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Erotica / Fantasy
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Please specify whether or not Reader is Receiving/Giving for each kink you send me.

You can send me girlxgirl or boyxgirl but I will not be doing boyxboy simply because I am not a guy and don’t know things from their perspective.

A/B/O - The AU where people are assigned a certain biological role (Alpha, Omega, or Beta).

Angry Sex - to have sex while angry, usually after a fight or long periods of sexual tension/frustration.

Biting - the act of nibbling the skin, sometimes even breaking it.

Blood Play – sexual arousal from seeing, letting, or playing with blood.

Branding – marking the skin with a heated object to form an image, word, or symbol.

Breast/Nipple Torture - to use objects, such as rope or nipple clamps, to create intense pressure on the breasts/nipples; a form of Pain Play - masochist and sadist

Breeding - to continuously cum inside the female participant, usually to achieve Impregnation.

Bondage - the act of tying the receiver up, whether with hand-cuffs, chains, ropes, etc.

Consensual Non-Con - Exactly what it sounds like.

Choking - to cut off the air supply; a form of edging.

Cum Play - to cover your partner in cum; a form of Marking.

Degradation - the act of down-talking your partner (i.e. Name calling, humiliation, etc)

Double Penetration – one penis in the vagina, another in the ass

Edge-play/Edging - to continuously bring your partner to orgasm before denying them. This is different from orgasm denial. See below.

Exhibitionism – enjoying when other people watch you having sex

Face Fucking – blowjob where the man roughly fucks someone’s mouth

Face Sitting - When a woman sits on top of a man’s face as he gives her oral

Fire Play - Play that involves the sensation, use, or threat of fire.

Gagging - to force objects into the mouth as a way to keep the receiver from speaking. (i.e. gag ball, tape, rope, etc)

Gun Play – arousal from use or threat of a firearm

Hair Pulling - to pull on hair to stimulate or induce arousal. Usually done during sexual intercourse, but can be used as a motivator outside of sex.

Hate-Fucking - to have sex with someone you hate; whether to alleviate sexual tension or for other gains/reliefs.

Impregnation – getting someone pregnant, typically from a man’s point of view

Incest - to have sexual relations with a family member (i.e. mother, father, brother, etc)

Intimidation - becoming aroused by intimidating someone, whether by standing over them, getting in their face, etc.

Knife Play - Play involving the use, threat, or sensation of knives.

Marking - when you leave hickies and bite-marks on your partner, usually as a ‘claim’ of some sorts.

Orgasm Denial – not allowing someone to have an orgasm for a certain period of time

Overstimulation - to overstimulate the genitalia even after the one receiving has orgasmed/cummed.

Pain Play - Play that involves pain, whether from spanking, caning, etc.

Pegging - to use a strap-on on a male partner.

Praise - to give encouragement, motivation, and/or compliments during sexual acts.

Public Sex - to engage in sexual acts, usually intercourse, in public settings (i.e a bus, restaurant, etc.)

Quirk Play - to use their quirk sexually

Semi-Public Sex - to engage in sexual acts, usually intercourse, in semi-public settings (i.e. alleyways, behind a building, nightclub bathroom, etc)

Sensory Deprivation - to take away one or more senses (i.e. blindfolding)

Sensory Play - Play that involves the senses

Shock Play - to use electrical shocks on the breasts/nipples and/or genitalia.

Shower Sex - to engage in sexual intercourse while in the shower

Suspension – the practice of lifting or partially lifting the subject into the air.

Temperature Play - Play that involves using objects that are either hot, cold, extremely hot, or extremely cold.

Thigh Riding - To get off on someone’s thigh.

Voyeurism – watching other people have sex

Wall Sex - to engage in sexual intercourse while against the wall

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