Dream Walker

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Chapter 2

'Alexsa, and that frown? Did I overstep somewhere?'

'No, no not at all. I was just thinking of what happened in here earlier. Don't mind me, please sit down Mr. Skylar. Please tell me what I've missed while I was out in the wild'

'Nothing much. You're quite a lady if I may say so myself. You left nearly nothing to do for me. I signed a few contracts and saw a few clients. Ah, yes and there was this lady that insisted on seeing you. I told her to come and see me in the meantime but she didn't like me too much. What was her name again?'

He sat down on the opposite chair from mine as he faced me. As he sat down I felt that shiver again. What is wrong with me?

'Mmmmh yes, her name is Miss Nikita. She said that you agreed to do her wedding yourself and she doesn't want anyone else to do it. She gave me a whole lecture about it and told me to tell you she will be awaiting your call'

I relaxed more and leaned into my chair as I just smirk at him.

'You know Mr. Skylar, Miss Nikita is one of my best friends. that is why she insisted that I do it. You are new in the business not that I judge your capability but you'll need to start living up to your name in this company. I'll try to assist you as far as I can but I can only do this much. I've worked hard to get myself recognized out there. I guess you know the whole story to How I got to be the owner of this company?'

'Yes I do know. I did a throughout research on you before I bought into this company. I always check everything before I invest anywhere and I also check the staff. There is not a thing that I don't know about you accept your personal matters'. He gave me his crooked smile.

'I know your Uncle loved you a lot and named this business after you and when he died you got everything he owned. I also know that you were working for him as a small Event planner. You major issues with the people when you took over the company and stepped up as the rightful owner.'

'That is good that you know. So you know that you've got a big responsibility to get everyone's approval. in this company we are like family and friends put together. Our motto is: Fit in or fuck off, to put it bluntly'.

'I can assure you that I'll fit in'

The phone on the desk started ringing interrupting our conversation. I grab the receiver.

'Miss AlexSandra's office, good day, AlexSa speaking how can I make your fairytale come true?'

'AlexSa, welcome back darling. It is so good to hear your voice at the end of the receiver and not that clown. I really don't know why you need a partner if you can run that company on your own.'

I muffled a laugh.

'Thank you Nikita. It feels good to be back. Just hold on for a second'

I close the mouth piece.

'Mr. Skylar i really need to take this call. Would you mind if e continue our conversation a bit later?'

'Sure Miss Rodriguez'

He got up and elegantly walk out of my office. I turn my back to the door to look out over the city and listen to his footsteps leaving my office before I put the phone to my ear again.

'Sorry about that. Where were we?'

"How are you? Are you okay? I've heard the bad news and Caroline wouldn't tell me where you were and I couldn't get hold of you since you've put your phone off. Why did you do that? You know by now I worry myself sick if you disappear like that. Don't do it ever again'

'Kitta I was on vacation. I needed the time alone to get myself together before I go on with my life. I went to the only place that heals the pain inside of me. You know by now that I can look after myself and with Nathan at my side I'm always safe.'

'I know but I still worry about you. Don't disappear from the face of the earth like that again. What's up with this clown that is taking over everything you used to do?'

'Are you talking about Kristoff Skylar?'

'Yes, that clown'

I muffled my laugh again and settle for a smirk.

'Mr. Skylar is my new partner. He owns forty percent of my company. We are working together now. You know I can't handle everything by myself. I need the help'

'Well I don't care. You promised me that you will be doing my wedding yourself if we decided on a wedding date. I phoned the office and had to hear from Caroline what is going on. Why didn't you come to me or called me? I was worried'

'It wasn't my intention to let you worry about me. After the break-up I just needed space and some clean air to breath. I know you guys all have you own stuff going on and didn't want you and Caroline to look after me again.'

'But..' Nikita started saying.

'And before you tell me that it is what friends are for let me finish. I needed a vacation from work as well since I was working too much lately. I know I was gone for two months but it did me good. I was really heartbroken at first but I realized that it wasn't meant to be for me and Stephan. I was really sad most of the time in the relationship. I'm really happy now.'

'I'm glad you're fine and tat you're happy. So when can I come in and see you so we can start discussing my wedding plans? We are getting married in November'

'that is a perfect time for a wedding. I'll need to talk to Caroline so she can schedule a meeting for us. I haven't looked at my dairy yet. Its been a hectic morning'

'Okay darling, its fine. Can you look if you have an opening for me this week?'

'Yeah, sure. I can have a look but I can't promise you anything because I need to go down to the factory and so on through this week. Want to see if everything is still standing'

'AlexSa is back. You control freak'

I let out a laugh and relax back into my chair more. Still looking out over the city.

'So I heard you had an encounter with Mr. Skylar? What do you think about him?'

'mmmmh yummy he is mighty fine. If I wasn't getting married to my soul mate I would seriously tap that but if you ask me he looks like he is a ladies man'

'You can say that again. Did you see his ass tight ass? Joh, my eyes nearly popped out when I saw him this morning when I came in. I thought that my new partner is going to be a very old man not this young hunk of a man I found in the lobby today. He kinda has that pull towards him. It is insane and it give me shivers'

I turn around to face my desk and was shocked to find Kristoff standing in my doorway smirking at me. It shocked the hell out of me since I didn't expected him to stand there.

'Uh Kitta, can I call you later?'

'No, No I want to hear more about this young secy hunk of a man you found in the lobby this morning. And what kind of pull are you talking about?'

I put my hand to the mouth piece.

'Mr. Skylar is there something I can help you with?'

The smile disappeared from his face as he walks in and take a seat opposite me again.

'Yes, but please finish your phone call first'

'Kitta, seriously I'll call you back later with the arrangements for our meeting'

Before she could give me an answer I drop the phone back onto the desk.

'So Mr. Skylar with what can I help you?'

'Nothing much. I just wanted to remind you about the press conference we need to do of me joining the company'

'Ag darn! I hate doing that stuff but you're right we need to do it as soon as possible. Can you ask Caroline to set it up for us?'

He gets up and turn to leave.

'Sure I'll ask her to do it today. Let's say next week Monday? Does it fit you?'

'Yes, you can go ahead'

he walks out of the office and just as I look down to start up my laptop his head pops into the office again.

'So you think I have a nice tight ass on me?' he ask with a devilish grin on his face. His eyes sparkling with a hint of amusement.

'Mr. Skylar please don't flatter yourself. And do remember in the future it is polite to knock before you enter an office'

'And you Miss Rodriguez must learn not to gossip of others over the phone while your door is open'

he walked out before I could think of any comeback.

Out loud I say, 'That man is going to give gray hair before the end of this week'

'I heard that!' he called from the office next to mine.

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