Darkest Desires

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Sexy, steamy, one-shots. Not for the faint-hearted! TW: Language, sexual, BDSM, consensual/non-consensual, degrading, incest, and violent content. I'm a newer writer so please just make suggestions and don't judge! I take writing requests and will write whatever.

Erotica / Romance
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Office Buddies

Hey there!

I'm a newer writer but I love writing this kind of stuff and I'm open to suggestions. I also take requests!

This day couldn't get any worse. It started with my alarm not going off, so not only was I late to work, but I didn't have time to stop by my favorite coffee shop. Then, on top of that, my heel got caught on the stairs, so I dropped my purse and cracked my phone screen.
"Damn this day..." I grumble and fiddle with my skirt in the elevator. Sighing, I wait for it to arrive on my floor, the 7th floor. The doors open on the third floor giving entrance to the devil.
Not the literal one, of course, but this one torments me enough to count. He smirks as soon as he sees we're the only ones near and saunters in with a few confident strides. As soon as the doors close he's in my face, backing me against the glass wall.
"Good morning Ada." He says in a deep voice, sending shivers down my spine.
I glare up at him, trying not to show my bodys reaction. "Could I get a little space here Finn?" I ask, not quite able to keep the annoyance from my voice.
His smirk widens a little, taking pleasure in my discomfort. He another takes a step forward, so close I can hear his heart beating steadily and feel his breath on my neck as he leans down.
"Like this little one?" He says, his voice dropping an octave.
My heart beats loudly in my chest and I know he can hear it. My breath comes fast and in little pants as he puts his arms on either side of my head, trapping me against the wall. He lets out a low chuckle hearing my erratic heartbeat and takes a hand to brush my hair away from my neck.
Trying not to lean into his touch, I look to my right to see our reflections in the elevator mirror, his wavy dark hair and 6 foot 5 frame, leaning over me and my 5 foot 4 self, looking small in comparison.
Finn looks over at me, and we lock eyes. He trails his lips down my jawline never breaking eye contact. I let out a light whimper and close my eyes at the cold trail he leaves on my skin. He smiles at my noise, and pulls me closer with a firm hand on my waist-
And that's when a low 'ding' sounds throughout the small area, making us spring apart. The doors open on the 7th floor of our building, my stop.
Fixing my skirt and brushing down my blouse for no reason, I hurriedly walk out of the elevator, flushing deeply. I don't look back as I walk to the end of the hall where my office is and close the door, shut the blinds, and slump into my seat.

*Around 6:00pm*

I groan and rub my eyes, leaning back in my comfy chair that doesn't feel so comfy anymore. I've had at least 5 meetings today with managers, supervisors, the like, and I still feel like I've made no progress on anything.
"I give up," I say shaking my head and start to pack up my stuff.
I peek my head out of my office and see the place is empty, with most of the lights off. I leave the door slightly open, walking back to my desk, and grab my iPod. Scrolling through quickly, I click one of my favorite songs and turn the volume all the way up.
I grab a bottle of whiskey from my drawer and pour a cup, taking an extra long sip. I sway my hips and whip my hair side to side, getting so caught up I don't even notice when the door opens. Or the person leaning in the doorframe enjoying the show, with a dark hair and a sexy smile.
I lean my head back and belt out the chorus with my eyes closed, "Baby, you and me, stumbling in the street, just singing, singing, SINGING!"
I hear a full on belly laugh come from behind me, and I stop short. I turn around to find Finn, clutching his stomach and bent over chortling. Hearing him laugh makes me smile, and I scoff, walking over to him with my hands on my hips.

"And what do you think you're doing up here?" I ask, waltzing closer with my glass in hand. He finally leans up after catching his breath, looking me straight in the eye.

"I think I'd like to see you dancing more." He says, meeting me halfway and grabbing onto my arms when I sway a little in place. I smile, and laugh breathily into Finn's neck, leaning in and inhaling deeply.

I laugh again, "I think I may have drank a little too much, but you smell really good." I leave light kisses down his neck, and he wraps his arms around my waist lifting me up so I can wrap my legs around his hips. He pushes my back up against the wall, bringing my face to his mouth so I can kiss him. Running my hands through his hair, he trails his tongue down my neck, across my collarbone. I hear a ripping noise, and look down to see he's ripped my blouse open, my buttons flying everywhere making me laugh.
"Finn," I moan as he presses his manhood into my core, making me flood with need. He spins us around and sets me on my desk and spreads my legs so he can stand in between them. Bringing his hands up to my back to undo my bra, he breaths harder when I undo his shirt and run my fingertips up and down his toned, muscled body. I let out a yelp when his hands find my nipples, and he tweaks them, filling me with both pain and pleasure.
"Finn, please, I need you inside me." I whimper out, dangerously close to the edge.

He chuckles darkly, "Not yet little one, we've still got a few more things to get to."

My eyes flash to his when he says this, and I watch as he gets down on his knees in front of me and licks up my wet slit though my thong. I moan loudly from the feeling, earning a smirk from Finn. I lift up a little off the desk, and he rips of my underwear and skirt in one fluid motion, exposing me right there in my office.
"I'm going to drink up every last bit of this pretty pussy little one," he says in a low voice, making my stomach clench.

Before I can even reply, he digs in, licking up and down my wet slit, and sucking and nipping at my bundle of sensitive nerves over and over again, stimulating me like crazy. I cry out, in both pain and pleasure, and beg him not to stop. He thrusts two fingers inside me, whispering, "So fucking tight." I barely hear it over my own screams of pleasure, and I feel myself tighten around his fingers, about to come hit my peak.

"Cum for me Ada."

His final words are what hit me the hardest, sending me to the edge, my eyesight going black around the edges as I scream out his name and shudder. He laps up all my juices, pulling his fingers out to only stick them into my mouth to be sucked clean. I greedily respond, and he leans in to kiss me hard, nipping my lip for entrance to my mouth. Stepping back, he pulls off his jeans and boxers, letting his cock spring free, and I hop off the desk to get on my knees in front of him. Gripping him lightly, my small hands barely fitting around his large manhood, I open my mouth and tease the tip with my tongue, tasting him. He lets out a low moan at the slight touch, and I smile internally as I start to move my mouth lower, and lower. I feel him hit the back of my throat and try not to gag as I try to take him deeper, and Finn grabs onto the back of my head, wrapping his fingers into my hair to push it all the way in. I gag lightly, and he lets go, letting me take a break, before stuffing back in again.

"That's it baby," he says, and pulls out, and forces himself back in, again and again. I drop my hands down, and reach down in between my legs to pleasure myself as I feel him twitch and throb inside my mouth. I moan at the feeling, and he grunts, spilling his seed deep in my throat.
Swallowing it all, I smile up at him, and he looks down at me with lust filled eyes. Before I can say another word, he scoops me up and walks me back over to my desk, plopping me down and putting my legs up on his shoulders. Without warning he slams into me, earning a loud moan from us both. Pulling out quickly, he slams back into me again, and again. He grunts softly into my hair while my moans echo throughout the room, and wet skin hitting skin plays over and over. Without ever pulling out of me, he pulls my legs down and spreads me wide to where he's leaning right over me, our chests together. He slams into me once again, and I drag my nails down his back, knowing I'll leave marks, and earn a hiss from him. I throw my head back as I feel him throb inside of me, and I clench around him.

"I'm close-" I whimper into his ear as he pushes deeper into my wet core, feeling like he's hitting my stomach. He reaches down to rub my clit with his thumb, and I arch my back, my mouth opening in a silent scream as I come apart around his cock. Finns thrusts become more manic, as he hits his limit, and within a few more pounds, he's releasing thick ropes of cum into me, making me moan out his name.

We both sit for a minute, catching our breath as we come down from our highs, bodies glistening with sweat and sex. I sigh in contentment, and Finn leans up from my neck to look down into my face.
"What?" I say, smiling.
"So does this mean I can finally get your number now?" Finn says with a smirk on his face.

I roll my eyes at him, and smirk. "Well... I've gotta get my phone fixed first."

So maybe this day wasn't so bad after all.
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