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A Seriously Naughty Romance

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They finally realise their feelings for each other and make up for the lost time.

Erotica / Humor
C.S.O. Casivier
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Punching the Ex

I walk out of the elevator, keeping my chin up as I make my way to my office and ignore the sympathetic faces given to me by my employees. I close my door and sit at my desk, opening my laptop to check my emails. I ignore my best friend, Luke’s, email and get to work on the monthly reports. Time passes by as I stay numb to the past year’s trauma and I jump as my office door opens to reveal Luke walking in with takeout Chinese and smoothies.

‘I was right. Typical Alexandra Blakes. Haul up in her office and do work to avoid dealing with her own emotions,’ he tuts, placing the take out on my desk and I watch him carefully as he looks at me with a stoic expression.

‘Hello Pot,’ I retorted, and he chuckled humourlessly, wagging his finger at me.

‘Don’t bring up issues that aren’t related to yours, Lex-,’ he starts, and I snap, slamming my laptop shut.

‘Your vindictive ex-girlfriend is just as related to this as my ex-husband is,’ I sneer, and he swallows, looking away from my piercing gaze.

‘At least they deserve each other,’ he mutters, and I swallow the suffocating urge to sob, looking up at the ceiling.

‘You’re losing weight by the day, have you eaten anything today?’ he asks, and I watch him start to busy himself with unpacking the different cartons. I swallow the lump and walk around to sit in the seat next to him, looking at what he brought. He hands me a carton as I pick up a pair of chopsticks and I open it to find my favourite chicken with con pou chicken.

‘I figured you’d like an extra-large potion because you always end up eating mine,’ he says, and I stare at the meal, my pain rising in my throat. The tears I had been fighting for the past year start to slide down my cheeks and he takes away my carton, pulling me on to his lap. I sob into the crook of his neck and his arms squeeze me tightly against him.

‘I was so sure I got it right this time,’ I whimper, and he sighs, rubbing my back soothingly.

‘You always had it right, Lex. the men just fucked up,’ he whispers, and I cry until I have no more tears with him holding me close. I pull away to look at him and he wipes away my tears, with a soft smile.

‘At least I know you won’t leave me,’ I joke, and he smiles, his honey eyes shining with adoration.

‘Wouldn’t even dream of it, Lex,’ he says, and I get off to sit on my own, tucking my legs under me.

‘I’m famished,’ I say, and he chuckles as we dig into our food. We finish our potions and clean up my desk. I frown as he packs up my laptop and he smiles at me innocently.

‘Come on. We are taking a trip. I’ve already organised everything with your secretary and assistant. Your dad is going to step in while you’re gone. You’re not arguing with me because you never take a day off so now you’re taking two weeks,’ he talks over me as he walks out with my things and I follow him in confusion.

‘When was this decision made and why was I not privy to this information?’ I ask, and he pulls me into the elevator, pressing the under-ground parking floor. He turns to me with a hard expression and I cross my arms, raising my eyebrow at him.

‘Yesterday morning when you hit your first anniversary of clamming up. As you person, I am responsible to snap you the fuck out of this, so I can have my best friend back. That means a private island, lots of alcohol and no responsibilities for you. So are you going to come quietly, or do I need to tie and gag you,’ he says, and my filthy mind goes straight to the inappropriate responses I could give, I bite my cheek and look at him until the elevator stops.

‘So which island?’ I ask and my heart jumps at the smile that grows on his face. He grabs my hand and walks to his car, a sleek black Porsche.

‘Mine of course. We need to stop at yours to pack some clothes,’ he says as he starts the car and drives in the direction of my place. We get inside, and I walk up to my room to pack a bag with Luke laying on my bed, scrolling through his phone. I open my suitcase and place my swimwear in a large zip bag, doing the same with my underwear and three pairs of sandals. I pack some cover-ups and sarongs and walk into my bathroom to pack my toiletries. I walk out to see Luke looking at a photo of us and I stand next to him to see the picture. I smile at the memory of us going to a concert of all-American rejects, full emo/ punk rock style with black eyeliner and messy long hair.

‘That eyeliner did not come off for a week. Nanna almost had an aneurysm,’ he says, and I chuckle, opening my drawer to get some shorts and tops.

‘We got matching tattoos that night,’ I smile as I zip up my bag and he gives me a half-smile whilst picking up my bag.

‘Let’s get out of here and get your pasty white ass some sun,’ he jokes, and I gap at him.

‘My ass is not pasty,’ I protested, chasing him down the stairs and he laughed as he ran around the kitchen aisle. We both freeze as the front door opens and Kyle, my ex-husband, walks in with Cassy, Luke’s ex-girlfriend. Kyle looks at my suitcase and then at Luke before settling on me with a stoic expression.

‘I always knew you two were fucking behind our backs. You’re such a slut, not even divorced for a whole month and-,’ Luke’s fist stops his insults and dislocates his jaw and Cassy yelps.

‘You should stop projecting, Kyle. If I were you I would worship the ground this woman walks on. As for sex, I’d give Lex orgasms with my tongue better than you could with your baby dick. Come on, Lex, let’s get you out of here,’ he sneers at Kyle and gently takes my hand, leading me out of the house. He puts my suitcase in the trunk and gets into the driver’s side. He starts driving away and I watch his grip on the steering wheel tightened. I reach over and touch his shoulder, causing him to relax slightly.

‘Sorry, Lex. I can’t stand when people treat you like that,’ he says, and I give him a small smile.

‘You make up for all the bad that happens to me. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have you,’ I confess, and he forces a smile, taking my hand in his as we drive to his penthouse. He carries my bag up and places it on the guest bed, smiling at me.

We’re leaving at 5 tomorrow morning. I’ve got an alarm set. Get some sleep, I’ll wake you,’ he hugs me, pecking my forehead and leaving the room. I decide to take a shower and put on silk PJs before letting sleep overtake my body.

‘Lex. Wake up. Time to go,’ I whine at the voice and turn my back to it.

‘Come on, lazybones. Don’t make me help you out,’ he threatens, and I scoff, snuggling further into my pillows. Hands pick me up and put a coat and shoes on me. I wrap my arms and legs around him and he carries me.

‘Darnley, would you get our bags, to please?’ I snuggle into his neck and he chuckles as he walks so I don’t know where. We get into a car, but I stay snuggled in his arms and we eventually stop somewhere.

‘Lex, we are going to board the plane now. Do you want some breakfast now or sleep some more?’ Luke asks, and I mumble, making him chuckle.

‘Sleep it is then. Thanks, Laurie. We’ll be in the cabin,’ Luke informs the air hostess and she nods, giving us a polite smile.

‘Of course, sir. I will tell the pilot to take off. Our fight will be five hours,’ a calm voice says and Luke grunts as he carries me somewhere. I sigh happily as he puts me down on a soft mattress and takes off his shoes. He lays next to me and wraps his arms around me with a happy sigh.

‘I remember we used to do this all the time in college,’ I mumble, and he hums.

‘After every swim meet,’ he replies, and I nod, sleep seeping in.

‘When you wake, Lex, we are going to go back to that bliss for a whole two weeks and it’ll just be us for a while,’ he whispers, and I hum in agreement before falling asleep again.

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