Another Mafia Story

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Adrian Giovanni, the soon to be mafia boss and head of the Giovanni family is known to be ruthless and cruel. Sara, an orphan who lost her foster parents and is left with nothing but loans to pay off is sweet and kind hearted. Not afraid of anything but loosing people close to her. She believes that love is the cure for everything. What happens when these two meet and are to get married? Will the ruthless mafia boss change or will he end up breaking Sara?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Third Person POV

"Yeah baby. I'm about to come." she shouts lying on the bed while Adrian thrusts harder and harder into her.

She shakes as she comes all over his cock buried inside her. But his thrusts neither seize nor do they become slow. "Pl....please slow.....slow down I can't take more." The woman begs but receives a slap on her face.

"If you can't take it you shouldn't have begged me me fuck you. You slut." He says continuing his torture.

Finally he cums but spills his seed on her body instead of where she wanted it. "Why don't you ever cum in me?" She asks him sad and feeling tears sting her eyes. "Because I don't want to." He replies while wearing his clothes getting ready to leave.

Adrian Giovanni is the soon to be mafia boss and the head of the Giovanni family. The woman he was with was Anna Bianchi, the daughter of the Bianchi family.

The Bianchi have always been desperate to get in the Giovanni family but never succeeded until Alessandro, Adrian's father decided to get his son married to Anna.

But to Adrian it was just a stupid relation his dad set up because of old age. So the only way to get him to marry Anna would be getting Anna pregnant and the Bianchi's planned exactly that.

But to Adrian Anna was nothing more than a free fuck and if anything would happen he'd just have to kill her which he didn't mind.

Adrian's POV

I leave Anna alone in the room and go down to Nude, a club owned by the Giovanni family. It has the best strippers ready to do anything for money which was the main reason for us to be at the top.

I enter the private area on the second floor of the club. This room is made of glass giving a view of the entire club. It was built specifically for me and my friends.

Upon entering I see Russo and a few of the other guys already have company. The strippers of the club are ways willing to join us and that was nice.

I take a seat in a couch and rest my right ankle on my left knee and motion one of the strippers staring at me with a come hither motion. She gets excited and walks over seductively. I point at the floor and she sits down on her knees. I put both my foot on the floor and she comes closer getting in between of my legs.

She is smart enough to understand what to do. She undoes the button of my pants and pulls out my cock while stroking it. I loose patience with her and pull her face close to my cock making sure it was just touching her lips and nothing else.

Being the slut that is she opens her mouth and takes my length in her mouth and I make her gag on it enjoying every moment of her loosing breath. I lie my head back on the couch about to relax when the door opens.

I open my eyes and meet green eyes only to hear a whimper escape her mouth. I look at the girl with the green eyes looking around awkwardly as she keeps our drinks on the table.

"Hey baby wanna join." James asks being the sleezeball he is. She doesn't reply and tries walking away when he grabs her by her hand pulling her to his bare chest.

She looks around and her gaze settles on me. I don't know what took over me "Let her go James." I say and it sounds more like a command. He drops her hand and she looks up at me and mouths a thank you before running out.

The slut tries to get to my cock again but I stop her. I get up and walk out of the room to find those green eyes again.
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