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Love is in the air, and on the floor, and in the bedroom, and in a motel. Two married couples swap spouses, twice, and evolve into one big happy family. Or, do they?

Erotica / Romance
marsha rice
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Untitled chapter


The reflection of the motel’s flickering neon lights bounced off the ceiling. I laid there naked, except for my panties that got caught around one ankle, wet with sweat. My head was still spinning from an incredible evening of sex with Jake. He was in the bathroom cleaning up before going back home to his wife, my best friend Lori. My husband, Nick, was out of town on a fishing trip. I was in no hurry to leave; in fact, I could’ve just stayed there for the night. The room was paid for and I could lay there and smell like sex until the morning.

“Jake before you go, come back to bed for a quickie first.”

“Babe, you know I’ve got to get back. How about this, you sleep here and I’ll stop on my way to work in the morning.”


“You know I do.” He leaned in to kiss me and I grabbed his hand and shoved it between my legs.

“Don’t you want some more of this?”

“In the morning. I love you.”

“I love you too. More than you know.”

Jake locked the door behind him and went back to his wife. Part of me wondered if she would want to have sex when he got home, because I expected it in the morning and I didn’t want the poor guy wore out.

The thought of him being with Lori didn’t bother me, after all they were married. It was the same with me, when Nick got home I was going to fuck his brains out. I loved Nick, but I was ‘in love’ with Jake and I always have been. Divorcing him was a big mistake.

Here I am cheating on my husband with my ex-husband. And just to confuse things, my husband Nick, and Jake’s wife Lori, were once married to each other. The four of us have a very ‘strange but true’ relationship.

Lori an I were friends in school. Not what you would call best friends, but we hung with the same crowd and were together a lot. We kind of lost touch after school for a couple of years. Nick and Jake were both jocks in school. Nick was a year ahead of the other three of us, but the guys played varsity ball together.

Neither Lori or I had what you would call steady boyfriends through high school. I had such a crush on Jake that I wanted to be available if he ever noticed me. Lori had an appetite for the rough crowd which is probably why we weren’t closer.

Jake and I got paired up, quite by accident, at a mutual friend’s wedding. By the end of that night, we were planning activities together. When I finally got up the nerve to tell him about my high school crush, he admitted that he had secretly liked me from a distance for quite a while and had never got up the courage to ask me out because I always seemed to be going out with someone else. We both laughed about it all the way to the altar. We were married two years later.

Nick had gone away to college on a sports scholarship only to blow out his knee in his second year. He returned home to work in his father’s auto parts store. He met Lori when she had gone to his store for a battery for her car. He says he fell for her when she convinced him to install it for her by flashing her tits at him. They got married after Lori had given birth to their little girl, Megan.

Jake and I were blessed with a daughter of our own a couple of years into our marriage. I was very lucky that Jake’s income was sufficient enough that I could stay at home and care for Carrie.

We settled into a hum-drum boring domestic life. Jake worked long hard hours and saved what ever energy he had left at the end of the day for Carrie, I got the left overs. I don’t want to sound like I was complaining, we were very much in love and had an otherwise wonderful marriage. Our fun was saved for the bedroom after Carrie went to bed. And fun we had. The bedroom is where we connected, on all levels. I was so in love with Jake that I was willing to do or be anything he wanted. I could be as perverted and slutty, or as loving and sensual as he desired. I never said no to him. We experimented with every kind of sex imaginable. Jake even brought home a book on Kamasutra once and we performed the whole book, one page at a time.

When Carrie got a little older, we started bowling on Saturday nights. My mom loved spending time with her only granddaughter and insisted on Carrie spending the night with her so that she could cook her breakfast on Sunday morning. Breakfast was always mom’s specialty when I was growing up. I always liked fried eggs on top of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. Mom delivered them separate on the plate, I stacked them. She would always have something to say when I did that.

At the end of our first bowling season, our partners in the couple’s league quit, leaving us without teammates for the next season. When Nick and Lori wanted to join, the league president approached us about teaming up with them. We were pleasantly surprised to see who our next partners were when the year started. It was fun re-connecting after so much time.

Lori and I had play dates for our girls. She didn’t work when Megan was little either and we would get together a couple time a week. On the weekends we would all get together. Jake found out that Nick had installed a basketball net on his garage and they would shoot hoops and drink beer while Lori and I would sit and laugh at our ‘other kids’. Lori always said that she wanted another girl for her next one, if they had more kids, because she already had a boy: Nick.

We would put the girls to bed and kill a case or two of beer and play cards or board games or just solve all of the world’s problems. On one occasion, one of the guys, I don’t remember which one, suggested we play strip poker. Of course, it was guys vs. girls. We must’ve been really drunk that night because Lori and I agreed to it. Unfortunately, it became somewhat of a ritual for us, everybody getting drunk enough to disrobe. The unwritten rule was that when you lost all of your clothes and lost the hand again, you had to pay off your debt with kisses.

I think the guys cheated because it seemed as though Lori and I always lost. We decided to make it interesting. Lori would take care of Jake and I would handle Nick. Kissing inevitably led to fondling, which led to us grinding away on their laps until they wished that they had lost a hand or two, and their pants. We took great pleasure in teasing. So much so, that we started to lose on purpose.

We started skipping the card games and went straight for drunken make out sessions. I very much enjoyed ‘dating’ Nick. On the rare occasion that my attention veered across the room, Lori and Jake showed no inhibitions in getting familiar with each other, either.

I was a little nervous at first with Nick. I didn’t want to do anything that would upset anybody, especially Jake, but the first time I saw Nick completely naked, my imagination went wild wondering what it would be like to make love to him. Initially, I knew there had to be boundaries.

I was surprised at how excited I got watching Jake with Lori. It didn’t take long to know there weren’t going to be too many things that were off limits judging by their activities.

Nick was a great kisser but I longed for his mouth to be other places. He fondled my boobs while I unzipped his pants, he had quite the bulge in his Levis. His erection sprang to attention when he lost the jeans. I spread my legs wide open and straddled his lap, sitting on his thighs. I took his mighty cock in my hand and stroked it while he sucked on my nipples. All I could think about was getting that cock inside me and fucking the hell out of him.

From the other side of the room, Lori yelled over that we had better switch partners. I looked down to see the pre-cum oozing from Nick and agreed.

Lori threw a blanket on the floor and laid down. Nick instantly jumped on top and started humping her. She motioned to me to lay down next to her. I pulled Jake down with me and wrapped my legs around his back. Neither of the guys lasted long and I don’t think we did either. Lori grabbed ahold of my hand and squeezed it hard when I heard her moan.

I had never had sex with an audience before, but there was a certain comfort level with Nick and Lori. Besides, it wasn’t like they were watching, they were a little preoccupied with themselves.

I couldn’t help stare at Nick’s penis as he pulled out of Lori, he was still pretty erect and I secretly wondered if he wanted seconds.

Lori looked over at me with a mischievous look and said, “C’mon, shower time.” and we headed upstairs to the bathroom. The water was plenty hot. Lori squirted body wash over my breasts and lathered it until they were hidden under the bubbles. I got a little excited with her hands on my boobs. I pulled her close and rubbed my boobs against hers. The soap made them slippery.

Lori looked longingly into my eyes and before either of us were aware, we were passionately kissing. Our hands stroked each other’s butts as the water cascaded over our entangled bodies. I experienced a full-on orgasm the moment her fingers found my vagina. I was quick to return the favor.

We toweled off and as I reached for the door to go downstairs and rejoin the guys, I looked at her and said, “Lori…”

“We don’t need to have a conversation.” She said, and gave me a little kiss on the lips.


“Instead of playing cards tonight, Lori and I have a surprise for you two. Come out to the garage with us.” Nick said.

Jake and I followed them to their garage. We stepped inside and waited for Lori to flip the lights on. There in the middle of the garage floor was a bubbling hot tub.

“Awesome, but why in the garage and not in the backyard or on the deck?” Jake asked.

Lori and Nick looked at each other and in unison said, “Privacy.”

Lori already had champaign splits on ice for us, and beer in the fridge for the guys. We opened the bottles and Lori explained her theory of how the champaign tastes better while you are in the tub. She stripped herself naked, grabbed her bottle, and stepped into the water, submerging herself to her neck.

“Coming in?” she said.

I didn’t need much more of an invitation and joined her. We snuggled arm in arm and raised up just enough to get our boobs above the surface and asked the guys what they were waiting for. They soon joined us.

The fun of the evening progressed while we polished off several bottles. Drinking games turned into kissing games which evolved into make-out sessions. Lori turned her attention to Jake while Nick and I molested each other. I ended up on Nick’s lap with my back to him while he played with my boobs. Lori copied me and sat on Jakes lap when I saw that look in her eyes again. We leaned in and started kissing. Deep passionate kisses.

As we came up for air, I said, “Uh oh, I think someone likes watching us kiss. Nick is getting hard.”

“He’s not the only one.” She said, “If Jake gets any harder, we might have a problem.” And she kissed me again.

“Oh no, Lori. Oh my god, Nick’s inside me. Oh, fuck.” I moaned.

“Well,” she sighed, “he’s not the only one. Jake just got harder and we do have a problem.”

“What should we do?” I asked, although I already had my answer. Each thrust of Nick’s penetration was more and more pleasurable. No way did I want him to stop.

“How about we just enjoy it?” Lori responded, “The damage is already done.”


Our Saturday evening card games became nothing more than an excuse to have sex with each other’s husbands. In fact, most weeks, we didn’t even get the deck of cards out. As soon as Carrie and Megan were down for the night, we paired up. First, we would all fuck in the same room, Nick and I on one side and Lori and Jake on the other. It wasn’t long before we found separate spaces. Nick and I would wander off to the family room while the other two stayed in the living room.

We even went on a cruise together. The girls stayed with their respective grandparents and the four of us went to the Caribbean. Nick and I got a cabin together and acted as a couple for the whole trip. Lori and Jake did the same. When the trip was over, we came to the realization that we were all very happy with the arrangement, and talks turned to the ‘what if’s’. What if we made this permanent? We began to have round table discussions about housing and finances and the kids. We were all in agreement that it would have to be permanent. None of us wanted to ‘just play house’.

Our families did not understand our situation, nor approve. Their main concern was for the two girls, and rightfully so.

The simplest solution was for the guys to swap places. Lori and I would keep our respective houses, and the kids would not be disrupted from their schools.

As soon as the divorces were final, we had a dual wedding. Together, Lori and Jake, and Nick and I, picked the appropriate date of April 1st to exchange vows. We did, however, take separate honeymoons.

Life was back to normal except for our Saturday card games. We actually sat and played cards and saved the sexcapades for when we got home.


If our lives weren’t weird enough already, Lori and I both got pregnant at about the same time. Since I had been all alone, except for Jake, when Carrie was born, it was fun having someone to commiserate with during this pregnancy.

The only complication I had during the pregnancy was the night that Jake came to the house to see Carrie when she was sick. Nick was away and Jake began to reminisce about when I was first pregnant with Carrie, and how my boobs got big, and how sensitive they became, and how quick I could have an orgasm just by sucking on them. Of course, because I was again pregnant, all of those sensations returned as he talked about them, and the next thing we knew, we were on the living room couch fucking.

Jake and I used to have a lot of sex when I was pregnant. I was the hottest and horniest I had ever been, during those nine months. Nick, on the other hand, wouldn’t come near me. He was afraid he would hurt the baby. Lori said he was the same with her when she had Megan, which was fine with her because she felt the same way. Knowing this, Jake and I snuck around to have sex at least once or twice a month, until I was close to my due date.

Lori gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Wednesday morning, and named her Molly. I was jealous. I was so done with being pregnant, I wanted the little shit, out. I got my wish two days later when Nicole took her first breaths just after noon. I was so proud of her, I couldn’t wait to show her to Jake, I mean Lori.


Things were pretty routine for a long time. The guys went to work every day and brought home their paychecks for us girls to spend. Lori and I got together on a regular basis, helping each other with the kids and giving each other some sanity time. Nick was gone, off and on, for work leaving me with time for Jake and I to have our moments together, even if it was only for a quickie in the kitchen while the girls were watching TV.


As promised, Jake came back in the morning. I heard the key in the tumbler but I stayed under the covers until he closed the door. I threw back the blanket and spread my legs.

“I’m all yours. Take your clothes off.” I commanded. He looked exhausted. “Please don’t tell me you had to go home and fuck Lori all night. I want you to myself this morning.”

“No. When I got home last night, I walked into the bedroom only to find my wife with your husband together, sound asleep and naked. I’ve just been riding around all night.”

I looked at Jake in disbelief. Nick was supposed to be away for work. Is this what he’d been doing every time he was away? Was he cheating on me the way I was cheating on him?

“Did you just leave and not say anything?”

“My first thought was to confront them, but I had just come from being with you. They only did what we did. I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could have come back here.” I said, “Why didn’t you.”

“I needed time to think.”

“I’m going to take a shower.” I said, “Either go home and sleep or go to work. You and Lori better plan on coming over Saturday night and we’ll all talk about it then.”


Lori came over so the girls could have a play date. When they went down for their nap, I put a bottle of Jack and two shot glasses in the middle of the table.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“You and me need to talk, and I don’t want any inhibitions to get in our way. We each take three shots, relax and then talk.”

“Three shots of that and I’m liable to rip your clothes off instead.” She said laughing, “What’s going on?”

I poured us each a shot and slammed it back. I poured another right away and slammed that one too. I gave her time to catch her breath, then poured the third one. That one went down easier than the first two. I poured a fourth.

“We might need that one too. I know that you were with Nick the other night. I know this because Jake told me. He found you two together when he went home. I want to know how long you have been seeing Nick and why.”

“I can’t lie to you, Nick and I never stopped seeing each other. We had an occasional hookup when he would visit Megan. Look, I love Jake and I love our little girl, but Nick and I had something special that I just never felt with Jake. And Nick and I have been seeing each other more often lately.” She paused, ”Why are you laughing?”

“Sorry, but if you knew how often I have fucked your husband, you’d probably never speak to me again. I love Nick and our daughter, but I am ‘in love’ with Jake and always have been. I realized that right after I got pregnant with Nicole. I was wishing that she was Jake’s.”

“So, what do we do now?” she asked.

“We need to know how the guys feel. I think it’s obvious that you would like to be back with Nick, and I know that Jake is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. But, I treasure our friendship and I don’t want the four of us to end.”

Lori picked up her shot glass and tossed back another. “Whew, they are going down easier. That better be my last one.”

I kept pace with her and agreed that we had better stop.

“How much longer do you think the girls are going to sleep? I think I’ve had just enough Jack to get naked with you. What’ya say? Interested?” and Lori kissed me, pushing her tongue past my lips and slid her hand down my pants, squeezing my ass cheek.

“C’mon.” I took her hand and led her to my bed.


Saturday night arrived and Lori and I sat the boys down before the booze escaped the refrigerator and told them how we had analyzed our lives, and where we wanted to be years from now. We were both pleasantly surprised to know that they had been talking about the same thing between the two of them.

It was agreed that Jake would move back with me and Nick would return to Lori.

I loved Jake. I loved Nick. I loved Lori. I loved the four of us. I loved my girls. I loved Lori’s girls. Hell, I loved the eight of us. We were one weird family.

It took a lot of talking on my part to convince the others that we needed to go through the divorce-remarriage again, if only for financial considerations. They finally saw my reasoning and we had a two-for-one civil service at the court house.

It felt right, being back with Jake. This was how I wanted it. Meeting him in motel rooms was exciting, but having him in my own bed was the way it was meant to be. Our life got to a place that normal people consider normal. We still saw Lori and Nick weekly. The kids were all sisters in one way or another and we made sure to keep them together.


“Lori, bring the girls and come on over. I’ve got some news to share with you.”

We got the girls all situated in the playroom, and I fixed a pot of tea for us.

“What’s this big news you got?” Lori asked as she blew on her tea, trying to cool it down.

“You can’t say anything yet because I haven’t even told Jake, but I’m pregnant again.” It had been almost a year since we had gotten back together, so there was no question in my mind that this baby was Jake’s.

“That’s awesome. Oh, I’m so happy for you.” she threw her arms around me, gave me a big hug and asked. “You want a boy this time?”

“I don’t care as long as it’s healthy. It could be girl number five of our little group for all I care.”

Lori had kind of a strange look on her face and I asked her what was up.

“I have some news too. It looks like we’re going to have babies together again. I just found out this morning that I’m pregnant.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Have you told Nick?”

“No, I peed on the stick after he left for work this morning. Why the look on your face?”

“Lori, I hate to tell you this, but after Nicole was born, we decided not to have any more kids and Nick got snipped.”

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