Daddy Dearest

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She was his daughter's best friend. He was her best friend's father. He has known her since she was four years old. But after a few years of her being gone, she is back home. And my, how she has grown! She is no longer a little girl. But rather a beautiful, stunning, sexy woman. And he has taken notice. He feels the need to take away all the pain life has caused her & give her a new form of a pain she will enjoy. A pleasurable pain. Can he make her fall to her knees for him? Or will she only look at him in a way he could never live with? If he had it his way, she would be calling him Daddy by the end of the weekend.

Erotica / Romance
Sarah Ellsworth
Age Rating:

Daddy Dearest

This story requires an 18+ audience. It will contain a lot of mature scenes & adult language. As well as violence of sorts, drug use, & other things that might trigger or bother a person.

I warned you so if you choose to continue, don’t get upset. I will do my best to make sure there are warnings when they are needed. This is my second book on here & I’m still trying to get used to how I’m going to write & what my style is.

This is not a HEA nor a tragic story. This is a short story. This is a stand alone & will not have any followings for any of the characters.

I do not take plagiarizing or stealing someone’s work lightly. This is my work, my story. If you notice my work somewhere else or something that seems like it came from my work, please let me know. All my work will be protected. As well as all my work is fiction, they relate to no actual person or event. Just my simple imagination. Any resemblance anywhere else is purely coincidental.

I hope you all enjoy! Much love xoxo

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