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The Call

Chris sat in his office thinking about the call he just got from one of his men

“Why would his sister go to Cincinnati? Of all places.” Tapping his fingers on his desk trying to put the puzzles together, then something in his mind hit him “No, no, no! Why would she go there, not now! The time isn’t right!” He stood up thinking about what to do “Fuck!! Why would the two women I care about taunting me this way, first it’s his sister who is about to found out the secret he has kept away from her for so long, second is this woman he couldn’t wipe off her image from his head.” He let out a gasp of air and tried to calm himself, he picked up his phone and dialed Viktor’s’ number

“Hello Viktor"

“Hello old friend, to what do I own this surprise?"

“It’s time to repay your debt"
There was a little silence coming from both lines so Chris has to be the one to break it.

“My sister is in your layer, so see to it that she didn’t get to her destination.”
Viktor finally found his voice to speak but this time it wasn’t friendly.

“What the fuck did she come to do here in Cincinnati? I thought you got eyes on her, for fuck sake Chris this is not what we_” Before he could finish his sentence Chris beat him to it.

“Don’t you think I fucking know that? Just make sure she get the hell out of there before she could lay her hands on anything. You got that?”

“Yea got it, and uhm after this, we’re done yea?” Viktor hates being in debts, if not that his own crew tried to take him out and he had no choice to fight back, he wouldn’t have to put up to this cold MF right here.

“Yea we are, and Viktor!?!”


“Not a hand on her hair.” Chris hanged up before Viktor could even give him any response. He let out a sigh of relief, he knew Viktor was capable of anything so he has to go all out before the situation gets out of hand.
He laid back on his seat looking up to the ceiling, while he found himself lost in his thoughts...
Buzz... Buzz... Buzz… Chris was brought back to reality by the sound of his phone, with a sigh he picked it up but was frozen to hear the familiar voice coming from the other line. “It’s’ her, its’ her” his mind was playing jingles in his head, “focus man, focus! Stop acting like a jerk and let’s hear her message.” He scold himself…

“Hello, it’s me Mercy, I was um wondering if you’ll like us to um meet, umm maybe for a drink or something, but if you’re busy then its’ fine! Um I wouldn’t want to take you out from something important, but you see, I uhm really want us to meet, like God I miss you. Oh SHIT!” Beep….
A smile curled on his lips “She misses me” that’s all was ringing in his head. He straightened up himself, hmm “Hello, hello” checking his voice before he could call back “here we go” he said.
Beep… beep… beep… beep… “What’s this? She was just going to leave a voice note like that and yet not pick?” Chris started feeling himself getting angry so he decided to hang up “maybe she changed her mind, well not too good for ‘I miss you’ huh.” He said but before could hang up he heard her voice again.
“Hello” she said.

“Hello, I got your message, how about I come pick you up by 6:00pm” he said trying to be straight as possible.

“Sure, 6 will be nice”

“Good, hope you love Italian.” Beep.

Mercy wanted it to last longer, hearing his husky voice made her feel things she could possible imagined, so she was a little bit disappointed when the call dropped died, but at the same time couldn’t help the smile that was showing now on her face, “It’s a date then” she said to herself. Feeling like a 19th child, she checked her bed clock “there’s still a lot of time to get ready” she said smiling to herself, she went into the bathroom to take a shower, coming out she found herself singing one of her best songs.

‘Love me like you do’
‘Lo. Lo. Lo. Love me like you do’
’Touch me like you do
‘To. To. To. Touch me like you do…’
‘What are you waiting for…..? ?’

She was still singing when she came to a hut, she screamed when she saw her reflection on the mirror causing Bella to come running into her room.

“Are you ok? I heard you screaming from down stairs.”
She turned to look at Bella and said,

“I got a date with Chris by 6pm today, but look at me, I look like a mummy brought out from its’ casket.”
Bella let out a sigh of relief and a soft chuckle that follows,

“Oh! You do look like a mummy alright, but I wonder which of the mummies though LOL.”
Mercy picked up one of her fluffy pillow and threw it at her but Bella was fast enough to let it get to her.

“I’m fucking serious Bella, what am I going to do?” She wined.
Bella pulled her by the arm, while making her sit on a chair and said,

“Don’t worry about that am right here, am gonna make him gawking at you all night.”
She started with a primer and then did the magic on her, she glanced at the clock ‘5:15.’ Quickly she walked to her closet and pulled out the dress that fits for the event,

“Ah Ha! This would blow his mind.” Bella said, with no much hesitation, she brought out the heels.

After a few minutes of dressing up that seems like a year, Bella stopped to look at her friend for a while,



mercy turned to look at her reflection on the mirror and this time she was so beautiful that it was her at said ‘wow’ this time, she then turn to her friend, wanting to say a word but was cut by the sound of a car horn. She looked at the bed clock ‘6:00pm’ on the dot. Bella went to the window to confirm if he was the one,

“Hmm Mr. Perfect is right on time, and that means you! ’Ms. Perfect, should be outside taking his hand.”
Mercy took her by the hand as they but giggled and then they met Chris by the door.

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