The Vampire King (FSW #3)

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This is the third instalment of The Forest Springs Wolves series. It can be read as a stand-alone. 1. The New Wolf 2. The War with Blood Creek Warning: This book follows most of the normal Vampire lore with a few differences. Please don’t attack me in the comments and reviews because it’s a little different. Reunited with her mate after ten years apart, eighteen-year-old Luanara has a vision in her mind of the man she remembered from her childhood, but is he the same man now that she is off age? Lucien Walters had ached to see his woman after ten years. Now he could take her to his home in Blood Creek and have her all to himself. Is he prepared for the woman she had become in their time apart?

Erotica / Romance
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Ten years ago

“What do you mean, ‘leave until I’m eighteen’?” I asked the man holding me. His green eyes mirrored the sadness in my own as he looked down at me in his arms. I sat on his lap with my parents sitting across from us. He looked at them for a moment over my head, and I saw my father shrug.
“Nara, you have to grow up without me here. You know that I love you and I always will, but I have to let you have a childhood and friends. I’ve seen you push away Maggie because I’m here all the time.” His words brought tears to my eyes and I knew they were true but I didn’t want to believe them.
At eight-years-old, I was more grown-up than the rest of the town's children. I was one of the lucky wolves among them, having found my mate the moment I was born, and according to my parents and him, it was destined the moment I was conceived.
I was fortunate enough to learn more about the mating bond the more I spent time with my mate.
“But I don’t want to have friends, I only need you,” I whined and my mother snorted beside my father, she must have received a look over my head because she smirked and held her hands up in surrender. Dad shot a look of his own to my mate and I felt his chest vibrate against my shoulder.
“Luanara, you need to be with your family and grow up without me complicating things. I will be back on your eighteenth birthday. Then, and here your parents and I agree, I will court you. Only when you're ready, I’ll take you to my home.” The manner with which he said he was leaving tore my little heart open, and I started crying like the eight-year-old I was.
He kissed my forehead and I pulled away from him. I was out of his lap and in my father's in less than a second.
This was one of the reasons I didn’t want friends. I was different than them. Maggie Tores was the only one brave enough to try and be my friend. Even Carlisle and Drew refused to try and befriend me. And their parents were my parents' friends.
“I think it’s time you go, Lucien,” my mother gently told my mate. I heard him sigh heavily, a sign of frustration and stress, and saw his long legs stand from my peripheral vision. I buried my face in my dad's strong chest as he held me tightly, his arms comforting me.
I heard Lucien's footsteps come closer and his soft lips kissed my head briefly.
“I’ll miss you, Luanara.” He whispered low enough so that only I could hear and the words only aggravated the sobs wracking my small body.

That night I crawled into bed between my parents and they held me, telling me the hurt will heal in time.
“Why did you let me know him?” I suddenly wailed in despair and my mother drew me close to her, the comforting scent of honeycomb and earth enveloping me.
My dad put his arm around my mother and me and kissed my head.
“We didn’t want you thinking we were hiding him from you and thought it best if he were in your life, honey.” He said soothingly.
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