew that with that look on her friends face, it was hopeless to try and hold out anything. Well, she prompted, her eyes trained on Mercy like a twin scalpels ready to slice up any excuses or hedging.

Mercy made herself a cup of coffee and headed towards Bella who was already seated on the couch waiting. “So, how did it go?” She asked “ha…” Mercy said “It was the best night I ever had Bella, I mean the vibes, kisses oh my and the sex!?! It was extraordinary.” Bella sat down watching her friend as she dreamily speaks of her perfect night with her lover. “Awn! That’s amazing, but you know it’s not going to last right?” Bella gasps as she was the worry on her friends face “Oh my God Mercy, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for this guy, seriously!! Am I the only one who understand the word a ‘fling’ huh? You have to go Fall-In-Love? Argh Mercy.” She couldn’t help herself but to burst into tears “I’m sorry, I_ Um_ I couldn’t help it, he was_” she was caught up by Bella’s words before she could finish hers. “Since you couldn’t help it, did you tell him then?” Mercy took a deep breath, before answering her friends’ question, knowing where this would end up “Ah… No, I didn’t, I just wanted to live in the moments, like you told me too. I’m tired of locking myself in the dark Bella, I just wanted to feel loved once again be I_” Bella pulled her into her arms as they both burst into tears. “Oh Honey! I know, believe me I do, but with this, someone can get hurt. And you don’t want that, do you?” Hearing her friends’ words she cried even more. Bella couldn’t say anything more, so she held her in her arms until she feels better.


“I think you should go to him, I mean look at the way he’s staring at you girl! He couldn’t even take his eyes off you.” Mercy turned to see whom her friend was referring to when her eyes locked with his. She couldn’t tell but the way their eyes connected, she can’t explain the force telling and pushing her to go to him. “So are you going to say hi or just sit down and stare?” But she was so caught up with her thoughts, she didn’t even hear her friend speak. “Mercy! She called out to her, are you even listening?” “Huh” she answered. Bella sat down with her arms crossed, so? She asked. “Bella you know I can’t, not after what the doctor said_” that’s the main reason you have to go to him.

“For fucking sake am dying Bella! And I don’t want to waste it on some relationship and also getting my heart broken again.” Trying to hold back her tears from falling. Bella pulled her close patting her on her back, giving her the comfort she needs. “But still” she said “It doesn’t stop you from having fun Mercy, I know life is fucked up but I can’t let my BFF spend her remaining days of her life soaking and feeling already dead. “ Mercy knows her friend meant well, so she just sat down listening to every word she says. “Look babe, am not asking you to go date him or make a family out of him, all am asking is for you to loosing up a little and live every moment with great pleasure.” She emphasize on the word ‘pleasure.’ “Ewe, there is no way I’m having sex with a total stranger Bella.” Oh come on, tell me you don’t want that hot, sexy, stranger sitting over there.” She turned and get a glimpse of him. “Well, he’s not that bad, maybe I should go say hi?” “That’s what am talking about,” Bella said she stood up and headed towards the restroom, leaving her sitting all alone… So she also got up and went to meet with him. “Hey handsome need a hand with that”.

Chris got home feeling so tired, he picked up his phone and called his secretary, telling her he’s not going to make it to work. He went straight to the bathroom, had a shower, and went to bed, it wasn’t up to seconds when he heard the buzzer from the door, he stood up to go check who’s there, who could be at the door, “I’m not expecting anyone he thought,” maybe she came back, he fasten up his steps his mind run wild of the things he wants to do with her. Chris happy face turned into a sick one when he found his friend Michael standing by the door. “Sup dude, I didn’t see you leave the club last night, so I came to check up on you and also to give you this” Michael brought out his card, Come in he said.” Are you expecting anyone else aside from me?” Michael asked “um not really” he said,” O.K. so tell me who did you come home with last night?” Um none of your freaking business Chris said, well my night was horrible those girls last night, they got drunk on me, leaving me with a big mess. I had to get another shirt and also a cab for both of ‘em. Ha- ha- ha Chris laughed so hard that he almost choked.” I told you those girls wasn’t the real deal, well, mine was good I met someone_” he was cut up by his friend before he could finish his sentence, “You met someone as in, you- met-a – women- who- can-finally-get-your-shitted-self-down, or you met a bitch. Wait she isn’t a bitch right?” Lets’ just say I met a woman how about that,” O.K. so who is she?” She’s just someone I met at the club that’s all. Mm and I guess it’s’ just for the night Michael watched his friend as his face tightened to his question but didn’t push to ask why, he knows the look on his friends face and that’s not a ‘ONE TIME FUCK’ look, he wanted to say more but Chris beat him to it “not another word” he raised his hands showing a sign of surrender. But Chris knows his friend too well that it’s just for the now sooner or later he’s going to come up with this conversation again. They both sat on his sofa drink beer and watched the re-play game they both missed.

Mercy woke up feeling sore, she haven’t been herself lately she even took extra hours at work just to put herself back on track, as much as she love to work, the week haven’t been favorable to her. She tried getting herself out of bed “maybe a bath would help get her mind off HIM” so she thought. She stepped into a steaming shower and let hot water pummel her muscles, some of which ached from working so hard, as the water drips down to her breast she remembered as his tongue was sucking them giving her the pleasure she needs, she tried fighting off the memories that came rushing to her but was defeated by her thoughts and lost control of her body. Her hand finds its’ way in between her highs she remembered how his tongue left trails of wet kisses before getting to its destination, she couldn’t help but let out a moan. She shook her head so hard trying to get herself out of her own war. She turned the tap to cold and turned on her mp3 player and played the music she hates must ‘Rock n Roll’ “this would get me out of it she said” she felt her body truly awake and alert. Shivering, she grabbed her big white fluffy towel and wrapped herself in it. Then her head shot up, seeing her own out-of-focus reflection in the steamy mirror.” Is he thinking about me? Duh. Obviously he is, with sex like that no one could let go easily, except mine is way out of control” she said “Aaagh!” with a strangled cry, she waved her hand in the air “Get a hold on yourself Mercy!” she shouted at her reflection.


Chris drew a deep breath, all the time he spent with his friend he could not stop thinking about her, all he could see was her beautiful face and hearing her whispering sexy words in his ear, He didn’t know when he let out the word “Fuck” he was shock, he couldn’t lay a hold on how she affected him so much, his thought drift back to the night he had her in his bedroom, oh how those hands worked up his cock so well and how he was shock of his own release no woman has even got him close to ecstasy with their hand not even when his hitting hard inside of them “what are you Mercy?” He thought to himself. He was awoken from his thoughts when the phone on his pocket buzzed he looked at the screen and found that it was his father calling, the dreamily look on Chris face turned stone cold his eyes so dark he could feel the rage building in his body. He ran his hand through his hair while drawing a deep breath before taking the call what do you want, knowing that any time his dad called he never thought of him as his father, this man is the most dangerous man in the world and most feared but not for Chris. He couldn’t tamed himself he could feel himself getting angry all over again, “your sister, she ran off again so get out there and bring the little bitch back home” Chris clench his fit so hard that his knuckles turn white, if this man would be in his presence he would have punch the living hell out of him for calling his sister such name, but the thought of his sister being out, worried him the most. His little sister Rose is the only person he cared about in the world after his mothers’ death. Countless times he had tried to get her out of his dads’ layer but she kept on giving him the same old lines ‘Dad needs us, he needs me, and I can’t leave him now.’ With those words pondering in his mind, Chris could see the RED signs all around him. “What would have been the reason for her change now” he thought. He picked up his phone and dialed his sisters' number, it rang once… twice… and the third time yet no response. With a deep breath he whispered "where are you Rose?"

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