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Just a dream

Mercy found herself walking through an enchanting garden, the air, the scent coming from the beautiful flowers made her feel so good and relax, she took a deep breath taking in the amazing scent with her hands spread out wide surrendering herself too its will. She could be and do anything in this place so she decided to run letting the wind flow through her hair she felt so free but she stopped when she saw a black bird flying towards her.

“Wait! It’s that raven?”

Before she could figure out what was heading her way, she found herself getting a cold feet, she tried moving her legs but her strength failed her, again she tried moving this time placing her hands on her foot, she pulled hard wanting to break free but couldn’t. Mercy gasps when she found out that she was no longer in the garden but in a dark space, it was so dark she couldn’t see anything she tried concentrating on any sound she could possibly hear but nothing, it was as quiet as a graveyard. She was so scared her heart was beating so loud it echoed all around her. She started thinking about the unknown, thought of not knowing where she was and what could happen to her, made her tremble she held her face with both hands trying to stop herself from getting a panic attack.

“You’re Okay Mercy! You’re O_” she was caught up by a whooshing sound that sent a cold chill down her spine.

“He…..llo, is- is-somebody-there?” She started walking slowly towards the direction she heard the sound, focusing on her hearing she walked trying if she could hear another, but another level of fear gripped her when she saw something but couldn’t tell what it was. “OH GOD! Please let it be someone..” She muttered a silent prayer, with one step at a time she drew closer trying to put the blurring image together, her breath taking its’ stages as she breathes, she could fill her head spinning as she drew even more closer.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” she said as she stood still staring back at the eyes which is glowing red but couldn’t see its’ owner, she could feel the cold from her feet taken hold of her body wanting to scream but only to see the steams that comes out from her mouth, she could feel she was dying…

“MERCY! Wake up, wake up please MERCY!!!” It took Bella most everything to wake her up, she was so scared she haven’t seen her friend in such a state before.

“Am right here it’s OK, it’s OK it’s just a dream, go back to sleep.” She said while stroking her back. Bella wanted to ask her what the dream was all about but decided to wait. “She would tell me on her own terms” she said, Bella lay close to her stroking her hair while she watched her best friend fall back to sleep.Mercy couldn't get herself off the bed,trying reaching out to her phone, she called her office, letting them know she's sick and can't make it to work. She was still on the phone when Bella walked into the room with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Good morning her highness"

Mercy giggled "Morning to you princess" she said with a faint voice. she pushed herself up wanting to stand up but before she knew it she was on the floor. Mercy! Mercy she could hear her friend calling but the sound slowly fades away as she close eyes becoming unconscious.

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