Their Insecure Sub (MxMxIntersex And Mpreg)✔

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James, a twenty two year old normal guy, works at the local bakery. He is a shy and innocent person, who doesn't want to make many friends because he knows that they'll not like him after knowing his secret. His family loves him and very protective for him. But everything in his life going to change... Adam and Aiden are twins, Doms and owners of a very famour BDSM club in the state. Being twins, they love to share everything and also wants a perfect sub, whom they can share and love at the same time. But it's hard to find that cute sub who'll complete them... What is going to happen when these Doms will meet James? Are they going to accept him with his secret or not? To know that you have to read the story. RATED "R" because of mature content, sex scenes. Hi guys, this is my first BxMxM book. I hope you'll like it. It is a short story. Give it a try..

Erotica / Romance
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1. Author's Note

Thank you so much guys for giving my book a chance!!!

Warning :- This book has MxBxM action with little bit of BDSM. If you guys don't like it then please don't read it. Only suitable for 18+!! (I have warned you in advance.)

hate comments

Sorry in advance for any grammatical mistake.

The story and all of it's characters are truly mine! I don't allow any kind of TRANSLATION!!!


•Please read all of the TAGS before reading the book. So that you guys don't have any doubts.

•This work is totally fiction.

•I don't own any images used in this book.

• This wonderful cover made by SuperSonicPaGer form wattpad.


Thank you!!!!

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