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IN HOT WATER - Sexy One Shots

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A collection of sexy one shots. VERY X-Rated, explicit, and extremely addictive. Please read in private with a bucket of ice water. You have been warned. ;)

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
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Part 1: My Dad's Best Friend

PART ONE: My Dad's Best Friend

As I stepped into my childhood home, warm memories invaded my mind. It had been a hot minute since I’d been home, but who could blame me? I was in my third year at NYU and crazy busy. The last time I was home was over Christmas break two years ago. I missed my family and the warmth my home state brought me.

“Payton! You’re home!” My mom beamed when she poked her head around the wall.

The house smelled amazing and the sounds of a football game could be heard from the living room. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without it.

“Hey, Mom!” I set my bags down and ran to her, throwing our arms around one another.

“Oh, baby girl, we’re so glad you could join us this year. We have another surprise for you!”

She knew how much I hated surprises, but since being home, I was in a bomb-ass mood. Bring on the surprises!

“Are you going to tell me? Or, am I going to have to wait? You know how much I hate…”

“Hey there, killer.”

The sound of a familiar husky voice sent shivers up my spine as I spun around and saw my dad’s best friend. Braxton Saunders.

He was like the uncle I never had growing up, but the older I got, the more I appreciated his good looks. My little teenage crush on him made me ignore all the boys at college, going straight for the men. I swear I didn’t have daddy issues.


I ran to him, throwing my arms around his neck as I pressed my pierced nipples against his chest, secretly wondering how he’d feel against them with no clothes between us. His hands at the small of my back shot an ache right between my legs, making my cheeks flush.

“Damn, kid, you’ve grown up!” He held me back to look me up and down. “You’re a woman now!” He looked over at my parents. “You didn’t tell me how grown she’s gotten.”

A look of pride flashed through my parents’ eyes as they grinned at us. They knew how much I adored Braxton. This was the best surprise ever. The last time I saw him was my high school graduation. At the time, I fantasized about giving my virginity to him, but I was always too chicken to act on my attraction to him. Besides, he was much older than me, and my dad’s best friend. As sad as I was, I knew that I couldn’t do anything about it. I ended up giving my virginity to a guy named Jeff during my Junior year of high school. I quickly learned where all the creaky steps were before I snuck guy after guy into my room late at night.

But seeing him now made all those feelings come back.

Braxton Saunders was a force to be reckoned with. He used to be the captain of the football team when he was younger; my dad being his second-hand man. They were inseparable all through high school and college, seeping their friendship into their adult lives. Lucky me.

I stepped away from him, noticing how fucking sexy he still was. He might be in his late thirties now, but that number didn’t scare me at all. His hair was still a dark chocolate brown, reaching down to the top of his shoulders if he released that man-bun he had in the back. Tattoos licked up his arms, disappearing in his shirt before they reappeared up his neck. It was his aqua blue eyes and five o’clock shadow that always drew me in like a moth to a flame. He was the definition of a man.

“Your parents tell me that you haven’t been home in a long time.”

I shook my head. “I’ve been busy with school.”

Mom snorted. “And all those boys I see you taking pictures with on your Instagram.”

My cheeks flushed as I caught Braxton’s expression. Was he jealous? Please, for the love of my throbbing pussy, be true!

“They’re nothing.” I waved my hand at her. “How have you been?!” I turned my attention back to Braxton, not wanting to talk about other guys in his presence. When he was in the room, he was the only guy on my radar.

He chuckled. “I’ve been great. Divorced now.” He threw a wink at my dad as my heart lurched with excitement. He was a free man, huh? “Still running the car dealership in Seattle.” He shrugged. “Nothing too exciting.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I get that. Well, I’m so glad that you’re here! I haven’t seen you in forever!” I gave him another hug, inhaling his manly scent before I stepped away from him and hugged my dad next. “Good seeing you too, daddy.”

“Glad that you’re back, honey. Why don’t you get settled into your old room and come back down for dinner? Your mom has been cooking all morning long.”

It was so good to be home. I don’t remember the last time I had a good home-cooked meal, my stomach growling in agreement. It was amazing how well my parents looked, too, but that’s what happens when you have a kid at such a young age. They were both sixteen years old when I came along.

Dad moved to help my mom pull something from the oven as I grabbed my bags and peered at Braxton over my shoulder. My gut spiked with excitement when I saw him staring at my ass, but when he saw that I was watching him, he blushed beet red and looked away.

Oh, this was going to be the best damn weekend visit home ever. Braxton doesn’t know it yet, but he will be balls deep inside of me before the end of the holiday weekend. Hopefully more than once.

After putting my bags away in my old bedroom, I walked down the hall to the guest room, seeing Braxton’s bags on the end of the bed. Dirty thoughts entered my mind as I thought about the possibilities this weekend could hold. Luckily I knew how to sneak around this house without my parents even having a clue that I was up moving around.

I went back downstairs, finding Mom in the kitchen tending to the turkey before I went into the living room. Dad and Braxton were sitting on the couch watching football, and I found my way in. I sat between them, making sure to brush against Braxton before I sat down. He shifted in his seat, watching me for a split second as I smirked at him, turning my attention to the TV.

“Who’s winning?” I asked. I didn’t give a shit who was winning or not, I just wanted to be close to Braxton without being too obvious about it.

“The Panthers,” Dad replied, keeping his gaze on the screen.

When football was on, Dad didn’t exist and you better not interrupt him. But by the looks of it, Braxton wasn’t the same. I could feel his gaze on me, but when I stole a peek in his direction, he’d quickly glance back to the TV. He thought he was being sly. How cute.

“Dinner is served!” Mom called from the kitchen.

Braxton and I shot up from the couch, heading for the dining room as my dad stayed where he was.

“Tom!” Mom yelled at my dad, breaking his concentration on the game.

“Sorry, babe. I’m coming.” He got up and followed us to the dining room.

We all took our seats around the amazing feast in front of us, and I was thrilled that Mom put Braxton right next to me. Our legs brushed underneath the table and I swear I heard him growl, but I couldn’t be sure. The ache was back between my legs and I was no longer hungry for Mom’s home-cooked meal. No, I wanted Braxton with a side of cum in my mouth.

Small talk pursued as we ate Thanksgiving dinner, and I was dying inside. After dinner was over, I helped Mom clean up the kitchen while the guys finished their game. And all I could think about was how much longer before the night was over. Once my parents went to bed, it was playtime.

Mom tried to talk about school, but I was so distracted that I just gave her short and sweet answers. My mind was too bogged down with thoughts of what a man like Braxton could do to me.

We finished dishes and joined the guys in the living room. Mom took the spot between Dad and Braxton, leaving me without a seat. Or, did it?

“Since we’re all back together again, why not keep up traditions?” I laughed as I plopped down on Braxton’s lap.

I used to sit on his lap all the time and nobody batted an eye. They might if they knew about my attraction to Braxton, or the dirty thoughts running through my mind at the moment.

Braxton shifted uncomfortably beneath me, gripping the arm of the couch as I felt his breathing pick up. Fuck me. Was he feeling it too? I shifted in his lap, making sure to grind my ass against his dick. I wasn’t surprised when I felt he had grown a few sizes in his pants. He grabbed the outside of my leg where my parents couldn’t see, gripping me for dear life.

“Don’t,” he growled so only I could hear.

I let out a small giggle, cupping my mouth so Mom wouldn’t hear me. Knowing that I affected Braxton like this only made it sweeter.

The longer I sat on his lap feeling his dick grow harder and harder, the more I wished for this evening to be over with.

But being distracted by Braxton’s erection, I didn’t realize the game had finally ended. He pushed me off of his lap so fast that I nearly tripped and fell, making me grin. He and my dad retired to his den for the rest of the evening, drinking whiskey and catching up. Mom said she was exhausted from all of the cooking and retired to her room to read a book and would eventually fall asleep.

I joined the guys, grabbing my own glass of whiskey as my dad eyed me.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

I snickered at him. “Dad, I’m 21 now. I can legally have a drink now. You would probably have a heart attack if you knew how much I’ve been drinking back at school. Hell, you’d probably have a heart attack if you knew about all the grownup things I’ve been doing out east.” This comment was more for Braxton’s ears than for my dads, but they both needed to be reminded that I wasn’t little Payton anymore.

For fuck’s sake, I have pierced nipples and a tattoo on my ass. The Payton everyone thought they knew was long gone.

Braxton took a greedy drink from his glass, eyeing us over the rim as my dad glared at me.

“Don’t make Braxton and I come out east to put some little boys in their place, Payton.”

I laughed again, knowing he was trying to be all tough in front of his long-time buddy.

“Oh, please. If it weren’t for Mom, you’d have screwed your way through college. I recall all the stories you guys had from your college days.”

Dad shook his head as he smirked, clearly not able to back himself out of the corner. He was way worse than I was.

Silence stretched between the three of us before Dad cleared his throat.

“Well, I think we should hit the sack. Braxton and I have an early day tomorrow.”

“Ah, yes, the tradition of going golfing the day after a turkey coma.” I yawned.

“Hey, golfing is the shit,” Dad joked.

Dad and Braxton slapped hands as I fake gagged. It might be an early night for Dad, but I had other plans for Braxton.

“Well, good night, ya old fucks.”

“Hey!” Dad scolded as I walked out of the den.

I laughed, peering over my shoulder quickly to find Braxton watching me intently. Dad slapped him on the back before I continued toward the stairs, heading upstairs to my room.

I got ready for bed, dressing only in my short silk robe, knowing I wanted to make it easy to give myself to Braxton if he was willing. My heart was nearly pounding out of my chest, though. I was about to seduce my dad’s best friend and I didn’t know if he was going to accept or kick me out of his room. The thought of losing Brax because of this weighed heavy on my heart, but I wouldn’t let it stop me from trying. I had dreamed of this moment for years and seeing how he looked at me today only gave me the guts to go forward with it. Besides, if he wasn’t interested, why did he get an erection when I sat on his lap?

Moving to the door, I listened to my dad and Braxton in the hallway talking quietly.

“Tell Kristen thanks for dinner. It was fucking delicious as always,” Brax stated before I heard a slap.

“You know it, brother. Have a good night because I’m going to kick your ass in golf tomorrow,” my dad poked back.

I rolled my eyes. Is this how older men spoke to each other? I’d slept with many older men in New York City, but I had never seen or heard them converse. How boring.

“You not going to bed, Brax?”

My ears perked up at my dad’s question, silently hoping that he wasn’t. It might make my plan of seduction work easier.

“Nah, not yet. I’m gonna head back downstairs for a bit, have another glass of whiskey, and send out some emails. I’ve got a huge deal coming up with Chevrolet that I can’t lose.”

“Okay, man, but if you complain about being tired on the greens tomorrow, I’m really gonna kick your ass.”

“Yeah, yeah, fuck off.”

They both chuckled before I heard my parent’s bedroom shut and silence met my eavesdropping. Listening closer, I could hear Braxton’s footsteps descending on the stairs. I had no idea how long he’d be downstairs, but I knew my dad would need a solid twenty minutes to fall asleep. It was like clockwork.

Pacing my bedroom, I nervously watched the clock tick by until it had been twenty-four minutes. I should be in the clear. I stepped into the hallway and crept up to my parent’s door, pressing my ear against the wood before I heard my dad’s sound machine lulling him into a deep sleep. Yep, he was out for the rest of the night if we didn’t make any loud noises.

The fun was on.

As I descended the stairs, I could hear Braxton typing away on his laptop from the dining room, making my heart hammer in my chest. The plan was to come on hot and heavy, but now that it was here, I knew I had to play it cool. I didn’t want to totally freak the guy out. I wanted him to want me just as badly as I wanted him.

Pretending as if I didn’t see or hear him, I walked straight to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer from my dad’s stash in the back. I heard his typing stop as I popped off the cap and took a greedy drink. It tasted good going down, but I knew something else would taste even better right now.

I kept my back to him, still standing in front of the fridge as if I didn’t know he was there. I waited for him to acknowledge me, but he didn’t move or say a word. Damn, this was going to be more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

Shutting the fridge, I turned toward the dining room, finding Braxton staring at me with curiosity and desire on his face. The glow from his laptop illuminated his handsomely sexy features as I pretended to be started. I jumped back, throwing my hand to my chest as I cursed beneath my breath.

“Fucking hell. I thought you went to bed,” I stated.

He slowly shook his head, watching me with wide eyes as I walked toward him.

“I, um, had a few things to take care of.” He pointed at his laptop as I nodded, pulling out the chair right next to him. He watched me with wide eyes as I sat down, brushing my leg against his as I sat.

“Anything interesting?” I leaned forward, purposely letting my robe fall open far enough for him to see that I was nude beneath it.

His eyes darkened as they peered into my robe before he growled, shifted in his seat, and then brought his gaze back up to mine.

“Not really. Just working on a deal with Chevrolet.” He tore his gaze from mine and peered back at his screen. It was obvious that he was doing his damndest to avoid looking at me.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound interesting at all. Unless there’s a car in it for me?” I winked at him, biting my bottom lip.

His gaze dropped to my lips and held for a long moment before he tore them away. I smirked, knowing that I was affecting him. My courage to seduce him was back and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Can I see?” I asked, but instead of letting him turn the laptop screen toward me, I jumped up and sat in his lap.

His entire body tensed as I stared at the screen in front of me, not giving a damn about what I was looking at.

“Payton,” he growled, “what are you doing?” His octaves dropped as he shifted beneath me. I wiggled my ass until I felt his dick press against my pussy perfectly. It was the perfect angle to grind on him until he was hard.

“Just looking at what you’re working on,” I lied.

“Um, maybe you shouldn’t, um,” he stammered.

It was the perfect moment to move against him, so I did. Every inch of my body sizzled with excitement as I felt his dick grow beneath me. Fuck, I wanted to taste him.

“Don’t,” he growled as he grabbed my hips hard.

I let out a small giggle, knowing exactly what I was doing. If he truly wanted me to stop, he was strong enough to lift me from his lap and end it right now, but he wasn’t moving a muscle. I was totally winning this round.

Moving again, I reached down and placed my hand on top of his, wanting to feel his hands all over my body. The piercings in my nipples tightened the harder my buds became and I begged for his mouth there.

“S-stop fucking moving,” he growled as his grip on my hip tightened even more.

There would no doubt be small finger size bruises on my hips tomorrow but I loved it. I wanted to see them there.

“If you want me to stop then push me off,” I whispered as I peered over my shoulder at him.

This movement caused part of my robe to slowly cascade down my shoulder and reveal my nakedness beneath it. He didn’t stand a chance the moment his dark gaze fell to my bare shoulder. He knew there was nothing beneath it and I could see how badly he wanted to explore what I was offering, but would he?

“I’m not a little girl anymore, Braxton. I know what I want.”

He let out a low growl as he shifted beneath me, pressing his now rock-hard cock against my clit. A small moan left my mouth as his other hand slowly slid up my right side and snatched the other side of my robe before he pulled it down and left me topless on his lap. My robe pooled at my waist as the cool air of the dining room licked across my nips, hardening them even more.

“I’m going to punish the fuck out of you, Payton,” he rasped into my ear, sending a wave of chills down my spine as my back arched.

This movement only tortured me more as my pussy slid against his hardness through his jeans. I cursed the material between us, begging for that skin-on-skin contact.

His arms looped around my torso before he grabbed my tits, massaging them in his big hands. The contact nearly made me jolt from his lap as I bit my lip to stop myself from letting out a loud moan. I had dreamed of this moment for too long and now that it was finally happening, I could barely wait a second longer.

Arching my back again, my tits pressed harder into his palms as he groaned behind me. His fingers found my nipples as he pinched them lightly, flicking the tips over the metal pieces.

“Mmm, you’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?”


I creamed at his words as he continued to torture my nips. The longer he played with my pierced nipples the more excited I became. I seriously wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer if he kept up with this.

Reaching behind me, I slid my hand over his abdomen and felt his muscles twitch beneath my touch. A smile crept on my lips when he didn’t stop me. I slid my hand beneath his shirt, going breathless when I felt how ripped his stomach muscles were before I felt the strip of hair leading from his belly button into his jeans. I followed the trail until I found the button of his jeans, releasing it quickly as his fingers pinched my nips harder.

“Ah,” I cried out before one of his hands left my tit and covered my mouth.

“Shh. We don’t want to wake the house,” he whispered into my ear.

I tried to stay as quiet as I could while I continued to push my hand into his jeans. Moving my hips to his thighs, I finally reached what I was looking for. His cock was larger than I thought it would be as my fingers had a hard time touching each other once I was wrapped around him.

He hissed into my ear, pushing his hips upward as he stroked himself in my palm. A small bead of precum left the tip of his dick as I rubbed my thumb over it, wetting it just enough to stroke down the backside of his shaft.

“Fuck,” he growled.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to feel him somewhere inside of me, whether it be my mouth or my throbbing pussy. Standing from his lap, I turned to find him staring up at me through hooded eyes as his gaze slid over my breasts, turning darker. I shrugged my robe the rest of the way off, standing completely naked in front of him as I let him enjoy the view for just a moment.

But when I went to drop to my knees, he grabbed my arm and shook his head.

“As much as I want my dick in your mouth, I want to fuck you even more. Turn around.”

Excitement raced through my veins as I did exactly as he instructed. I looked over my shoulder and watched as he tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it aside before he went for his jeans and briefs, pushing them down to his ankles. He gripped his cock and slowly stroked himself, making me have to squeeze my legs together at the sight of him pleasuring himself in front of me.

He leaned forward and grabbed my hip, guiding me backward until I straddled him. His hand gripped my ass before he pressed his thumb against my asshole. I bucked above him, biting my lip hard so I wouldn’t moan out again.

“Sit down, Payton. Take all of me in, baby.”

I did as he asked, slowly lowering until I felt the tip of his dick stretch my wet opening before I sat down hard.

“Fuuuuck,” he drew out as I sank all the way down to his balls.

My juices coated his shaft and dribbled over his balls as I panted, still holding back my moans. He stretched me so much that I had to hold my breath for a moment until I could stand to move.

“Lean back. Put your heels on my thighs.”


He chuckled, making a chill run down my spine at the huskiness of his tone. Before I could comprehend what he was asking, he helped me put my legs into position and this only caused his dick to hit even deeper. I didn’t think that was possible.

Placing his hands on my ass, he lifted and dropped me as the sounds of my pussy milking his dick surrounded us. A thin layer of sweat cascaded down my back as he began to thrust upward. My mouth fell open as I panted, but my thigh began to cramp and I couldn’t hold this position any longer.

I put my feet down and stood up, turning to face him. He smirked up at me as he grabbed his dick, slowly stroking himself. God, he was gorgeous and I couldn’t believe I was fucking him right now. I straddled him once more, facing him this time as he guided his dick back into my pussy.

I slowly slid down on him, gripping his shoulders for dear life as I stared into his gaze. He grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading me wide open before he slid his hand over my pussy lips.

“Mmm, fuck, I love feeling your tight pussy stretch for my cock.” He wrapped his mouth around my nipple, flicking his tongue over my piercing.

My head fell back before my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I began riding him up and down, feeling every inch of him fill me to the max as I clenched my pussy tighter around him. He let out a small groan as I did so before I began to lift and drop harder and faster on his dick.

“Fuck, you like it rough, don’t you?” He asked after he popped my nipple from his mouth.

I nibbled my bottom lip, staring down at him as I whimpered out my response, slightly nodding my head.

“You want me to take control, babygirl?”

“Fuck, yes,” I cried out.

He let out another growl as he slapped my ass and lifted me from his cock. Standing to his feet, he bent me over the chair so that my ass was sticking out for him. He ran his hand gently over my ass before he slapped upwards, making me squirm as a dribble of my wetness slid down the inside of my thigh.

“I need you to stay quiet. Can you do that for me?”

I looked at him over my shoulder and nodded, watching his eyes go dark as he smirked. He grabbed his dick, slapping my ass with it as I jerked beneath him and let out a moan.

“I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet and you’re already too loud. I’m going to have to keep you quiet.”

My pussy throbbed at his absence as my eyes watched him slowly move away from me before he grabbed my robe from the floor and tore the silk belt from it. His dick bobbed as he walked, making my mouth water as he stepped up to me and brushed my hair from my face. He gently ran his thumb along my bottom lip as I opened my mouth and he stuck the silk belt in my mouth. Wrapping it around my head and mouth a few times, he then tied it at the base of my skull as my tongue brushed against the silky fabric.

After he secured my mouth, he stepped back behind me, and before I even knew it was coming, he rammed his cock back inside of me. I saw stars as I gripped the chair tight and moaned into the silk belt. My pussy clung to his cock as he slowly pulled out and rammed back in, jolting my entire body.

I mumbled, “Ohmygod,” into the belt as I looked at him over my shoulder once again.

He was smirking down at me as I noticed a sheen of sweat running down his chest and muscular abs.

“I must admit that I’ve dreamt of this for a long time, baby girl,” he rasped as he pulled out and slammed back in.

My eyes rolled back again as I panted, rocking back and forth on him.

“Mmm, yeah, baby, just like that.”

He gripped my ass cheek and held steady as I moved back and forth on him, taking his dick all the way in as his balls slapped against my clit.

“You like fucking this dick?”

I nodded, unable to use my words as I rocked back and forth faster and harder, feeling my orgasm build deep inside my pussy.

He let out a low growl before he grabbed a wad of my hair and tugged my head back while his other hand grabbed my jaw. His hard upward thrusts felt like he was hitting my bladder but I knew it was my G-spot.

Within seconds, I let my pussy clench his dick hard as my orgasm exploded. My toes curled as I let out a long muffled moan and Braxton picked up the pace. He fucked me deep and hard until I couldn’t feel anything else. My juices slid down my thighs as my body slowly came down, but I knew he wasn’t finished yet.

Pulling out of me, he circled to my front and tore the gag out of my mouth as he stroked himself. He grabbed my jaw and pulled my mouth open before he slammed his cock in my mouth. I instinctively began to suck him like a milkshake straw as I felt his cum shoot into the back of my throat.

“Ah, fuck! Yes, baby, keep fucking doing that.”

He thrust forward, brushing the head of his cock against the back of my throat as he finished. Then he pulled out, grabbed my jaw, and forced me to look up at him.

“Anytime you want this dick again, you know where to find me.” He lightly kissed my lips before he helped me stand on my weak legs.

After he helped me back into my robe, he dressed and sat back down in front of his computer. He got back to work as if nothing had happened and I left the dining room with a huge grin on my lips and the remnants of our fucking between my legs and down my jaw. Happy fucking Thanksgiving to me.

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