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My private dancer

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Ray is a beautiful dancer, men and women nearly drip at the sight of him. He is irresistible especially to the very sexy billionaire Dominic who owns the biggest nightclub in Miami. Ray has only eyes for him. Dominic is still in the closet and swore no one would ever find out until he hired the sexy dancer that invaded his mind and body, and drove him crazy. Dominic knows what he must do to keep his hands to himself. 1. Keep things professional 2. Entertain myself with other things 3. For the love of God, do not watch that sexy man dance. Ray knows what he must do to win Dominic over. 1. Fuck professionalism. 2. Keep him entertained. 3. Dance for him.

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(1) Living

“Dominic, we can’t fire him, and hire a new dancer overnight! We need to do auditions and set things up the right way, let’s just keep Maverick for one more week until we find a new dancer.”

My assistant Maggie says upset, and I can tell she’s had enough of my bullshit as she grasps her clipboard hard as hell, and flicks her blond hair back.

“Listen Maggie. I will not have dancers in my club who have disrespected me and harassed my patrons. That is an embarrassment for my club, and a lawsuit waiting to happen. He’s fired.” I tell her seriously and she sighs.

“Fine, but I can’t promise to find you a new dancer for ladies’ night tomorrow.”

“We have Caleb.” I point out and she gives me a deadpan look.

“So, one dancer isn’t enough. These women are paying to see at least two dancers. One dancing on one side of the stage, and the other on the other side. But... whatever, I’ll see what I can do.” She says as she walks out of my office that is upstairs in my club.

“Am I a bad boss?” I ask my Scottish gray kitten, melon, as she plays with my red tie as I lean over my desk. I rub her little head and she purrs before attacking my tie again.

My work phone starts ringing in my pants and I see it’s a call from the bane of my existence.

Dominic: “Hello Satan to what do I owe the displeasure?”

Rebecca: “Fuck you, Dominic. You know why I’m calling.”

Dominic: “Do I? Is it to remind me of the fact that you fucked my best friend behind my back, or that you both tried to steal from me?”

Rebecca: “Shut up! I did not try to steal from you, and you can’t prove otherwise.”

Dominic: “Oh that’s right because you found a way to turn off my cameras.”

Rebecca: “No, you asshole, because I never stole anything. As for fucking Maverick, I’d gladly do that again, he’s got Italian sausage.”

Dominic: “Then choke on it and leave me the fuck alone.”

Rebecca: “But if I do that, how will we settle our divorce?”

Dominic: “Hopefully with as little communication as possible. What do you want?”

Rebecca: “I need to pick up my Luis Vinton handbag that I left at our house.”

Dominic: “Get in the habit of calling it my house from now on. I’ll have my driver take it to your parent’s mansion so you don’t have to come by.”

Rebecca: “I’m very capable of getting it myself.”

Dominic: “Errr. No chance. My driver will take it to your parent’s house now. Bye now.”

I say as she protests and I hang up. I didn’t realize Maggie was standing in my office, or how long she’s been there but she looks like she’s been patiently waiting.

“I’ve got good news.”

“You’ve found a time machine that I can get in?” I ask her and she shakes her head.

“Even better, I’ve found you a new dancer!” She says excitedly.

“Wow, that was pretty fast for someone who said it wasn’t possible. Who’s the guy?”

“His name is Ray Rivera, and he’s a personal friend of mine, who is...”

“Woah, Woah... A personal friend of yours?” I ask her and she sighs.

“Yes, but hear me out. He is an amazing dancer who’s usually a freelance dancer, but when I spoke to him about the opening here at this club he was beyond interested.”

Melon jumps onto my lap and lays down.

“Okay then, can he come audition tonight?” I ask her and with a happy grin she nods.

“Yes, I’ll tell him to drive over now if he can, he only lives five minutes away.”

“Okay then. Let’s see what this Ray guy can bring to the table.”

“More like, dance floor. I’ll let you know when he comes over. Do you need anything else, boss?”

I shake my head.

“No thank you. Did you tell Maverick he’s fired?”

“I sent him a message after he ignored my calls, but I haven’t heard back from him. However, the fact that you knocked him out must have been a clear enough message.”

“Good,” I say as I pet melons fluffy fur.

“Later boss.”



Ray POV:

I’m over the moon excited for this job opportunity that Maggie just presented me with. The truth is that I’ve always wanted to dance at Red room nightclub, but they were never hiring.

I’ve also seen the sexy as fuck owner when I’ve gone to the club, but he’s never seen me. Even then I was very attracted to the confident way he walks, his smooth deep voice, that body that I knew had to be ripped under those elegant suits, and his piercing gray eyes. Oh fuck. I need to stop thinking about my future boss like that. That’s if I get hired.

Maggie had sent me a text to come over to the club that is currently closed right now since it doesn’t open on Mondays, to audition.

I’m a bit nervous, but I tend to hide that well.

After taking a shower I put on some black sweatpants, a white tank top, and some Nike running sneakers. I don’t look flashy but I never do whenever I’m practicing my dancing.

I run my fingers through my five-inch long, wavy brown hair that I definitely need to cut soon.

Getting in my rusted-up 1970s el Camino, I drive towards the club downtown Miami. Damn traffic is terrible at 5 PM. I don’t have a specific time I need to be there, but still, I don’t want to keep them waiting.

An old reggaeton song comes on the radio and it brings me back. I turn up the music and dance in my seat as I’m driving. Thank God for tinted windows, because I make a fool out of myself dancing in my car. It’s the only time I’m not worried about a damn thing and I’m just living.

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