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Chapter Ten

Not long after he finished the bottle, his phone rang. It was Alissa.

“Hey, I’m here,” she stated right before he heard a knock on his door. “Is it okay if I come in?”

“Yeah,” Jack huffed. “I’ll be there in a sec.” he hung up and walked over to the door. When he opened it he found Alissa wearing a warm coat that she didn’t waste any time to start opening…. exposing her lingerie. She dropped the coat on the ground and grabbed Jack by his chin, shelving their lips together before he could even close the door. Jack stumbled back, shoving the door shut, before grabbing her ass and walking backwards to the stairs. He tripped and landed on the bottom step, their lips remained attached while Alissa straddled his hips and gripped the front of his shirt. Her breaths panting out of her and her breasts pressed against his body, with her eyes locked on his. “You okay?” She fretted, finding something odd in his eyes. She cupped his face, seeming like his mind had wandered off, she kissed him to bring him back to the moment. “Mm… you smell so good,” she gripped the base of his shirt and tore it up his body, ripping it off his head, and giving herself a moment to admire him. “God you’re so beautiful,” she touched his stomach making his back tense up. Rubbing her red nails along his chest, feeling his velvety soft skin. “Mm..” she moaned and kissed him again. “Come on, touch me Jack…” she grabbed his hands and planted one on her breast and the other on her hip. Then pulled away from their kiss, and trailed red kisses down his neck, rolling her body into his. “Take me upstairs.”

Jack nodded and hiked her in his arms, standing up. He nuzzled his nose into her neck, smelling her while he lowered her onto the bed. She laid beneath him, her perfect body conforming to the sexiest, reddest, thinnest lingerie he’d ever seen. It caressed her shape so nicely, shading her skin with bright cherry red lace, and accenting her enormous breasts. “Fuck… you’re the one that’s beautiful Alissa,” he ran his hand up her arm and clutched her hand. “You’re so beautiful.” He peppered a few kisses down her chin and sucked on her neck, making her body constrict and moan. “You have the kind of body…” he sank to his knees, still layering kisses down her center, making her eager and horny. “That I could make love to…” he sucked on her inner thighs, and spread them, gripping her knees despite how they trembled. “Look at this pussy…” he licked it for a moment and she moaned like clockwork. “This wet… fucking juicy…” he licked with every word. “Pussy.”

“Ahh…” Alissa whined and arched her back when her clit came into play against his tongue. “Oh god… yes!” She tilted her head back and bit her lip, grunting when he inserted his fingers. “Oh yes,” her eyes rolled back when his fingers began to flicker in and out of her, adding just enough pressure to tease her g-spot, her clit between his lips and his eyes enamored with her face. She inhaled sharply and every time her hips wanted to writhe, he held her still with his arms keeping her thighs open. “Fuck Jack…” she cried.

“Call me Carey…” he panted.

Alissa opened her eyes and looked at him. “What?”

“Say my real name…” he locked eyes with her. “And call me Carey. I wanna hear you say my name.”

Alissa nodded and arched her back when the blissful torment continued. “Ahh,” she grunted when she bridged her orgasm. “Carey…” she whispered to see how it felt on her tongue. When he moaned upon hearing it, she said it again. Every time she said it, he pursued a little bit rougher, a little bit faster. “Carey,” she gasped when her orgasm erupted, making her knees quake. “Oh god, Carey!” She fluttered her eyes shut and threw her head back, her entire body stiffening while she came. “Oh fuck!” She groaned, digging her nails into his hair, gripping his strands, and pulling while her hips tremored in his grasp.

Jack pulled away and licked the moisture from his lips. He rubbed her pussy lips with his fingers making her flinch from the sensitivity. “Fuck..” he spread her open to simply admire the pink, while he watched her insides clench, desperate to be fucked. “You have a beautiful pussy.”

“Put it in…” she panted, laying slack with her legs weak. She sat up a little and met him with another kiss. He held her face and admired her cheeks with his hands rubbing them gently. “What…?” She smiled a little.

“You’re crying,” he kissed her tears. “Are you nervous?”

Alissa shook her head. “No, I just… never came like that before. It was amazing,” she exhaled. “I feel like a new woman.”

“Well shit,” he gently caressed her throat. “I was barely getting started though,” he gently gripped her neck and pushed her onto her back making her yelp a little. Alissa bit her lip while he dominated her body, slipping off his pants and kicking them from his heels.

She reached and touched the bulge from inside his boxers. It made him choke her harder, but enough that she could still breathe. She moaned, feeling his fingers curl around her throat. His eyes seemed brighter, fiery with lust, so green and vibrant. “Are you gonna fuck me with this?” She dipped her fingers into his briefs and pulled it out in her palm. “Fuck…” she chuckled. “You have a huge dick.”

“Yeah,” Jack grinned. “And it’s all yours,” he moaned a little when she started to jerk him off. He let go of her throat, and started fondling her breasts. “You have amazing tits,” he pressed them together and shifted them around, almost playing with them. He nuzzled his face against them, sucking her nipples making them hard.

Alissa moaned feeling his fingers gratifying them and his tongue teasing them. “You really like them?”

“Yes, I love them. Your nipples are the perfect color too. Caramel brown,” he sucked them gently and Alissa moaned. “You ready?”

Alissa nodded eagerly. “Yes, so ready.” She situated her hips, ready for him to enter her. But then… something happened. “Woah..” she dropped her hand. “It’s soft…”

Jack’s eyes widened and he looked down. “What?” He grabbed his dick and jerked it, with little to nothing to show for it. “What the fuck?” He moved away from her and knelt on the bed. “Lemme see your tits.”

Alissa sat up and started to bounce them around. “Like this?”

Jack looked down at his dick. Nothing. “Fuck…” he started jerking it off again but still… nothing. “Why is this happening?”

“Maybe it’s tired…?”

“Tired!? It hasn’t even done shit yet!” He got off the bed. “Fuck!”

Alissa followed him and touched his back. “It’s okay, lemme try.” She wrapped her arms around him and grabbed it from behind. “Squishy…”

“Don’t call it squishy!”

“I’m sorry!” She pulled away. “Maybe you’re just not ready…” she folded her arms.

“I’m so fucking ready! I’ve wanted this since I first laid eyes on your perfect tits!” He stormed into the bathroom. Alissa trailed after him. “Maybe it’s cold in here…” he checked the thermostat.

“It’s 72…” Alissa read.

“Fuck!” Jack paced his bathroom, and occasionally checked his dick, but nothing had changed. “What if it’s broken?”

“Jack,” Alissa scoffed. “It’s not… broken it’s just…” she trailed off. “You really are a grower huh?”

“Alissa!” He covered it with his hands. “Jesus don’t make fun of it when it’s all… soft…”

“This is so funny,” she walked up to him and touched his chest gently. “It’s okay,” she rubbed his shoulders. “Maybe it’s in your head. Are you nervous? Did something happen today?”

Jack pondered for a few moments… and then his eyes got sad. “Fuck, I mean before you got here, my son literally left… he was begging me to stay….”

Alissa frowned and touched his face, rubbing his cheek with her thumb. “I’m sorry. Maybe you just miss him. Let’s try tomorrow. Maybe it’s… too soon?”

Jack lowered his gaze. “This is humiliating…”

“It happens to the best of us. And I won’t tell. I promise.” She kissed his cheek. “Maybe we could just get drunk and high and watch Vampire Diaries.”

Jack sighed. “Yeah, lets just do that. Let’s make it a date.”

“I fucking hope it’s a date, considering how good you ate me out!” She chuckled. “It’ll be fun,” she kissed his lips briefly. “Let’s get dressed. I didn’t bring any extra clothes, can I borrow yours?”

“Yeah, go in the closet and pick something out.”

Alissa walked into his walk-in-closet. “Damn, you have a lot of clothes for a dude,” she checked all the shirts and pulled out a plain black one. “Are you sure you’re not gay?” She teased.

Jack walked in and gently slapped her ass. “I’m bi, not gay. Besides, even if I was gay, those tits would turn me straight.”

Alissa blushed and slipped on the shirt. She grabbed some sweatpants from the dresser and walked out into the bathroom to look at herself. “Hm, cute,” she did a twirl in the mirror.

“You look cute in my clothes,” he held her, having put on a shirt and sweatpants himself. He kissed her cheek. “Lemme ask you something.”

Alissa faced him excitedly. “What?”

He touched her shoulders and looked at her large green eyes. “Well…” he trailed off. “Actually… I’ll ask you some other time.”

Alissa frowned a little and lowered her gaze. “Oh… okay.”

Jack bent down and kissed her head. “Let’s go watch Vampire Diaries.”

Within the next hour of watching Vampire Diaries, Jack had Alissa on his lap, with their lips locked. “Fuck i wish your dick was working…” Alissa sighed against his opened mouth. “I’d let you fuck the shit out of me.”

“Trust me, I wish it worked too. But kids are the biggest cockblock and I just can't stop thinking about how I just… abandoned Jeremy.”

“You didn't abandon him at all,” Alissa assured him. “You’re just coparenting and I know it can be hard but Jeremy knows you love him, and he's a good kid.”

Jack lowered his gaze. “I don’t know, I just keep thinking about quitting school and being a dad full time with Cheryl. But that would be doing exactly what she’d want. She wants to control me, and she uses our kid as bait. I just… if i did that, there couldn’t be an us.”

Alissa’s eyes saddened. “Us?”

“Yeah, I was gonna ask you out earlier. But I planned on doing it in this grand way at school tomorrow instead, but I decided against it. Honestly, I’m just really happy being here with you right now.”

Alissa’s eyes widened slightly. “You wanna be… boyfriend and girlfriend… together?”

Jack rolled his eyes and nodded. “Since I met you.”

“So this has all been a part of your elaborate scheme to get into my pants,” she teased him with a small grin. “You’re such an asshole Jack, but… I wanna be with you too.”

“Cool, but that means i have to break it off with Eriko.”

Alissa pressed her lips together. “Yeah, that’s gonna have to happen. I’m not down for threesomes.”

“Oh you heard about the threesome I had with Alexis and her?”

Her brows furrowed. “No!” She exclaimed. “When did this happen?”

“After a party i threw. You and sadie didn’t come because you were mad at each other at the time.”

“Jesus, you really do get around.” She folded her arms a little. “What about other girls? Like…”

“What about them? I’ll tell you whatever you want.”

“Did you really like Sadie?”

Jack’s eyes widened a little and he scoffed. “For a little while i had some kind of feelings for her, but they weren’t as strong as the feelings i had for you. Even if you were a liar. But tell me,” he hiked her onto his lap. “What about you and other guys?”

Alissa lowered her gaze. “I’ve had my fair share of sleeping around, so i try not to judge you for it. In all honesty I’m just ready to settle down. I don't know about anything too serious, that's to be determined, but I feel something with you that I haven't felt with anybody else. And it doesn’t help that you're so outrageously hot.”

“Well youre also super fucking hot and i think we’ll make a cute couple.” he gently rubbed her ass. “Everybody will be so jealous. I have it all planned out. We’ll wear matching outfits, go on super cute dates, make cute videos together. It’ll be the most aesthetically pleasing relationship besides kanye and kim.”

“You’re such a poser. But i mean maybe because you’re a model, and your mom’s a porn star, posing is just in your genes. But Jack, I really don’t care about that stuff,” she played with the collar of his shirt. “I just want it to matter when it's just us. Who cares how we look to the outside world?”

“Well I know since I haven’t really been out doing shit and I’m still fairly new here, you forget that I’m actually moderately famous. I have a career and unfortunately, appearances really matter.”

Alissa frowned a little. “Really? Are people gonna take pictures of us?”

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, maybe but I doubt it. Unles its for stupid tabloids or social media news.”

“But i like being private and secluded like this. What exactly are you trying to do?”

“Just add a little flair baby, chill out it's nothing crazy, I think you’re scaring yourself.”

Alissa sighed a long breath. “Alright, I’ll leave it alone. Whatever you wanna do, I’m okay with. But one condition,” she cupped his face in both hands. “No cheating.”

Jack nodded. “I’m not a cheater baby, I swear it.”

Alissa pursed her lips. “Tell that to Eriko, poor girl.”

“Eh, she’s cute, she’ll find another hotty in no time at all.”
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