Madness Cumbat

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~Clownin Around With the Clown: Tricky x Hank~

It was a normal Nevada morning, there was nothing interesting happening in this dried out place. Well, except for Hank and Tricky doing their usual fight.

The relationship between the two was really bizarre and unpredictable. Sometimes they would start loving each other other times they would beat each other till one of them or both died. It was tradition between them, today...well today was a little different.

Hank lets out a small pained groaned as he was slammed into the dirt, he felt a big strong hand wrap around his neck though it didn't squeezed him. He looked up at Tricky who was just...staring at him. "Well? What are you waiting for...finish me off already-"

Tricky just kept on staring, something about the way Hank was positioned...the way he had the smaller one pinned against the ground...the look that Hank gave made Tricky feel some things...things that he's never felt before. One of his large hands slide down and started to touch him in his most sensitive spots.

Hank's breath hitched a small blush began to form, though he was glad that his mask covered it. "W-What are you doing?" Tricky gave his neck a small squeeze as if telling him to shut up, the small's breath hitched as he obeyed. He quietly watched the clown fondle with his body.

The clown wanted to hear more of Hank's moans, so he slowly slide his free down lower and grabbed his leg(?), "W-What are you-" once he opened his leg, he made an interesting gasp/moan sound. His dick twitched a little, the small male looked away in embarrassment. "T-This is so...embarrassing-" Tricky let's out a pleased growl.

Soon, he pressed his finger against Hank's hole, note, this bitch got claws. His widen a little, "W-Wait Tricky...I-AHN~!" A loud pained moan escaped him, Tricky thrusted his finger inside him. Blood was coming out of Hank's hole, it hurt like hell of course. Tricky smirked a little and slowly thrusts his finger in and out of him.

Hank turned his head away and bite the back of his hand to quiet the pained moans but it was no used. He hated and liked the pained feeling, fucking Masochist. After a while, he looked back up at Tricky. "T-Tricky...ah~...o-ow...m-more~" Tricky didn't even hesitate before he thrusted his abnormally large fingers into Hank, slowly adding another.

Loud moans from the small was heard, more blood came out from down below but none of them seem to care at that moment. After a while, Tricky pulled his fingers out from the male once he felt that he was stretched out enough. Small whines escaped Hank, he wanted more, he wanted to feel the pain again.

His prayers were answered, the zombified clown turned Hank onto his stomach. Without zero hesitation, he thrusted his big girthy length inside of him. A small pleased growl escaped the bigger male, "O-OH FUCK~! AH~! T-TOO BIG~!" Hank basically screamed out in pleasure. Oop, Hank had a little stomach bulge.

Tricky took a few moments to let Hank adjust, he slowly but surely...actually not really, he began to fuck the shit out of Hank. Loud hoarse screams of pleasure left the male, his mask was sliding off to show his pleasured drooling face properly.

In the background, Auditor was with 2BDamned. The two of them were watching the two freaks get it on in the battle field. "So...what was the objective in having Tricky do sexual intercourse with Hank anyways?" The smaller one of the two asked while looking over at The Auditor, the fire man sipped his coffee and set the mug down. "No real objective, I just wanted to see how much Hank could take in the ass...looks like he can take in big things without getting split in two-" 2BDamned gave Auditor a look but he didn't say anything about it, he looked back at the scene before them.

The little fuck fest went on for hours, Tricky came 3 times going for four throughout those hours, Hank only came twice. He was exhausted. After the clown gave one final thrust, he cummed deep inside the other making shaky clown growls. At this point Hank was close to passing out, he felt full, lewd, and overall he felt sore.

Tricky calmly pulled out of him and waddled off, leaving a passed out used up Hank there.

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