Madness Cumbat

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Madness Combat but with spicy spicy moments

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~Tentacles: Auditor x Hank~

A small groan escaped the small male as he opened his eyes(?), he was met with nothing but darkness and it smelled like death. He cringed a little at the smell and tried to get up, the sound of chains could be heard in the empty room, he tugged his hand a little only to hear more chains tugging and creaking against the wall.

"Great...chained to the fucking wall..." a low chuckle can be heard from the darkness which made Hank froze in place. He slowly looked up at the red dim light before him, floating there was none other then the Auditor himself. "Hello Hank~ Finally awake I see~" He immediately got out of his shocked phase, a low growl escaped him. "Auditor...I should've known...what do you want from me..."
Another chuckle escaped the shadowy man, he slowly approached the frightened male which only caused him to back up. Forgetting that there was a wall there, he ran into it...he was completely trapped. Auditor thankfully stopped a few feet away from him. "Oh my poor dear Hank~ your fear is absolutely divine but do not be afraid~ I'm not gonna harm you~ I just want to play~"
A shiver went down Hank's spine, what does he mean by play? He was about to ask but a silent gasp escaped his lips when something cold and wet was pressed in between his legs. Soon more of those cold things grabbed at him with such force, they pushed him up against the wall and kept his legs open.
Hank didn't even want to know what was about to happen, sure he had some idea but he didn't want to believe it. "" a choked moan cut him off, the thing that was pressing between his legs forcefully pushed itself in Hank's hole. This pain was something that he'd never experience and honestly...he didn't like it.
"T-Take it out! I-It hurts!" tears were running down his cheeks, a small hum could be heard from the other. He slowly pulled the tentacle out, a small breath of relief escaped Hank thinking it was over until...
"Nah~" Hank's eyes shot open when the tentacle thrusts itself back in but at such a hard force. Pained breathless moans escaped Hank, this fucking hurt like a bitch. Auditor didn't even let Hank adjust, he just made the tentacle thrust in and out of him as such a fast pace. More moans escaped the small male, he felt weak and humiliated, how could he let something like this happen?
He was pulled out of his thoughts when another one of those nasty slimy things thrusts itself up in there. "A-AH~! T-TOO MUCH~! TOO MUCH~..!" He screamed out, Auditor licks his lips a little with a grin. "Mmmm yes~ I love it when you scream~" The two tentacles began to rail Hank at different paces, the pain was soon replaced with pleasure and the pained screams became pleased screams. Hank's mask dropped down to the side showing his nasty looking mouth, he was drooling.
Auditor was enjoying the show before him, he soon decided to pull the tentacles out of Hank and lets him go. Hank fell to the solid ground with a slight thud, his leggy was slowly lifted and well...he looked overall helpless...just how Auditor likes em'. Auditor got in between Hank's legs and shoved his massive cock inside.
Another choked moan came out of Hank, "P-Pull out! Y-You're too big~!" Auditor didn't listen, instead he started to pound away into the small one showing no mercy whatsoever. All that was heard was Hank's pleads and moans.
Somewhere else...
Deimos and Sanford were exploring the facility that Hank was in. They got a message that he's been captured, they shot down some grunts in the way. Soon they heard some noises, " you hear that?" Deimos took his cigarette out of his mouth and blew some smoke out, he decided to follow the noises with Sanford.
Once they looked into a crack in a wall their eyes widen. In there was Hank being pounded into submission by Auditor. He had bite marks and bruises all over him, he glanced over at Auditor while moaning. "F-Fuck Auditor~! F-Fuck me there~! F-Fuck me harder...m-make me cum~!"
Deimos and Sanford just glanced at each other before walking away. "Yeah...we're gonna save him later-"
"Never speak of this again?" Asked Sanford.
"You know it-" Replied Deimos.
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