His Perfect Wife (Embers Book 2)

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©Copyright 2021 MzCanna All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the author's permission ““You will go to our room and assume the position,” he whispered before kissing me roughly. I moaned into him as I returned the kiss. He let me go when he felt my lips were swollen enough. I knew this fact because he smirked at the sight of them. “What say you, Melina?” his voice was low and commanding and sent shivers up my spine.” Cole Finnegan has a past that is slowly catching up to him. In his desperation to ensure the safety of his woman, he opened wounds that had barely healed. Will he be able to remove himself from that life once again, this time while having a wife and family to think about? Melina Finnegan isn’t stupid. She knows her husband’s business is a competitive one with opponents willing to do anything to get to the top. Since the incident at Embers, she hasn’t set foot there but she hadn’t left the lifestyle. She now owns and runs a club of her own, along with some of her husbands colleagues. The second and last book in the Embers series: 1. His Perfect Sub A warning to my readers: there will be topics some of you might be uncomfortable with. This is much the same as the first book; with topics such as rape, violence, drug usage (I am aware of the laws surrounding cannabis in Ireland).

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One - Cole

One week ago

I looked down at the beautiful woman, I call my own, sleeping beside me on her side. Her back was pressed against my chest as I curled my body around hers. Her dark lashes cast shadows on her sleep-flushed cheeks and I saw her fingers twitch as she dreamt.
I wanted so badly to make her mine, completely and legally, but I knew we had to get Adam Monroe's death out of the way before she would feel free.
We had set the date for this Friday and I didn’t know how she would react.


“Will you marry me, Melina?” the words slipped out as I caught my breath and looked down at her. I hadn’t planned on asking her the night she killed her ex, but the moment felt right. I didn’t even have a ring for her yet.
My heart stopped beating as I moved back, seeing she wanted to sit up on the bed. She slid back slowly, propping herself up on her fists and pulling her body back against the headboard. She didn’t cover herself, like I had expected, and looked at me. Her blue eyes blinked at me a few times before her lips moved and formed the word that had my heart stuttering back to life and caused the blood to rush through me and the flow deafened me momentarily.
“Yes,” I didn’t hear the rest but I could guess what she said by the loving expression on her face. I crawled up the bed and sat beside her. We shifted slightly and pulled the bed covers from under us and slid underneath. I pulled her to my chest and felt her hand rest over my heart as she turned into me.
“I am tired and I love the Blue Room but can we go to our bedroom?” she asked softly and I swelled when she called it ‘our’ room.
“Sure, love,” she pressed a soft kiss to my chest and we got out of the bed in the middle of the Blue Room and walked to our bedroom one floor down. We didn’t care that we were naked, all the staff had gone home earlier that day and William had left for his brother’s as soon as we came home and he saw Melina was okay.
We stepped into the bedroom and I closed the door behind me while she walked to the bed. I hardened at the sight of her arse walking away from me and wanted to take her right back to the room we just vacated. I leaned against the door and watched her until she sat on the bed, half-covered with the duvet and sheets. She tilted her head adorably and smiled softly at me with a questioning arch of her brow.
“You truly are beautiful, Mel. I can’t believe you’re going to be my wife,” I explained as I pushed away from the door and walked to her. I smirked when her eyes followed me and dipped to the erection straining up to my stomach. It twitched as her gaze grew heated and I quickened my pace to reach her.
I slid into bed beside her and she cuddled against me as I put my arm around her shoulder and we lay down. She rested her head on my chest with her hand playing with the fine hairs on my chest as her breath brushed through them. I put my free arm behind my head and against the headboard, resting my head against my forearm.
I looked down and felt guilty at the sight of her empty ring finger and vowed to take her to Rocks Jewellers the next day. Her hand slowly stilled and her breathing came slower as she fell asleep on my chest.
I looked at her serene face and tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear as she smiled softly in her sleep and nestled closer to me. I turned onto my side and put my arm around her waist to run my fingers through her hair as I fell asleep.

I woke up on my back with a soft groan and opened my eyes to see Melina buried into my side and our legs entwined as the sun streamed in through the crack in the curtains. I pulled her closer and turned into her, her soft breath tickled my neck as she breathed evenly. It was early and I had to get up for work soon. I wanted to stay with her the entire day but I couldn’t. I’d taken too many personal days these past few months.
I inhaled the sweet scent of Melina's hair before I pulled myself free of her grip. She moaned quietly when I got out of bed and I almost got back into bed but I gave her one last longing look before walking to the bathroom and starting the shower.
I closed the door against the sound of the water running to allow her a few more moments of peace before I woke her to say goodbye.
I started washing my body when cool air made its way into the steaming shower and hands made their way over my ribs and stomach before coming to rest on my chest. I covered her hands with mine and smiled as she pressed kisses onto my back.
“Do you have to go to work?” her voice was still thick with sleep and it did things to my insides. I chuckled at her words and turned in her arms to face her. Her head immediately went to my chest and her arms stayed around me.
I wrapped mine around her waist and pulled her under the spray with me. She sighed as the warm water ran over her back and she tilted her head back into the water. I watched the water splash onto her face and run down into her hair and down her throat.
I enjoyed the sight before starting to wash her body, slathering her in suds from my body wash. She returned the favour as I washed her hair, running the loofah over my chest, sides and thighs blindly. I almost came when she wrapped her hand around me and pulled my cock toward her and scrubbed where my body joined with it. She even washed under my balls as the shampoo ran down her back.
She tilted her head to keep the soap out of her eyes while she washed the suds off my body. I loved that Melina respected that I needed to get to work and the whole shower was completely non-sexual. She stepped out with me and we dried each other. I knelt in front of her as she dried my hair, running her fingers through the thick strands and I leaned my head against her stomach as she dropped the towel.
It slid softly down my back and I stayed that way for a while, wrapping my arms around her waist. My head moved with her breathing and her fingers gently tugged at the strands and I relaxed even more.
How was it possible that she allowed me so much control over her, but yet she yielded thrice that amount over me?
She walked with me into the bedroom when I finally forced myself to stand up. She pulled a purple terry cloth robe over herself as I got dressed in a pressed black suit and crisp white shirt. I slid my feet into black loafers after putting on my socks in the walk-in wardrobe. I couldn’t see Melina anymore at that point and just about swallowed my tongue when I walked out.
She was dressed in a black harness that strapped around her body, propping her breasts up so that her rosy nipples stared at me. Her sex glistened and my cock hardened in my pants.
“You’re going to be the death of me, woman,” I tore my eyes away from her and readjusted myself, much to her amusement. She chuckled and walked to me, making it impossible not to look at her. She looked delicious like that and I knew that specific harness had a strong loop at the back.
I so wanted to hang her from the ceiling in the Blue Room as punishment.
Her eyes widened in surprise as I gave her a mischievous smile, hooking my two of my fingers through the loop and pulled her back backwards. She arched, straining against my hold, and I pulled a nipple into my mouth, rolling the bud between my teeth.
She moaned and my cock twitched at the sound, and it solidified her fate.
“What are your plans for today?” I asked her and she mumbled that she had no plans.
“Good. Go to the Blue Room. I’ll be there soon,” she whimpered in excitement and I grinned, cutting it off. She obeyed and ran to the room. I watched her leave before taking my phone off charge and making a call to the office, telling them I’m going to be a bit late.
“William,” I said as I strode out of my bedroom, tightening my tie around my neck and the guard appeared at the bottom of the stairs.
“Yeah?” he answered and I walked to the landing.
“Melina is going to be occupied today. There will be no need to watch her. There are cameras in the room, so I will be able to watch her remotely. You may have the day to yourself,” he nodded and thanked me before walking off and disappearing. I went into the library next and extracted a steamy erotica novel from the third floor.
I walked into the Blue Room and found her kneeling, still wrapped up in that gorgeous harness, and I desperately wanted to skip work.
“Alright, Melina. I’m going to string you up by the harness for the day. I’m going to give you a book to read, for entertainment, and when I come back from work, I’ll deal with the rest of your punishment.”
“Yes, Master,” she said clearly.
“Do you know why you’re being punished?” I almost laughed when her head bobbed up and down eagerly.
“Because I tried to entice you to stay home,” my heart and cock swelled at her words, the admission of her intentions with the harness.
“Good girl, now stand and walk to the middle of the room,” she immediately obeyed and stood right underneath the rest of the straps that will hold her in place.
I walked to the wall containing the strap that will hook into the loop. The hiking cord was wrapped in a thick leather that hissed its way along the rail. That rail could hold women three times Melina's weight.
I hooked her up and gave her the book as she hung a meter and a half in the air. The contraption worked like a giant-sized dog lead. She could stand but only to use the lavatory, to get a new book when she’s done, and to eat when Abigail brought her food.
She shifted, causing her to swing, and she laughed quietly.
I stepped back to admire my handiwork and once again toyed with the idea of staying home and enjoying my fiancée. I was taking a half-day, anyway, to take her to the jewellers.
She swayed toward me and I caught her arms. She hung parallel to the floor. I leaned in and gave her a kiss holding the promise of fun this afternoon, before turning her around so that her beautiful backside faced me.
Her sex glistened and my mouth watered for a taste, but I was already running late. I gave her a spin and she laughed gleefully before I caught her face again for a kiss.
“I'll see you later, Melina. Love you,” she smiled at me before kissing me softly.
“I love you too, Master,” I walked away to the sound of Melina swaying on the rod.
By the time I got to the car, Darrel was waiting and I climbed in.
My phone chimed and I pulled it out, half expecting it to be Melina. The number of the text simply read Unknown.
You're on standby.
Ready your team.
The details will get to you shortly.
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