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“I won’t submit to you,” Though her words were confident, her body told a different story. She wanted him to fuck her. Hard. Fast. Furiously. “Oh, but you will, sweeting. You will beg for me. You will plead for my touch.” Welcome to Trick or Treat, a collection of steamy paranormal one-shots. Whether you're a wolf girl, or are tempted by the sharp teeth of the vampire, there is something in this book for you. It's Halloween and the things that go bump in the night are horny. Even monsters need some lovin' too, right? Please read the introduction for information regarding trigger warnings. Copyright © 2021 Lisa Procter (LisaWritesx) All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the written permission of the copyright owner.

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Trick or Treat, a series of paranormal one-shots.

Now, I’m gonna be straight up here. I’m not well versed in the intricacies of the lore of some of these supernatural beings. That said, I’m going to do my best to give you a satisfying story, but please be aware I’ve taken liberties and an artistic licence with some of the details.

I’ll be covering a whole host of creatures. Weres and shapeshifters, demons and angels. Vampires, of course (since they’re my favourite) and anything else that comes to mind.

If there’s something you’d like to see, please let me know and I will do my best with my limited knowledge and bits of research.

More excitingly, as I write this, I am becoming attached to the characters and the bigger story they could have. So I’d like to run a competition, of sorts. Vote for your favourite couple and the ones with the most votes get their own book!

I hope you enjoy the brief look into these characters lives and find their stories tantalising enough to give them a vote!

A few things before we go forward. I have tried to make this book as enjoyable as possible. As such, I’ve avoided, what I would consider, triggering scenes. However, I want you to bare in mind this is a book about supernatural entities. Things not of this world. There are scenes of reluctance which I understand could be potentially triggering. If this is not for you, please don’t read ahead.

To help you decide for yourself, here are the chapter names with the creatures involved and potenitally triggering instances.

Killian and Cora - A werewolf finds his mate in a highschool student. (All characters are over 18 and all sex is consensual)

Jareth and Nova - A clueless woman summons a demon who will offer her a night of decadence in return for a price of his chosing. (Bargaining for sexual favours)

Valerius and Anna - A vampire finds a willing human at a masquerade ball. (Completely consensual sex. No triggers at all)

Cole and Penelope - Killed before his time, a ghost is able to take corporeal form and seeks out his widow. (Consexual sex, death of a loved one)

Zeus and Merida - A woman is offered as human sacrifice to the God Zeus. (Dubious consent. Kind of goes with the territory of being a sacrifice. However there is nothing traumatic. Just a lot of taunting.)

Xander and Celeste - A siren is forced to hunt on land but finds humans make better lovers than food. (Female dominance and a twist on asphyxiation)

Lachlan and Lennox - An ancient Celtic warrior is resurrected to fulfill an old rivalry but is distracted by a curious human. (No triggers)

Pan and Willow - After being rejected by Jareth, Willow revisits an old Genie friend. (No triggers)

The Vampires and Humans - Two rival vampires join forces to tackle a couple for feeding. (Group sex. M/M F/F MFMF)

August and Laia - A strange fairy like creature is discovered by an inebriated man. (Dubious consent, drunken sex. Female dominance, orgasm denial, cock worship.)

Cael and Pandora - A patrolling Angel is led astray by a fun loving demon (Initial reluctance)

Thanatos and Isadora - A dying woman will do anything to save her life. Including bargaining with death. (No triggers)

Aiden - A trickster plans a night of mischief, shape shifting to cause trouble. (Eh. No triggers really. But his victims are tricked into sex.)

Adam and Eve - They were the first to walk the Earth and finally they are reunited with explosive results. (No triggers)

Alarich and Kendra - Thousands of years ago, Alarich crash landed on this planet. Near to death, he found a willing host. Now passing as human, he built an empire. Untouchable, his minions will do anything for him. ( Group sex, same sex pairings.)

Casper and Amara - An unusal wolf pairing. (Step siblings, rough sex.)

Logan and Lilith - A Sucubbus and and Incubus are on a mission to find Eve. (No triggers)

Jaiden and Shelby - He’s one of the last of his kind, a dragon. With pressure to find a mate, he meets a strange human.

The Camping Trip - During their last halloween as teenagers, rival wolf packs come together before responsibility claims them. (Group sex, minor drug use, 18+)

Dean and Mia - A wizard captures a nosy witch and teaches her that it's not polite to trespass.

Please let me know if these semi spoilers are welcome or if you would prefer to go in blind.

Much love,

Lisa x

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