Melina the Breeder

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What's a busty witch to do when her untested potion gives her an aching throbbing monster cock? Raid the nearby village for fresh pussy of course! A Minecraft Erotica inspired by MelinaJBT

Erotica / Adventure
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Milf Encounter

Summary: Melina gets a little too excited when using a futa potion, and the surrounding village suffers for it!

A quiet breeze blows through the sleeping village. The only sounds heard are the gentle snoring of villagers in their houses and the rustling of swaying grass. Within one particular house, a male villager stirs awake…

Rousing from his deep slumber, the husband rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he sits up, standing and stretching his back with a few loud cracks. “Gosh, what are they screaming about now?” Lazily scratching himself, he shuffles to the window in his soft slippers, jolting awake as he sees his pig pen’s gate wide open. Blood pumping faster, he runs to the bedside, pulling on pants and his brown overcoat to chase after them.

“Honey? What’s wrong? Why are you up so early?” whispers the wife, rolling over to look at the franticly dressing husband. “The pigs got out again! I’m going out to find them right now, but you stay here. I’llbebackbeforesunrise!” He spits out, hopping out the doorway as he follows the sound of squealing pigs. Always the loyal and trusting woman, his wife simply rolls over again, curling into the covers as she drifts off to dreamland.

But in his rush to wrangle the piggies, he fails to notice the panting figure in the shadow of his doorway with her large witch hat and purple socks. As he sprints off into the plains, Melina slides her foot into the doorway, preventing the door from closing as she giggles to herself. “Hehe, sucker!”

That should give us enough alone time… If not, of well! Melina thinks to herself, licking her lips as she silently slides into the humble adobe, closing the door behind her as the darkness becomes a cloak. Her cock was already pulsing at the thought of fucking someone’s wife, but it only gets harder as she gets closer, eyeing up the voluptuous villager.

Even in the darkness, Melina can make out the wide hips and curvy silhouette of the sleeping wife, the mental image of slamming her fat pussy pounder into the villager’s wedded pussy making her drool a little. Gulping, Melina tentatively lifts the covers, sliding into the husband’s place as she aligns her meaty cock tip to the sleepy wife’s backside.

The busty wife gasps as Melina’s fat cock slides between her plump thighs, the meaty head pushing aside Mrs. Wife’s ample ass cheeks. “Oh! Honey! What’s gotten into you? You’re never this rough~”

Not wanting to give away her identity, Melina stays silent as she slowly slides her long shaft back and forth between the wife’s fleshy thighs. As Melina continues to thrust back and forth, a hot wetness makes itself known against her throbbing meat pole, the wife’s aching love box dripping pussy juice that’s smothered along Melina’s pulsing shaft.

With each thrust, Melina can feel herself losing control, her slow gentle humping becoming rougher and more desperate by the second. Though she’s still careful not to cuddle too close, if the wife felt Melina’s ample bosom against her back, then it’d be game over.

“Mmmm. Did you take something honey? Your penis feels so much bigger tonight~” The wife moans out, reaching under the sheets to rub at Melina’s leaking cock head. Melina holds back a moan as the lewd villager rubs her palm against her sensitive glans, smearing her palm in Melina’s sticky wet precum as she started moving back and forth.

Again, Melina says nothing, just enjoying the tight sleeve that was the wife’s plump thighs wrapped around her throbbing dick shaft. Back and forth and back and forth the wife moved, shuffling the covers as her breathing gets shallow, panting while wiping her own wetness against Melina’s thick pole.

But on one such push back, Melina loses control for a moment, thrusting forward in a pleasurable jerk that also makes her boobs press against the wife’s back. The trembling moaning pair freeze for a second, stopped in their tracks by the unexpected situation, until the wife interrupts the silence.

“Oh? Did you put a pillow behind me?” She whispers, restarting her gentle cock humping with earnest. Gulping down panic, Melina puts on her best low voice and grunts like a villager. “EUnnn,” Which is met with a “You’re always so considerate honey. Let me return the favor.

Without warning, the wife’s brown hair disappears from before Melina, sliding down the bed and hiding in the covers. Melina lets out a low gasp as she feels a hot breath of air on her balls, followed by two small dainty hands enveloping her throbbing cock shaft.

The lewd sound of suction fills the silence as Wifey suckles on Melina’s heavy nutsack, slathering them in saliva as she slurped and lapped at the delicious sperm sacks. Even as her mouth fills itself with meatballs, Wifey’s hands are hard at work on another harder object, milking Melina’s juicy meat pole with long slow strokes. Having her balls suckled while her juicy meat pole was jerked off proves too much for Melina, thrusting into Wifey’s hands as she felt the first edges of climax boil in her nuts.

But before she can unload cum like a geyser, Wifey grips hard, pressing her thumbs into Melina’s cumvein as she tightened like a vice around the base of her cock. Unable to shoot her thick goop all over Wifey’s face, Melina chews on her lip as the edges of orgasm begin to rub off, her nuts swollen with a backed-up load of gooey sperm.

“Not yet honey. I’m still not done eating.” Wifey mutters, taking one long lick up the underside of Melina’s pulsating meat shaft. An undiscovered expert at oral, Wifey laps at the sensitive underside of Melina’s tip, running her fleshy tongue in small circles as the fat cockmeat in her mouth shivers and drips sweet precum.

Tenting the covers, Wifey sits up and latches her mouth to Melina’s leaking cock tip, drinking down the delicious precum as she drooled on the long shaft, which her jerking hands happily smear along its length. Letting go with a pop, Wifey gently nibbles on Melina’s sensitive glans, lightly biting on the pulsing head in rough little love bites that her husband (and now Melina) loved.

“Oh wow, you ARE bigger. Was it the carrot soup I made earlier? I should make it more often. ❤” Wifey moans out, planting a sloppy wet kiss on the head of Melina’s cock before swallowing the head whole.

Sliding deeper on Melina’s fat cock, Wifey slobbers everywhere as her head bounces up and down, taking more and more of Melina’s girthy futa cock with each stroke and swallow. “Urrrk” Wifey gags, coming up for air then pushing herself back down, trying desperately to deepthroat her husband’s pulsing member. She’d never struggled to swallow it before, but she was too cock drunk to think much of it, just relishing the feeling of her throat being full of hot & hard meat.

Shaking with arousal, and balls boiling for release, Melina can’t help but wrap her hands around the back of Wifey’s head, giving her a second to breathe before pulling her down and plunging her thick meat pole deep into Wifey’s throat. Getting used like a fucktoy, Mrs. Wifey just chokes and gags as Melina guides her by the hair, sliding her python of a cock in and out of her throat with ruthless abandon.

Ever the loyal wife, Mrs. Wife makes sure to pull and massage her husband’s heaving nutsack as she chokes and gags on his pulsing member, kneading the heavy sperm sacks to maximize her chance of impregnation. Melina is on cloud nine as the slutty wife gives her the full treatment, utterly blessed that the covers kept Wifey from discovering her real identity. If she played her cards right, Melina might be able to nut multiple times before she’s discovered.

But just as Melina’s about to cum, she’s blue balled once again by a painful grip around her ballsack, forcing her to release the tight hold on Wifey’s head as her balls swell larger still, another backed up load bloating the sperm reservoir. With Melina’s hands off her head, Wifey comes up for air, taking a large breath before collapsing at the base of Melina’s cock, her nose nuzzled into the futa girl’s ballsack.

“Unfffff. I can’t wait to feel this fat pole ruining my womb~” Wifey breathes out, absentmindedly fingering her sopping wet cunt while breathing in the manly scent of her husband’s balls. But in the moment of rest, Wifey glances toward her lover’s face, squinting through the darkness to notice a suspiciously feminine figure…

Even with her eyes glazed over from cock lust, Wifey can’t help but see the wide hips and thin waist, not to mention the large orbs jiggling with each breath her husband took. Wifey gulps down a ball of spit, realizing that she’d been sucking a stranger’s cock so whorishly, and getting even wetter at the thought.

Nonetheless, she throws off the covers, revealing Melina’s voluptuous form, albeit her fat throbbing monster cock is out of place on her distinctly feminine form. “W-wait a minute, who are you?” Wifey gasps out, expecting a neighboring villager, but not the hung female player laying in her bed.

“Ummmm. I-uhhhh” Melina stammers out, unsure of what to say. But before she can embarrass herself more, the lovable busty wife shushes Melina with a single outstretched finger. “You know what? Don’t tell me. My husband hasn’t been fucking me properly. So just pretend to be him tonight. Okay?”

Without a word, Melina fervently nods her head, agreeing to the adulterous one-night stand with such a lovable loyal wife. “You’ve been getting the royal treatment, so now it’s time for me to feel good~” Wifey breathes out, setting her hands on Melina’s abdomen as she lines up her puffy wet pussy to the fat throbbing member.

Riding Melina cowgirl, the repressed villager wife screams in ecstasy as she bounces up and down Melina’s long girth, the thick breeding tool pounding deep into Wifey with each strong bounce. Even the slower hops had Wifey going crazy with pleasure, climaxing again and again as Melina’s magnum member knocked against her cervix. And she still wasn’t all in!

Moaning and groaning in equal bliss, the two are an entangled mess as Melina holds back climax, distracting herself by sucking on Wifey’s sensitive chest nubs jiggling in her face. Oh fuck this is hot! Melina thinks to herself, burying her face in Wifey’s ample bosom as she rides Melina like a wild beast, panting and drooling as the two make carnal love.

Notch she’s tight! Melina gasps as she feels the warm wet walls of Wifey’s pussy clamp down on her fat cock, putting it in a fleshy vice as she climaxes. “Uhhhhnnnn! Ah! Pound me harder! Ruin me with your cock! Breed me!” Wifey screams out, mind going blank as an intense orgasm rocks her body.

On the edge of release, Melina hugs Wifey’s waist and pushes her to the covers, her cock still buried in her sopping wet cunt as they fall to the sheets. Coming out on top, Melina grabs and pins Wifey’s wrists above her head, keeping them stable as Melina begins pounding into Wifey with newfound fervor. Taking the role of submissive slut, Wifey happily echoes Melina’s loud grunts of pleasure, taking thrust after thrust like nothing but a fleshy cocksleeve for fat-cocked futas to impregnate.

With their spots reversed, Melina savagely thrusts away at Wifey’s aching hungry pussy, her thick futa member now smashing through her cervix and making sweet love directly to Wifey’s womb. Melina’s juicy throbbing pussy pounder pulses and dribbles precum as the sound of skin on skin fills the hut, her heavy backed-up sperm sacks sloppily slapping against Wifey’s clenching butthole on each thrust. The slutty wife takes thrust after balls deep thrust from the busty futa witch, moaning and creaming incessantly, flooding the marital bed sheets with adulterous body fluids.

Even on cloud nine, Wifey realizes what a mistake this was, making love with a hung stranger in her own home. On her husband’s bed no less. But it’s too late, the loyal wife has completely turned traitor, her body having fallen in love with Melina’s girthy breeding tool stretching her to new limits while pounding deep into her womb. But one thing remains. She did love her husband. For now…

“I’m about to cum! You want it right? Right? Feel my thick fertile sperm flooding your ovaries?” Melina spits out, pounding harder and sending pleasurable bolts of lightning through the climaxing villager beneath her, who only nods her head in agreement, too busy cumming her brains out to muster a legible response.

But just as she’s about to bathe Wifey’s insides with hot pasty gunk, Melina uses all her willpower to pull out! Taking her revenge for being blue balled so many times, Melina’s heavy throbbing futa cock now lay against the wife’s stomach, dribbling precum like an open faucet.

“Oh notch! Get that fat cock back inside me!” Wifey moans out, gyrating her hips in a desperate attempt to slide Melina’s dick back into her. But Melina’s hold on Wifey’s wrists keep her there, pinned to the bed as she passionately humped the shaft of Melina’s girthy member for just a little bit more stimulation.

“Why should I put it back in? What’s the incentive for ME?” Melina pants out, using all her willpower not to slam her girthy monster cock deep into the villager’s wife. Playing into Melina’s plans perfectly, Wifey begins begging for her cock, shaking and trembling as she slides her dripping labia up and down Melina’s girthy shaft.

“Please! Please! Pleaseeeee! Put it back in! I neeeeed to feel your cum flooding my pussy! Pump me full of your sperm! Put a baby in me! Knock me up! Ruin me! I don’t care! Just… Just keep fucking meeeee!” The needy villager wife, drowning in the pleasure of having her womb pounded into a quivering mess of cum and pussy juice, begs like a whore, the last bit of love for her husband transferring to Melina as she happily obliges Wifey’s fervent begging.

Melina smirks in victory as she once again perches her thick pulsating cock head to Wifey’s clenching lower lips, gently spreading the sensitive folds before slamming forward, hilting her throbbing monstrosity deep within the poor farmer’s wife. The two’s faces mirror their intense pleasure, eyes unfocused and drooling slightly, lips twitching slightly as their bodies acclimate to the balls-deep connection.

As the burning pleasure of balls-deep penetration slowly wears off, Melina leans down, attaching her mouth to the wife’s in a passionate battle of tongues as she begins to ratchet up the pace. As the wife and Melina’s lips mash together in a passionate wanting kiss, their lower halves mash together in an animalistic rut, violently pounding her sloppy wet pussy into a quivering dripping mess.

With each bestial thrust, Melina loses more control, her brain filling with thoughts of breeding and impregnation as the pent-up loads in her ballsack boil for release. With one final girly groan, Melina smashes her throbbing futa cock balls deep, lodging her juicy girth deep in Wifey’s womb as her balls clench upwards. Rope after rope of thick viscous baby batter pours into Wifey’s womb, inflating the tiny baby room with an unending stream of gooey sperm shots. As rope after rope of fertile sticky jizz floods her womb, the wife’s stomach bulges outwards to accommodate the copious cum load, swelling as more of the hung stranger’s virile nut milk paints her insides white. With Melina holding her in place, Wifey can do nothing but orgasm as her pussy is pumped full of juicy witch batter, gluey glops of white jizz erupting from the shivering cock head as Wifey’s abdomen bulges outwards, the gallons of cum held inside by the thick girthy plug that was Melina’s cock.

Melina’s throbbing cock oozes virile sperm cells deep in Wifey’s womb with each second, finally running out of futa spunk as Melina collapses on top of the wife. The two stay like this for a while, simply enjoying each other’s company as they shiver and huff together in post-orgasm high.

“I-I know this is kinda late… But can I know your name?” Wifey’s tired voice breaks the silence first, a whisper in the cacophony of panting. “My name, you sweet little thing, is Melina. Melina Thompson.” She replies, smiling as she plants a tiny kiss on the blushing wife’s nose.

“Melina… That’s a beautiful name. You can call m-“ But before she’s finished talking, Melina covers her mouth with a cupped hand, a devious smile crossing her face as Wifey feels the deflating cock shaft inside her throb back to life.

“Shhhh. No need Mrs. Wife. You’re just my cumdump for tonight~” Melina whispers, tightening her grip around the wife’s wrists as she begins to fervently pound her pussy once again, churning her previous load with each thrust. Lost in pleasure, Mrs. Wife only moans louder in response, completely giving herself to Melina and her juicy futa cock.

“Jeez. That took a while.” The husband whispered to himself, looking to the moon and noting that it’d taken him a good few hours to get the pigs back in their pen. First he had to find them, then he had to catch the naughty pigs! After catching them though, it was a relatively fast walk back to the pigpen behind his house.

Closing the gate with a gentle click, the husband stretches his hands toward the sky, a few cracks in his back getting relieved as he breathes a deep sigh. It’d cost him a few valuable hours of sleep, but he was glad that his wife didn’t come help. At least she got some rest. He thinks to himself, carefully rubbing his wedding ring to ease his exhaustion. He couldn’t wait to roll back into bed with his lovely caring wife.

But as the cloaked villager approaches the door to his home, it becomes obvious something is amiss. Even just standing outside, he could hear a low moaning from within, a consistent lewd groan that could barely be heard over the whistling of the wind.

Feeling his cock harden a little, the villager smirks as he contemplates interrupting his wife’s alone time, entertaining the idea of walking in on her masturbating alone. Exhausted from the sleepless night, he eventually starts to open the door, frowning as the solid wooden door doesn’t budge.

“Huh. That’s weird…” he whispers, noting that he’d been sure to unlock the door before running outside, not wanting to bother his wife when he came back. Maybe he’d accidentally locked it in his rush to chase the pigs? Shrugging, the villager pulls the jangling keyring out of his pocket, inserting it into the lock and turning with a small click.

But as he opens it, the scent of sex hits him full force, a kind of damp warmth emanating from him and his wife’s room that wafts into his nose. Aside from the smell and warmth, what grabs his attention is the loud sound of skin-on-skin echoing from within the dark room, followed by his wife’s distinct moaning voice begging lewdly.

“Oh fuck! That’s it! That’s the spot! Ram your fat cock into my womb!”

“Oh crap, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!! Take all my filthy cum you slutty whore!”

“Yes yes yes! Knock me up!!!!!”

Hands shaking, a million thoughts run through his mind as he tentatively reaches for the light switch, loudly gulping before flipping it to illuminate the lewd scene before him.

The bed that he and his wife had spent so many nights cuddling in was now a dirty pile of wet cloth, thick sludgy gunk coating it in layer upon layer of dried cum. The wooden floor that his wife had spent so many hours cleaning was now covered in puddles of white spunk, oozing in large splotches built up like mini anthills of baby batter. But that was only the icing on the cake.

In the corner was his beautiful loyal wife, collapsed face down ass up as a busty player pulled out their fat throbbing monster from her gaping dripping pussy, the tight orifice stretched wide as it leaked what could only be gallons of cum judging from the yoga ball sized bulge in his wife’s stomach.

He was turned on. He couldn’t even try to deny it with his cock erect and begging for attention. His normally gentle wife who blushed at even a brush of his hand was now shivering in climax, dripping gallons of a stranger’s thick spunk from her ruined backside, the wet hole gaping from the rough animalistic breeding that the futa stranger had put her through. It was obvious that she’d somehow known he wasn’t home to protect his wife from getting corrupted, busy chasing pigs while the futa made his wife into a panting impregnated fucktoy. There had to be gallons of spunk poured into his wife, the multiple loads having been churned from repeated pussy pounding until it became the sludgy white yogurt now dripping down her outstretched thighs.

Standing there in disbelief, the husband’s mouth hangs down to his knees as he takes in the scene, utterly flabbergasted that his wife could look so slutty. Finally noticing the returned villager frozen in the doorway, Melina turns to greet him, smirking as the weak-willed husband takes a scared back step.

“Oops! Sorry about your wife. Or should I say girlfriend now?” She jokes, chuckling as she gives the wife a firm slap on the ass, only being met with a whorish moan from below, too fucked stupid to muster a response. “I get why you married her. She was so gentle at first, but then she gave herself up completely after the first creampie. Though I made sure to give her many more~” Melina monologues, cock throbbing as she remembers the intense back-to-back loads of creamy chunky cream pie she’d delivered directly into the wife’s eager womb.

Feeling out of place in his own home, the husband gulps nervously as Melina continues to stare at him, licking her lips like a hungry beast. Too dumbfounded to say anything, he takes another tentative step backward, gulping as he thinks about running. But he’s frozen in place as the futa stranger’s long cock throbs to life, growing even longer and harder in size as a wicked smile creeps across her face. “Hm? Are you leaving? Don’t you dare…”

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