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The story of a prostitute who ends up marrying 5 men. Follow her journey from beginning to end. New updates in 2021. The story will be revamped and completed this year. After being abandoned by her father, Delicious Frank's turned to the streets. Life on the streets was not easy for her at all. Being abused and used while struggling with a drug habit, Delicious only had herself and only herself. After years of being on the streets, Delicious started to sell her body for money. She had it all, the clothes, shoes, cars, and money but that still did not ease her cold heart. After meeting a soft-hearted client named Amir, Delicious's cold heart started to melt. The two establish themselves as a couple and go through up and downs while battling their own demons. Before, the two can even react other parties become involved in their relationship making it harder for Delicious to find herself. In the end 5 domineering men end up being in her life and end warming her cold heart. But before the a rainbow a storm must pass first. Drama and conspiracies are formed during this relationship making it hard for everyone to trust each other. In the end Delicious will marry 5 men but who will they be? Many men will come in her life and fall in love with Delicious but whole will be the last one's standing?

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1

Shagari Kits always felt like God was always playing with her life. At a young age, she lost her father and turned to the streets. The streets were there for her when she had nowhere to stay, no food to eat, no money, it provided all the things that she wanted but for a price. The streets were vicious to her and didn't treat her well at all. Lying, stealing, scamming and fucking for a bag were Shagari's only motivation; she had no one to lean on but herself sadly and it took her a long time to comprehend that.

This exposed Shagari to the bitter and cruel streets of Charlotte. There was nothing to eat in the house after her father had left in a hurry; he only kissed her on the forehead and mumbled about how much he loved her. She remembered seeing a nervous expression on his face as he ran out of the house. Shagari waited for him as long as her little heart could, days passed then months passed until a year approached. Since she had no father, Shagari had to fend for herself.

The house she was living in went into foreclosure. The police were called to the home by her nosey ass neighbors causing Shagari to be sent to a foster care home. When they found her she weighed less than 80 pounds and was malnourished. Her all the bones in her body were showing and her skin became loose.

Foster care wasn't the best experience for Shagari, she was constantly bullied by the other children because she was darker. They would taunt her by calling her "darkie" and "doo-doo" while stealing her food then beating on her right after. That day Shagari vowed to not let them harm her again. She complained to the staff at the foster home but they did nothing, all they did was put the children in solitary confinement and give her a piece of candy as an apology.

To add more injury to insult, the children that bullied her came back and bullied her even more. Tired of the abuse, Shagari ran away after staying there for a few months.

At 14, Shagari sold her body to a 52-year-old man. She was so hungry that she would have done anything for some money. After leaving the foster care, she had no where to go, she roamed the streets for days until it became weeks. Begging worked a few times but one meal a day didn't do much for her, she was still hungry.

Shagari hadn't eaten for days and it was really starting to get to her, it felt like she was going to faint if she didn't eat something. She knew she couldn't steal from the corner store anymore because she already got caught 3x and knew if she got caught again she would go back to jail.

A man in black Cadillac approached her and asked her if she wanted to make some quick cash. The man didn't look like a creep at all he looked like he could be someone's father, he looked so sweet and nice so Shagari thought?

Young and inexperienced, Shagari agreed and took a ride from the man. He bought her food at a local McDonald's. He bought her so much food that Shagari ate like it was her last meal. The man gave her a dark look when he noticed that she licked her fingers after she ate her food. Shagari complained about not having a place to stay and the man agreed to take her to a hotel to rest.

Shagari thought that she would be sleeping and take a proper shower but the man had other plans. The man actually admitted that he just wanted to have some sex for and would pay her. He kept on staring at her with a nervous expression on his face almost as if he was scared just like she was. Shagari knew she needed the money and reluctantly agreed to his request. She was really scared because this was her first time ever being introduced to sex.

Pure agony was all Shagari could feel as her precious body was ripped apart by the man. Like a frozen fish, Shagari stayed still as the man pounded into her tiny body. It was like the man lost all control as he touched her body. His hands roamed her frame, exposing her soft body to the man, every inch of her body was uncovered, she could hide nothing from him.

His black lips whispered his darkest desires about how he wanted to fuck her body till it was no more. Hot tears fell down her face as the man kept on ramming his dick inside of her. When the man finished, he simply threw the money at her face and left. Before he left he didn't forget to call Shagari a hoe and spit in her face.

Shagari cried and cried until she felt no more tears could fall out of her eyes. That very same day, Shagari cursed God and asked him Why? Why would he do this to her? Why would he let her father leave her? Why would did her life have to be so hard? With no one to protect her Shagari discovered that she was the only one to defend herself.

In this cold world, there was no such thing as friends. Everyone Shagari thought would protect her or be there for during tough times left her. No one helped her at all they only used her for her money.

Her boyfriend? That man only used her for money and sex. Young and naive Shagari fell for the young drug dealer named Kris. He really wasn't shit. Kris and Shagari meet at a strip club and linked up after a few months. Shagari felt like she met the love of her life, he always took care of her and always whispered about how he loved her, at least in the first few months of dating.

Kris was the type of dude that would use the drug that he was supposed to sell. Shagari was always the one that came to his rescue; she had to sell her body to pay off his debts that kept on rising by each day. Shagari learned at Kris wasn't who he said he really was only a liar and a cheater.

At 16, Shagari already had over 30 partners that number increased while she stayed with Kris. Sometimes Shagari wondered what she saw in him, he wasn't even that cute and he didn't even know how to fuck her right.

While the money kept rolling in, her boyfriend used the money to do more drugs and beat her at the same time. He beat her until she was black and blue, it was like he was angry with her and Shagari had no clue why. Sometime he would beat her so bad that she would wake up to men raping her.

But God had other plans for her relationship with Kris. One day, Kris was making a drug bust and was shot in the head four times and in the chest 12 times. It was like Shagari lost all hope, the man she loved was knowing dead. She cried so much that she lost her voice for a whole month.

Her friends? Shagari only had one friend named, Sarah. That evil ass bitch. If Shagari knew what she would to her earlier, she would have never been friends with her at all. The two meet after tricking on the street for some money and became close friends. After Kris died, Shagari learned that Sarah had been sleeping with her man for years. They were using her for her money to take care of their kids. Yes, kids, Sarah and Kris had 4 kids together. They made a plan together to use Shagari for her money.

"Yes, we fucked and we have kids. What the fuck are you going to do about it!" Sarah laughed. Angered, Shagari attacked her at the funeral. She was so angry that all she could see was black. She beat that woman's ass so hard that it took over 10 people to pull her away. Shagari wanted that bitch dead or alive; she wanted her to feel her pain that Kris caused.

Everyone at the funeral was screaming and looking at Shagari in disgust. For they all knew she was a prostitute. Shagari wanted to lower her head and give them the response they wanted but she did not do that all. Shagari held her head high with blood all over her white dress and slapped the shit out of Kris's dead body as she spat on him. She was so angry that she wished she had been the one that killed him. This nigga played the fuck out of her, he beat her, cheated on her and lied to her. A part of Shagari was happy that nigga was dead.

The audience gasped and looked at her in disgust. Shagari gave everyone the middle finger and took off all her clothes. The stares of disgust, lust, and shock as they looked at her. If she was going to embarrass she was going to go all out. She walked through the aisle of the funeral home with a bright smile on her face.

Leaving the funeral naked, Shagari had no more regret in her heart. Her only friend betrayed her and her dead boyfriend was sleeping with her. Later she was arrested for nudity and aggravated assault but since she was a juvenile her charges were decreased. She was charged and had to do 1 year in jail and 1 year of probation including community service.

That day Shagari's heart had grown cold. Love didn't exist. Care didn't exist. Nothing exists but heartache.

And Kris's Family? They all knew that he was messing with Sarah for a very long time. Supposedly Sarah was his highschool sweetheart the whole time. Everyone in the family claimed Shagari was the actual mistress.

Soon after serving time, Shagari moved to Florida. She needed to start something new. Back home in North Carolina, there was too much drama back in Charlotte, bitches wanted to fight her and niggas claiming she owed them money when it was actually Kris that owed them money. Deciding to move to Miami, Shagari removed all traces of herself in Charlotte, she came to Miami trying to start her life over.

Unfortunately being 20 years old with no high school diploma this made things harder for her. The first thing Shagari did was change her name to Delicious Franks because she wanted to. She wanted to have a name that was different but plain.

Staying at a luxury hotel was getting to be really expensive for Delicious. It was over $100 per night and her money was running out. She had about $4000 left in her bank account and she needed to pay for other necessities. Delicious refused to work at McDonald's or any fast food place. She needed some money and fast.

Delicious didn't know whether it was God or the devil that heard her pleas but she met a man named Papa D. She was reluctant to hang around this man. Something about him gave her a weird vibe, he looked like a weird creep and he had a dark aura around him. His dark black eyes were empty and he always had a cashmere smile on his face. He paid all her bills, he even took her shopping and made sure she was well taken care of. He made her feel like she was special but Delicious one that some things were too good to be true.

In an expensive restaurant in Miami, Delicious sat across from Papa D in an expensive couture gown from Dior. The dress was tight on her body showing off her curves and enhanced her breast making them look bigger than they really were.

"I need money D!" Delicious said softly with a defeated look on her face, she moved her hand into his hand and squeezed it gently. Papa D smiled and a weird twinkle passed in his eyes. He took a sip of the wine in front of him and acted he didn't hear her.

"The food here is exquisite!" Papa D exclaimed. Delicious glared at him and removed her hand from his. Papa D smiled and looked up at Delicious intently.

"I know you hear me!" Delicious huffed as she crossed her arms on her chest, making herself look even cuter. Papa D gave a small smile and sighed, he leaned over and pinched her cheek.

"Work for me, I can give you money and a place to stay!" Papa D said in a sly tone. Delicious gave him a strange look and raise her eyebrows.

"What's the catch?" Delicious asked as she chewed on the sauteed mushrooms that were dipped in Alfredo sauce with shredded mango on top. Her bright eyes stared at the man in front of her with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Sell your body to me!"

Delicious busted out laughing and glared at the middle-aged man. Some people in the restaurant turned and looked at Delicious but she didn't care. She did far more embarrassing things so people looking at her was no big deal.

Papa D was a black man who was very short with red natural hair, he reminded Delicious leprechaun. His eyes were so small it looks like he was always squinting when you looked at him.

Delicious thought about what he said and smiled. She already had no family. No mother, no father, no friends, no nothing. A small tear fell out her right eye when she thought about the hardships she had to endure.

Closing her eyes, Delicious gave a dark laugh and said blankly, "Sure!"

Papa D smiled and so did Delicious. One smile held fear while another smile held danger. They both raised their flutes that were filled champagne and toasted to each other.

Delicious huffed and hoped she didn't end up regretting her decision. Unfortunately, Delicious did end up regretting her decision. She soon found out that she was special at all. She found out there were other women that Papa D bought to his side.

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