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Witching Hour

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The witching hour. When the supernatural are believed to be at their most powerful. While the humans remain ignorant, the creatures you've only read about walk among us, undetected, dangerous and... horny? The Witching Hour is a collection of short erotic encounters. From vampires to werewolves, fairies to tricksters, and the most powerful of gods to the most evil of demons, there is a treat for everyone. When things go bump in the night, theres no need to be afraid. After all, even monsters need a little lovin' too, right?

Lisa Procter
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A collection of short erotic stories of the supernatural variety.

Previously a competition to vote for the best couple, keep an eye out for the winners to get their own book.

Results of the competition at the end of this book.

Content Warnings/Cheat Sheet:

Killian and Cora: Age gap, Teacher/Student, human mate.

Jareth and Nova: Demon and human, summoning, bargaining.

Valerius and Anna: Vampire and Human, Cheating, unwilling transformation.

Cole and Penelope: Character death, ghost, emotional.

Zyarus and Merida: God and Human, Human Sacrifice, Sexual blackmail.

Xander and Celeste: God and Human, voyeurs, asphyxiation.

Lachlan and Lennox: No warnings, Reanimated warrior and Human.

Pan and Willow: Genie and human, daddy kink.

Vampires and Humans: Group sex.

August and Laia: Fairy and human. Female dominance.

Cael and Pandora: Enemies to lovers. Demon and Angel.

Thanatos and Isadora: Character death, sex as a bargaining tool, Death and Human.

Aiden: Trickster, mistaken identity, sex under deception.

Adam and Eve: No warnings. Loosely based on Adam and Eve.

Alarich and Kendra: Group sex. Human and Alien.

Casper and Amara: Step siblings, Wolves.

Logan and Lillith: No warnings. Demon and human.

Jaiden and Shelby: were-dragon, no warnings.

Camping Trip: Group sex, Wolves.

Dean and Mia: Sex with a twist. Punishment. Coercion.

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