The Cursed Lycan

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"Let me breed you." A Cursed Lycan Prince and his deaf Human Hunter.

Erotica / Fantasy
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After causing the death of his older brother, Kairo, the Alpha’s second son, is stripped of his title, severely punished, cursed and banished to the human realm where he would remain as a rogue Lycan for five millennia.

For centuries on every full moon the Lycan would rise from his induced slumber and prey on those that live beyond his dark woods. Fearing for their lives, the humans began to offer mortal sacrifices to the beast in an attempt at pleasing it, and for centuries the peace was held.

One unfortunate evening, the creature finds himself before his next human meal.

But what stands between him and the sacrifice is his human mate.

A deaf hunter.

Mature Warning;

This story will contain explicit sexual content, themes of noncon, intense depictions of murder and violence which may be triggering to some.

Readers discretion is advised.

A work of collaboration.

Before we begin, I would like to state that this book is not only used for entertainment purposes but to raise awareness when dealing with male sexual assault. It happens. It may not be spoken about as vividly as females but there are men as many as 1 in 4 who have been sexually assaulted yet keep silent and suffer the trauma of it.

As quoted by psychologist Dan Griffin; “We tell men don’t cry, don’t show your emotions unless it’s anger, be strong, don’t ask for help, don’t be vulnerable, be sexually aggressive, put work before relationships, put success before relationships. Basically we tell them that power and having power is central to being a man. [This means] it’s against the rules for men to acknowledge trauma. So [as traumatized men] we spend a lot of time telling ourselves that whatever it is that happened to us wasn’t painful, that we’re not suffering.”


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