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Sassy Danielle Daniels has had a damn hard life full of intense pain, betrayal, loss and judgement..... Sassy has an erotic love life with many past lovers who although appear to be some of the finest specimens of men..... Their behaviour is more along the lines of adolescence..... This has Sassy questioning her lovers constantly, "Are you man enough for me!?" That is...... Until one...... Kaizan Khavana appear's to be a 17 year old boy..... However..... It doesn't take long for Sassy to find out that this big country boy..... Who has his eye's on this big city woman, on her knee's craving more and more of this man..... He may look like a boy..... But Kaizan is all man! And...... He has a kink! Sassy never imagined she'd dabble in world of BDSM..... How ever..... Kaizan is into to tantric love-making...... Sassy is about to find out that her new beau has a dark side! Welcome to the world of kink Sassy...... You're about to be a princess of the underground world of organised crime....... And Kaizan will become your King!

Erotica / Romance
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It's Friday night and I start back at University on Monday. I'm confident. I made two promises to myself. No sex. No more babie's. I learned my lesson from the first time. I ain't going there again. I love my baby. I do..... But struggling to make end's meet as a young single mama, who everyone want's to have a good time with. But only until the morning. The worst is a pussy fairy. A cock that magically appear's before your pussy at night. Only to disappear again before the sun come up. For real..... Izzy is a naturally hyperactive 3yr old boy who is challenging unless challenged...... This kid's mind is amazing.... He's talented and has more love to love with than anyone else I ever known..... But he doesn't sleep well..... He misses two of the most important people to any child like Izzy...... His biological father is no where to be seen by his choice...... His twin sister is a sun set baby...... My baby I lost..... The one half of him missing and he know's everything about her..... It's scary that I live literally next door to my mother. I was living with my mother. I had to leave because I caught my sister's boyfriend laying a fist on her and I got kicked out because I didn't stay quiet..... So, now my family ain't talking to me and I got the boot. What's worse is waking up every morning with my ranch slider open to the world because at 3:30 am my son wakes from a nightmare and is silent about it. He sleep walk's to my mother's bed every night at that exact time without fail..... If it wasn't for my family though.... I wouldn't be able to go back to school and sing.... Go out at all and let my hair down.... I'm creative..... I am a performing artist..... Dancer........ Drama..... Spoken Word...... Music..... Singing.... Lyricist...... Art.... Fashion Design..... Hair and Makeup...... I do it all...... I am it all..... I love to party...... And I love to hit the club's dancing..... Hence why I'm majoring in Performing Art's and minoring in Music........ I'm sitting at the dining room table writing my list of to do and not to do and another to do appear's..... Move away from my mother in the hope my son won't do what he does every night because we live next door.....

I have a glass of wine next to me as I examine the course content, syllabus, information pack and the compulsory resource list......

The Resource List:
M512 Microphone and Cord
Musical Instrument if owned
12 text book's that cost a total of $2000.00

Performance attire and accessories of choice.....

That doesn't even include the course fee's, course provided resources and course content and stationary fee's......

A grand total of $13000.00

Clearly a student loan, living cost supplement and solo parent financial assistance grant is going to take care of all of this and make end's to meet...... Barely meet..... Borderline not met at all......

"Oh my.... How the mother fuggen Gosh.... Am I gonna do this shiz????"

Then I see him. His jet black straight hair. His large black eye's (sleeping thank goodness). With their natural, amazing, super long, super thick, luscious Kardashian Clustered lashe's. (which I don't have, I got the short Asian one's, that require mountains of mascara). His large kinda flat but pointy nose. And the most beautiful full pout (mamaz kissy lip's). The most beautiful angel by sleep..... But a demon by day that I ever laid my sleep deprived eye's on. The true love of my life..... "I know I gotta do it for him and me..... For us.........." My poor baby struggles in his sleep...... "Mama! ..... Why did you not give my daddy enough love for him to stay?......." He's still sleeping..... He spill's precious tear's...... This also happen's every night in his last 3 minutes before sleep where he lashe's out at me and when he sleep's...... I know it's not my fault...... But it don't change the fact..... That I feel like shit..... I'm strong and composed while he does this...... But I cry while he sleep's...... As I feel like I failed him because I can't be his father...... But it's clear he wishes for a father most in this world..... A family with parent's...... And right now..... I can't do that..... I've tried and failed allot..... Apparently I'm easy on the eye..... An amazing conquest because of the chase that keep's them on their toes..... Until I eventually crack, let them in..... Some stay for a bit...... Or a night..... A few hour's...... But never stay forever...... All of them have been God like built and handsome...... Sexy..... Hot and over blessed in the length and thickness..... But complete and utter fucktard's!!! Oh and did I mention...... They were all aged between early 20's to 30's and still behave like little fucken boy's who dip, jackhammer, pound, bang and destroy the pussy before they fucken forget me and avoid me like the plague..... I'm put off but not enough to change camp..... I love cock.... And being eaten out too much by a male...... To have pussy that I will never want? .... I've had offer's for real all the time.... Even just to taste my kitty.... But nah.... Not happening ever!!!!! It's midnight and I gotta go bed. I never make it to 3:30. I asked my mum why at that time? She told me that at that time when I was in labour, I cried. I apologised to my baby for not being able to make his daddy stay because he was just an easy fix when I needed some company. I never loved him, just his long as cock. My mama told me though. There was just enough love there. To make him. And bring him forth from the Heaven's to Earth. For me to love and be loved by him, she said he heard me....

"I gotta get some sleep"...... I climb under the cover's..... And am asleep within second's......
***************************Hey everyone...... Thank you for reading. This story is very different to the first three books written by me.... This book is related to 'What If He Love's Me'. You can find my books on Chapter's Taptales, please note all of my books are works in progress. I have chosen to soread my works across reading platforms to reach a wider audience. However, the versions of my work outside of Chapter's are more indepth, edited versions, such as here on Inkitt and on Wattpad..... I hope you continue to read on and like with all my book's..... I don't own any rite's to any image's used and my work is mine and not taken or written by any other's.......


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