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If she's lucky

Bella watched as the doctors attend to her friend before the blinds was closed, pacing back and forth she started to get worried “It’s not the time yet right? We still got few days, we_” before she could finish her statement, she was caught up by one of the doctors.

“Hello Miss umm...”

“Bella, you can call me Bella”

“Right Miss Bella, I’m DR. Steve. Am afraid to say your friends condition is unstable, her body isn’t responding to the treatments given to her. We would like to_”

“How much time do we have left?” she caught him up before he could finish.

“Two or three if she’s lucky, her organs are slowly failing her so I’ll advice she remains in the hospital for intensive care.”

The doctor notice that the woman he was talking to was no longer in a conscious state so he place his hands on her shoulder while calling her name, “Miss Bella! Miss Bella!!” When she looked up to meet his eyes, he could see the tears she was trying to stop from falling so he decided to leave her alone. Is as if he could read her mind, cause the moment he left her, she burst into tears, it was too much for her to take in the fear of not having her friend around her began to consume her, she could feel her legs shaking so she let herself fall to the ground all she could do was cry. Hours seems to have past when she stood by the door making sure she was ok before going in to see her friend, the last thing she wouldn’t want is for her friend to see her messed up. She opened the door surprised to see Mercy already up.

“Hello your highness” she said with a smile…

“Mm hi princess, ready to get me home?”

“Oh no you don’t! Dr. Steve said you need to stay here, and here you shall.” She winked.

“Dr. Steve huh!?!” Mercy emphasize on the name “I see you_” before she could finish Bella beat her to it “OH SHUT UP!!” waving her hands Mercy laughed so hard it felt like she was never sick. Bella felt a little bit relief to see her friend laughing so she decided to give in to it but was shock to hear what she said. “You said what now?”

“Please Bella, you know I don’t like the hospital more over staying here, I’ll die if I stay here.” Mercy made her puffy eyes “Pretty Please” blinking her eyes so to flash her long lashes, knowing that her friend won’t be able to resist her.

“Argh!! Ok! Ok! I don’t know why you always get me when doing that.”

“Ha! Yes! It works every time.” She said making a fist to show her victory.

Bella helped her got up and they both left the hospital. Getting to the house, all what Mercy could think about was ‘HIM’

“I want to see him again” she didn’t know when that slipped off…

“See who?” Bella asked

“Chris! I want to see Chris again Bella, I tried forgetting him but I can’t, I, I really need to.” She wanted her friend to understand her need, so she thought maybe pleading would help see through her. She took a deep breath while her eyes were close, before she could speak again but was surprised to see her friends’ hand stretched out to her with a phone with it.

“Here you go, call him” Bella said, she could do anything for her Mercy, and putting a smile on her face was the only thing she wants to do at this moment. Mercy took the phone from her but found herself getting nervous all over again.

“Do you think he will be happy to speak to me, I mean I don’t want it to look desperate”

Bella sat on the couch staring at the woman who was standing before her, “minutes ago you were ready to go crazy just to speak him and now! You’re freaking out?”

“I just um, maybe_”

“For God sake Mercy, just call him already!!”

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