Dream Walker

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Ever had dreams of a guy whose face you can't see? Dreams that made you so emotional that when you wake up in the morning you still feel that emotions boiling inside of you? AlexSa is a young woman of 25 with a history of bad choices. Bad stuff keeps following her around and Mr. Skylar her new partner is no different. But why does she keep on feeling like something is pulling her towards something? A magnetic feeling, a pull towards something she doesn't understand...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Something feels different in the atmosphere. I can feel it in my whole body. I've woken up with this weird feeling, like something is going to happen that is going to change my life.

I try to shake the feeling as I enter the building. I pull my fingers through my long dark brown hair and let it fall back down against my back.

"Miss Rodriguez, welcome back at the office", Caroline says.

'Good morning Caroline, any messages for me while I wasn't here?' I ask.

'None that Mr. Skylar couldn't handle'

'oh that is good. Listen Caroline on a friend note, how is my new partner? I haven't met him yet since I left for my vacation before he started working her. What is he like and how does he look like?'

At the back of me I hear an office door open and footsteps approaching.

'Caroline could you please copy this document for me and please send it to Mr. Lombard. Oh, I didn't know here is a client to see me?'

Slowly I turn around to see this guy who think he is so witty to think that I am a client.

'Who the hell do you think you are? I'm no clie...' I stop mid-sentence as i gawk at the beauty of a man standing in front of me. My eyes nearly popping out as I take in every inch of him. I have seen him before. Where have I seen him before? He is wearing a blue denim and black button up shirt with a leather jacket. He has black wavy hair and a killer smile. And when I talk about a killer smile I sure as hell mean a smile that will lead you straight to your grave. I pull myself together just before he reach Caroline's table.

'I am sorry, I thought you were a client. Are you one of Caroline's friends?'

He hands Caroline the document and leans casually against her table as he turns to smile down at me.

'No, I am Miss AlexSa Rodriguez, I own this building' I say looking up at him frowning, 'and who might you be?'

Immediately his big smile disappears and his whole attitude changes in to a formal manner.

'I am Kristoff Skylar your new partner in crime' he says giving me one of his mystery smiles.

I think I had a blank expression on my face that left him with nothing else to do but just smiling at me.

'It is nice to meet you Mr. Skylar. Please excuse me I have a lot of work waiting for me' I say as I turn around and walk to the office next to the one he came out of. I slam the door closed. What the hell is going on with me? I can feel that meeting him made my whole body shake of emotion rushing down my spine. I search my brain for any thought of seeing him somewhere. It feels like I should know him, like we have met before.

Suddenly as my thoughts sank back to me and I came back to earth and my office came into view again I got really angry at what I was seeing. In front of me someone is sitting in my chair overlooking the city. I walk up to my chair and yank it back so I can see who is sitting in my chair. I let out a scream and turned to run but before I could he grab my arm and pulled me back. I nearly lost my balance but grabbed the side of my table.

'Caroline!!' I screamed

My office door was pulled open so quickly even I was surprised but before Caroline could enter he was at the door blocking her.

'AlexSa, please just give me five minutes' he said.

I give Caroline a nod.

'Caroline if I scream you get security immediately. Do you hear me?'

'Yes Miss Rodriguez'

I watch as Caroline disappear and he shuts the door softly.

'Stephan you have five minutes and then you're being thrown out of the building' I tell him with my arms crossed over my chest. Not giving a damn about how mad I look. how dare he think he can still walk into my building into my office? The cheek he has.

'AlexSa, baby, please I've made a mistake. I love you, baby. Please give me another chance. I'll make up for lost time. We can get married like we planned and I will not leave you at the altar again like I did. I was stupid. I know now what I have lost. I'll never make the same mistake I did.'

As I lean against my table I started laughing at him.

'oh yes baby we can try again. Just give me a second'

I pick up my phone and press the button that puts me trough directly to Caroline. I hear the click as she picks up the receiver

'yes Miss Rodriguez?'

'Do me a little favor please? Call Nathan from the security and tell him to please escort Mr. Wilson here in my office out and to never let this clown into my building again'

I have just put the receiver down when Nathan walked into the office.

'Morning Miss Rodriguez, how can I assist you today?' he smiled at me

'Morning Nathan, please escort Mr. Wilson there out of the building and let your people know that he is not to be let into the building ever again.'

Nathan took a dumb struck Stephan on the arm to lead him out of the office but he pulled his arm away and turned to look at me.

'Alexsa you'll regret this day. And when you do I will be there to enjoy every moment of your suffering' and with that words he walked out of the office. Nathan following him and closed the door when he went out. With a big sight i sat down onto my chair and turned to look out over the city. Where have life gotten me? One day I was just a normal young lady working for a big company and today I own the big company. It has been a very long and busy year since my Uncle died. he left me everything he had behind since he had no kids or wife of his own. Such a successful man but never got married. He looked after me like I was his daughter.

The knock on my door interrupts my thoughts.

'come in' I said still with my back to the door.

'AlexSa, if I may call you that, are you ok?' the deep voice of Kristoff Skylar asked sounding really concerned.

'Mr. Skylar, yes I am ok. Thak you for your concern but Nahan have everything under control' I turn to look at him. he took me off guard when I turned around as he was standing at my table. I didn't hear his footsteps getting close. I frowned up at him.

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