I want you back..

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How can life change so quickly?.... one minute I'm in bed cuddling with my boyfriend and... the next thing his gone he just disappeared.. after a year dealing with my emotions.. his coming back.. how can this be happening.. Am I dreaming... Well find out

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

It's a cold sunday and we were by my boyfriend Conner's house just chilling and watching netflix.... I know he doesn't enjoy it but I'm happy he still watches with me

....An hour later
Conner receive a call and he seemed shock
"Kenzie I need to take this"
"Sure.. but are you okay though"
"Yeah"He stood up and left the room..
When he came back he had this angry yet sad face expression..
"Babe are you okay?"I asked
"Kenzie I need to" he said before he grab his keys and jacket
"Wait what?" I tried to grab his arm and he held my wrist and pressed me on the wall
"Stop! Stop Mackenzie..Just listen I need to go okay I love you"He kissed my forehead then left

"What's going on with you.. I know I have heard rumours about his real identity. People say he is in the mafia It can't be true. Or is it I just wish he could open up to me" I thought to myself (Then grab my things and I went home)

The next day..

After tossing and turning all night worried about hayden and why he wasn't answering my calls.
I got ready and i went downstairs for breakfast,Becky our house helper was loading the dish washer
"Good morning becky(I kissed her cheek)
wheres my dad?"
"He's in his study "
"Thank you Becky" l left

Conners house

I arrived by the gate and I tried calling him he still didn't answer.. when turn to go back to my car my heart dropped a for sale sign was placed on the grass

"Conner is gone how could this be happening" I dropped to my knees and cried

Present day.. after weeks of crying and not being able to deal with this heartbreak. my dad signed me up for therapy it worked well I think but now I can go a whole day without crying ...

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