Dabi X Pregnant Reader.

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Having a child with Dabi. Should be easy enough, right? Wrong. Y/N faces grueling and hard tasks that they must face in order to get through this. What are those tasks? Read and you'll find out.

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Chapter 1: The Unknown Sickness.

(TW: Sex, violence, murder, blood, gorey details through out all chapters. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

You and Dabi have been together for almost four years. Over those four years, he has become more gentle with you. You knew being sweet wasn't his thing, but he tried to be. You were sitting in the room you shared with him, watching a movie on cable T.V., when Dabi opened the door and huffed.
"Another hard day at work?" You asked, looking at his ripped jacket. He flopped on the bed making you bounce a little.
"Yeah. Handman is on my ass about everything lately. I don't know what called up his ass, but I hate it." You giggled, placing a hand on his head. You ran your fingers through his dyed hair, which always made Dabi feel a little bit better. He looked up at you with a small smile.
"I was watching a movie. Wanna watch with me?" You asked softy. He didn't answer. All he did was crawl his way on top of you, laying his head on your chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your small body towards his.
"Mm..." He hummed. You knew that he would be gentle now, but when he wanted all your goodies...he was a completely different guy. He seemed too tired to get "under the sheets". You checked the time to see it was a quarter after 11 pm. You turned the T.V. off and held Dabi. You closed your eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

Morning came soon than you wanted. You flickered your eyes open and felt on the bed. Dabi wasn't there. You sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. As you stood and headed to go out the bedroom door, a wave of nausea over took you. You covered your mouth and ran to the bathroom. You threw up into the toilet. You tried to keep it quiet.

"Y/N? You alright?" Dabi said, standing in the doorway. You shifted your teary eyed gaze towards him.
"Y-yeah...I'm f-fine baby..." You stammered. He walked in and held your hair back. You felt one more wave of nausea hit you. For the last time, you threw up. Once you were finished, you flushed the toilet and washed your mouth out, Dabi watching the entire time.
"I'm going to get rea-"
"Oh, no you're not." Dabi said as he picked you up bridal style.
"Toyua! Put me down! I have to get ready for work!" You shouted at him. He ignored your shouts. He set you back in bed.
"Nope. Obviously you're sick. You can't work if you're puking every ten minutes." He said, grabbing the thermometer. "Open." You opened your mouth and accepted that you were sick.

How in the hell did you get sick?
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