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After her fiancé dies, Mia just tries to get through the day. Nobody handled her like he did and no one ever will. Well, at least that's what she thought until she meets a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. With emerald eyes and aura dripping with dominance and danger. Aiden turns out to be a big softy who doesn't take no for an answer demands her to be his. She cant help but want to please him but feels guilty for falling for him.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Heavy drops of rain splashed on the surface of the black van as it drove through the neighborhood. Florida weather. The roads were relatively empty with only a few cars in sight. I grew bored of the documents on my computer screen and and set aside the laptop. I look out the window, watching the small houses and neglected yards pass by.

I've just come back from a meeting with a bunch of egotistic bitches who tried to con me out of millions. My nerves were shot, I was itching to get home and continue torturing them. Apparently me being a 27 year old 'youngster', born in a thriving family business, makes people think that I'm still wet behind the ears. Leading to a scenario where I take their livelihoods and them being tied up and stuffed in the trunk of my car, awaiting their doom to where the only escape is death.
I hear Finn's phone vibrate loudly and see him shift to take it out. He looks up at me and mouths 'It's your mom'. I shake my head 'no', not wanting to deal with her. Finn answers "Oh hey Auntie, how's it go... yeah he's- um...". He feigns a smile as mom cuts him off. " he.. is.. with a girl" he says, almost asking, shrugging his shoulders. I grunt at his lame excuse. Muffled shouting comes from the other side of the phone, making Finn cringe. He sighs a "yes ma'am" and hands me the phone. I roll my eyes.
Finn’s my best friend and right hand man, like brothers, we’ll die for each other and sometimes almost did. We’ve known each other since Birth on account that our parents are best friends. He’s a clever, loyal, jokester, always up for a laugh, if it weren’t for him, I’d barely smile. I love the man but he has a weakness for our moms. I tend to loose some respect for him when he becomes their slave.
" Mom" I greeted in a cold tone, slumping down in my seat.
"Don't give me that tone! I'm just making sure you're taking your vacation seriously, instead of finding new work. Relax! Meet a girl! Get me some grandbabies, you workaholic. I might Just come down there and soak up the sun-."
"Its raining." I interrupted, annoyed at her constant baby crazy tantrums.
"You..." she breathes before continuing "why don't you get out of the car and enjoy the rain. Heard its almost like a sauna cause of the heat and humidity."
The cars stops at a red light and I look out the window. "Not in a car" I notice a small figure walk out of the neighborhood, without an umbrella, with victorious arms pumping in the air.
" Yes you are! I got you on GPS!" she yells "Go for a walk and come home late. I got a surprise for you!"
It was a girl dressed in a pink short skirt and an of the shoulder white top. Her soaked black curls stuck to her body, hanging down her back barely touching her waist. Her small bookbag sat on her well proportioned ass, a silhouette complimented by wet clothes clinging to her light brown skin. She wrapped her arms around herself and looked at the street signs. She looks lost. Hmm, she’s cute.
"Hello!!?" Mom snaps me out of my thoughts about the girl. The car driving past her.
"You know what? You are absolutely right. Come on Finn. Lets go for a walk." I smiled darkly, hanging up and throwing the phone to Finn. The driver parks the van down the street from the girl. Finn hands me an umbrella as I jump out the car.
"Hey man, are we really going to walk?" he pouts as he slams the door close. I shake my umbrella open and smile at him. "Yup! I found a cute puppy." I saunter past him toward the girl.
He shakes his umbrella open and huffs as he notices the girl in the distance. "Really?!! So why do I have to get out the car and watch you pick up some chick?" he grunts, catching up to me.
"So she doesn't run a way" I shrug. Finn and I was covered in blood splattered clothes. I don't want to scare her away. Finn wore dark clothes so the blood doesn't show that much. But I made the mistake of wearing a white dress shirt, and my coat barely covers the blood on my collar.
The girl notices us and starts looking around her. She fidgets as the distance between us shortens, then begins walking toward us. Is she going to ask for help? I'll help you baby girl. I grin at the thought.
As she gets closer her facial features start to seem familiar. Her long lashes caught the rain making her blink a lot. Black curly locks of hair framed her face, enhancing her cheek bones. Pump lips outlined with a dark brown and faded to rose pink. She moved to the side and smiled at us. "Good.." she stops to look at her watch and snaps her head back up to us "Afternoon." She greeted, never stopping, her chin held up high. Her voice was so soft and delicate, you can tell she tried to raise her voice in a projecting manner, to hide any signs of weakness. I won’t hold her against her voice, voice doesn’t always make the character.
As she walks past us, her phone rings from her back pack. She curses under breath and walks back to us. Finn chuckles to himself and I try to hold back a grin.
"Excuse me. May I please borrow your umbrella so I can answer my phone" she ask pulling her bookbag to her front. Her accent boost up her charm, my heart squeezed.
"Sure thing, sweet cheeks" I smiled, ushering her to come in. She smiles a thank you and yanks the phone out of her small bookbag. She takes one step under my umbrella, giving only her phone shelter.
"Hello?" she exhales. I notice her body violently shivering. Her head reached my shoulder, which is understandable seeing how I'm 6 feet tall.
How long has she been in the rain? She’s freezing cold! I find myself getting curious of who the caller is and before I could realize I said "put it on speaker"
She looks at me, her big doe brown eyes questioning my intentions. She looks at a smiling Finn and back at me, leaning back out from the umbrella. Her phone still sheltered. I grin at her reaction and she looks every where but Finn and me. She's probably thinking of some dark stuff in that cute head of hers.
She sighs and takes a step back under the umbrella. She clicks the speaker button and blast the volume. A powerful female's voice begins talking "Hey hun, just calling to check up on you and Gabby."
The girl smiled at her phone. "Mommy! Thank you so much for calling at a perfect time." I tilt the umbrella back a little, taking the shelter from the rain. The girl stepped closer keeping her phone safe. "Can you please come pick me up?"
I tilt the umbrella back again and she steps closer. We're now breaths apart. I can smell the faint sweetness of her perfume. I cover her with umbrella properly and I feel her breath hitch.
"Sorry Mia but I'm about to get on the plane and I wont be back till next week." With that the girl's smile fade and her shoulders slouch. "Why cant Gabby take you home?" So her name is Mia? I think I knew a girl named Mia. And no way to get home.
"She umm" she stops and looked at us before turning around, not wanting us to know more than we need to. She placed the phone close to her mouth. "She had family problems so I told her that I can take the bus." I grab her hip, turning her around. Her body tenses and she hold her small bookbag to her chest, pressing it on her breast up. Just delicious~ I grunt in satisfaction.
I leaned over her and slide my nose up and down her ice cold neck. Letting my breath warm her I whisper into her ear "Want me to give you a ride?" I smile against her ear, inhaling her sent. She is going to be fun.
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