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Boop the snoot

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Sometimes a leash is all you really crave.

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She was bored. Work was slow and apart from one or another email between her bickering colleagues, nothing was going on.

She noticed a loose thread on the left sleeve of her woolen sweater. Crap! It was a comfortable blue sweater with some embroidered flowers across the sleeves and the front. She was far from girly in her fashion choices but sometimes, something shiny did catch her eye. This one came from a kid collection. She was so tiny anything loose or bulky could be found in the kids section. She did blush at the counter - frequently, the cashier, especially if it was a man, would raise an eyebrow seeing ‘11-12 years’ labeled clothes.

She was working remotely, sitting cross-legged on her office chair - another perk of being 5′2 feet tall. Her boyfriend was coding frenetically by her side on the second, identical, blue office chair, completely absorbed. Now he was really tall. Even seated, his knees touched the wood of the table. She started to chew the loose thread of her sweater off and couldn’t contain a muffled groan. The boyfriend looked at her, puzzled and grinning.

- Sorry, she said, blushing. She hated distracting him but she could be a rather loud co-worker.

- It’s ok. You’re rather funny, you know?

She grinned in return, her mind instantly thinking of everything she would like to do to his body.

- Cool down, I can see your horny gears turning, he said, smiling, and I still have some work to do.

- But I’m so bored! She protested like a todd​l​er. ​​She could be infuriating​ when she acted like this​. But the little red blanket she used on her knees fell and the boyfriend couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of the pale exposed thighs - another side-effect of her recent remote working situation: pants were no longer in the picture.

She was wearing light green cotton panties with a little white ruffle on the sides. Another girly thing that had catched her eye and that was rather effective on her boyfriend’s attentive eyes. He could see the moisture, there, spreading through the fabric. Before he could even form a thought, he put his hand forward and stretched the fabric with his index finger while the middle finger ran across the wet slit, back and forth. She couldn’t suppress another groan but this time it was almost a growl.

- You know, growling puppies need to be teached manners, he said, jokingly, almost laughing.

She gasped and he paused, puzzled.

- You seem to like the idea, he added, feeling the opening of her sex starting to drip.

H​​e​ pushed the fabric to the side with his fingers then sofly​​​​ inserted his middle​ one up to the first knuckle and stopped there, just feeling the muscles clenching around it. Then, suddenly, he pushed two fingers inside her, roughly, entirely and she grabbed his shoulders, nails digging into his skin.

Rough sex was not unusual for them but this was something else and they both could feel the edge of an unknown territory. He kept moving his fingers inside her but slowly, like he didn’t dare yet follow his mind. His cock tensed the ​​seams of ​the heavy cotton of ​his​ blue jeans. She started to stretch one hand to touch it but he gave her fingers a small slap and she put both of them on his shoulders again. He took his time while she got wet enough to drip on the floor. Then he didn’t. He removed his fingers - she groaned protestingly - and got up, towering over her. He was as tall as she was tiny, almost a half meter of difference and right now this height imbalance was further amplifying the sexual dynamic they had started.

- Get up, he said, curtly and she did, without a word, waiting, almost holding her breath. Walk in front of me, he added. They started moving down the hall. She seemed a bit hesitant and looked behind her. He flicked her nose with his fingers and she turned and continued moving then hesitated again when she reached the door of their bedroom.

Without speaking, he put a hand on the back of her neck and gently pushed her into the room and in front of their bed. She started to turn again but he flicked her nose again and she stayed there, in front of the bed, her back towards him.

​- Wait here​, he said, softly, in her ear and he gave it a little lick then left the room. She stood there, silently. Waiting. She could hear him tapping on his keyboard, far away. She was still aroused but could feel the boredom coming back and a hint of disappointment. She was still lost in her mental complaints and didn’t notice the keyboard had stopped clacking. Suddenly he was right behind her again and touching the top of her head, forcing her to face him.

- Missed me? he asked, grinning.

- You just left me here, she answered, slightly annoyed.

- I’m teaching you to be patient, he added, still grinning. Then his face got serious. - On your knees, now. She looked at him, a bit startled. - I said now, and he gently put his hand on her head again and pushed her to her knees. She instinctively grabbed the zipper of his jeans, instantly aroused again but a flick on her hand made her stay still again. He paused there and looked at her with no discernible expression for a moment. She looked up at him and received another flick on her nose and proceeded to stand still, on her knees, her face directly in front of his crotch. She was pressing her legs together and extremely aroused and aware of the erection that was in front of her. But she knew better now than to touch.

- You’re learning ! he said, after a few minutes that felt like an eternity to her. Then he started opening his leather belt and she smiled, still looking patiently at his crotch. - Oh no, we’re not there yet, he said, catching her smile. She looked up, interrogatively and almost pleading but another flick on her nose made her go back to her position, obediently.

The boyfriend removed his belt and placed it on the bed. Then he opened his jeans, just the zipper and took his cock out. The organ was very erect and mere centimeters from the girl’s forehead. She whimpered and opened her mouth a little, automatically. He smiled, took his cock in his hand and touched her forehead with the member’s tip, leaving a glistening drop of precum visible. He proceeded to tease her, touching her whole face with the tip of his cock and flicking her nose with it if she tried to mouth it. After a while, she stopped trying and just stayed there, in position, waiting, drops of sweat and precum all over her face, mouth open and almost panting.

Then all at once he entered her mouth without notice and started to thrust, slowly but trying to fit his whole cock and she gasped for breath with every movement. Twice she tried to grab his balls or his butt and was duly reprimanded back in position. She had closed her eyes and nothing else existed besides this, this whole cock in her mouth and throat. Then he stopped and she was jerked back to reality. He pulled her by her armpits and onto the bad and she opened her legs and put her feet on his shoulders. He smiled mischievously and took her ankles in his hands then turned her on her belly. - Now you wait, he said and went away, again.

Her sex was throbbing and dripping and she started touching herself madly and didn’t hear him come back into the bedroom.

- Oh, naughty puppy, I didn’t say you could do that... he said in a soft voice but she didn’t stop, she couldn’t. He approached, took her hands and used the belt that was on the bed to tie her hands behind her back and sit next to her on the bed. Then he propped her butt up and waited. He smiled at the wetness he could see appearing. He couldn’t resist and started licking her without respite. He bit her clitoris and she moaned, he bit the lips of her sex and the skin on her inner thighs and with each bite her legs trembled. He could see the marks on her skin and he felt a bit proud.

He wanted to fuck her, the head of his cock was a dark purple and it was almost painful to wait like this. So he didn’t, he took his jeans off and entered her in one smooth motion, entirely and she screamed. He could feel everything inside and he felt her coming, the walls of her vagina squeezing and trembling all around his cock so he stayed still. She started to slide down and was almost dangling there, attached to his cock so he propped her up again.

- I’m not finished with you. He could feel her thighs tense again to try and maintain this position. He started moving slowly, pushing the resulting juices out of her with every thrust. There was already a puddle on the sheet. When he felt he wouldn’t be able to hold much longer, he stopped and untied her hands. Then he put the belt around her neck and slid the leather end into the buckle to make a slip lead. And he pulled on the leash to make her seat. By then she was very obediently sitting, mouth already open, hands on her knees. He started stroking his cock right next to her mouth, clearly aiming and she waited eagerly. A few strong strokes and he came, half in her mouth, half on her nose and they both laughed.

- Good girl, he said, booping her sticky nose and letting the leash go loose.

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