Madness Cumbat

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~Special Training: Deimos x Sanford~

Pants came out of the tall male as he kept his friend pinned down to the floor of their house, they have been doing some indoor training lately. Usually they wouldn't do this kinda thing when Hank was home but he wasn't here so that's epic.

Deimos let out a few pants himself, he had a small grin on his face. "Heh, it's a little too early to be doing that ya know~" Sanford gave him a questioning look, it took a minute to process it, he faintly blushed in embarrassment and got off of Deimos. "DEIMOS-"

Deimos started to laugh, "I-I'm sorry! It was just-hahahaha!" Sanford lets out a small huff, he soon stood up properly and picked up Deimos. "I think we should take our training...somewhere else."

A surprised noise escaped Deimos as he was taken upstairs by the muscular man. "W-Wait Sanford I was-"
"Nope," He cuts him off. "Since you decided to be cocky and say such foul things, I won't go easy on you this time." He kicked the door open with his foot and he threw Deimos on the bed. Deimos immediately sat up as he watched the other close and lock the door, he slowly approached him. He didn't know if he should be turned on or scared...maybe both?

"Now then..." He pinned Deimos on the bed and a smug look was on Sanford's face, he licked his lips a little. "Let our training...begin~"

+Somewhere else+
Hank was finally coming back from a mission that took days upon days to complete, but he was glad that it was over. He caught the next train to Nevada, he got in and sat down somewhere. "Maybe I should call Deimos and Sanford and tell them I'm coming home? Nah, I want to surprise them, I wonder what they're doing now though-"

+Back with Deimos and Sanford+
Loud moans could be heard from Deimos as he was laying down sideways with his leg over his fuck buddies shoulder who was fucking the brains out of him. All that could be heard in the whole entire house was skin slapping against skin, Deimos pleads and cries for more, and Sanford grunts and dirty talk.

They've been going at it for a couple minutes now which was a new record for them. Deimos hat was nowhere to be seen on his head, the only thing that was on his head was the bandages. He looked over at Sanford letting out more moans.
"F-Fuck~! S-Sanford~! I'm c-close~!" Sanford grinned a little when he heard that, he flipped Deimos on his stomach and started to fuck him again. Deimos gripped onto the bedsheets tightly to the point where his knuckles were white. "Cum then baby~ Cum for daddy~"

God he hated how Sanford knew his weaknesses, a couple more harsh thrusts from the male sent Deimos over the edge. He let's out a scream of pleasure and came below him, Sanford gave a couple more thrusts before cumming deep inside his personal cum dumpster. A satisfied groan escaped him, Deimos pants heavily and twitched a little, he felt full.

"Ah~...Ah~...we're not done yet baby boy~ I got a lot of stamina left to spend~" Deimos eyes widen when he heard that, basically he was fucked til the night time. Did it felt good? Fuck yeah it did. Is he gonna find the pain the next morning worth it? Absolutely.
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